21 Most Popular Types of Blogs [in 2024]

When you want to make money online blogging and start building a brighter financial future, all you need is the right approach. For thousands all over the world, blogging is a lucrative, profitable, and fulfilling venture that allows them to do the things in life they love.

To help you get started we’re going to take a look at a whole host of popular types of blogs so you can get off to a fast start. First things first, let’s take a look at the key question…

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What Should You Blog About?

The first thing you need to do is decide on your blogging niche. Take the time to figure out what you’d like to read yourself, what you know about, and what there’s a shortage of. If there are already a thousand blogs about how to build a business and you have no prior experience, a business blog may not be for you.

If, on the other hand, you know all about cooking then a food blog should definitely make it onto your shortlist of types of blogs to consider. From there you want to weigh up how you can make each blog type as lucrative as possible by turning it into a niche blog with a captive audience.

Of course, this is easier said than done, so we’re going to introduce you to a few of the best types of blogs for you to consider. Let’s take a look…

Best Types of Blogs to Create 2024

Before you try to dream up your first blog post you need to know who you’re writing for. The key to making money blogging is to figure out your niche, understand your audience, and learn from the established players in your area. Here’s a whole host of ideas that will help you do exactly that.

1. Fashion Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Make your first blog post all about the latest trends for the coming season and you’ll be providing relevant content
  • Articles about how to upcycle clothes and use them to create new outfits will always go down well
  • Find ways to talk about sustainable vs fast fashion and you’ll be connecting with what people want
  • Learn how to provide style tutorials through your writing and you’ll soon get noticed online
  • Use your fashion blog to deliver a commentary on the latest styles on show at places like Paris Fashion Week and the Met Gala

Examples of popular Fashion Blogs

  • Inthefrow: It covers everything from the latest pieces on the catwalk to the latest pieces for the everyday wardrobe
  • FFG takes everyday fashion and simplifies it with lists, recommendations, and style tips
  • Raindrops of Sapphire is based on the writer’s personal shopping experiences and tastes
  • Zoella branches out from fashion to also cover beauty, wellness, and lifestyle
  • Monikh covers personal style recommendations courtesy of a fashion design grad living in London

Different types of bloggers on the screen: musician, fitness and other bloggers.

2. Beauty Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Use your beauty blog to talk about how beauty can be used to promote inclusivity and wellness
  • Find ways to talk about how ethical vegan products are changing the beauty industry
  • Educate your audience with tutorials and how-tos that are quick and easy for them to follow
  • Reveal the beauty secrets of seemingly ageless stars like Liz Hurley and Jennifer Aniston
  • Answer your audience’s questions by inviting them to leave comments on your previous posts. Read up on more ways how you can promote your beauty business on social media.

Examples of popular Beauty Blogs

  • The Anna Edit is a blog focusing on all the various different types of skincare
  • Katie Jane Hughes delivers expert advice on techniques like microblading
  • tiaward.com combines lifestyle insights with everyday beauty tips and advice
  • Patricia Bright rates and reviews the products and services she uses
  • BEAUTY IS BORING celebrates the bold and breathtaking images the beauty industry loves

3. Lifestyle Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • You could start with a blog post that’s all about discovering Jeff Bezos’ work-life harmony principle
  • Everyone wants to know how to beat the stress on the way to work, or how to tackle the Monday blues
  • Writing about your past experiences with healthy eating and how it impacted your well-being will resonate nicely
  • Creating a lifestyle blog centered on living off-grid and working as a digital nomad is worth some thought
  • How about looking into how the most successful people in the world spend their free time and why they do it

Examples of popular Lifestyle Blogs

  • goop is all about alternative health and wellness choices and how they can change your life
  • Bright.Bazaar shows you new ways to add color and flair to your life
  • Say Yes is geared towards family lifestyle advice and how to get the most out of quality time
  • A Girl In Progress guides women through how to get the perfect balance at every stage of life
  • Luxe Digital talks about the luxury touches which add something a little extra to life

4. Travel Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Creating a travel blog that guides people through the various Covid-19 restrictions would be a good idea
  • You could document your own travels and talk about how they’ve brought you into contact with new experiences
  • Finding the next trending topic will allow you to create a breaking news style travel blog with features on the latest deals and events
  • Sites based around the idea of working from anywhere so you can travel whenever you want are growing right now
  • A humorous look at the world of budget travel and common travel mistakes rookies make would be highly readable

Examples of popular Travel Blogs

5. Personal Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Write about what you know in your personal blog by using it as an online diary anyone can follow
  • You could highlight a book a week that you recommend your audience reads for personal development
  • Finding a niche by taking on the issue of mental health would be an empowering idea
  • Building your personal brand with lifestyle pieces about how you find your ideas would be engaging
  • Take the time to research current affairs and talk about how they’ve impacted your own life for a firsthand account mainstream media will want to pick up

Examples of popular Personal Blogs

  • kittensandsteam is all about the random musings of a lifelong cat lover
  • Woogworld guides you through the life of a full-time mom
  • The Everywhereist is a clever look at everyday life through the eyes of the blogger
  • The Blog Abroad is a personal blog covering real stories of solo female travel
  • miss thrifty covers money-saving hacks used by a family in the UK

6. Food Blogs

Types of blogs concept, an instagram page of a woman who is cooking made in real time.

Topics you can write about

  • Base your food blog around eating on a budget to attract a money-saving audience looking to economize
  • Write about the keto diet craze and how it can help burn fat without forcing you to count calories
  • Explain the benefits of going vegan, as well as the difficulties, to provide a more balanced view
  • Highlight some recipes couples can cook together so they can enjoy an evening without having to eat out
  • Talk about food-saving hacks that allow you to meal prep and batch cook with ease

Examples of popular Food Blogs

7. Religious Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Use your religious blog to talk about how the various faiths around the world can live with one another in harmony
  • Educate younger people on the various different festivals and how they connect with the cultures they’re derived from
  • Start blogging about the fables and lessons that lie beneath biblical stories so everyone can access them
  • Discuss the future of faith and the ways in which it will align itself with science in the coming years
  • Highlight the importance of faith to people of different religions by talking to them and delivering interview-style pieces

Examples of popular Religious Blogs

8. Photography Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • How to start photography on a budget so that you don’t spend more than you have to
  • Create a photography blog that’s all about how to do great shots with nothing but your phone
  • Talk through the way in which the pros find the right ratio between sky and ground in landscapes
  • Guide the reader with simple tutorials which cover how to change the focal point of an image
  • Educate readers by talking them through the different background filters and focusing options

Examples of popular Photography Blogs

9. Wedding Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • How to get your wedding done on a budget when you don’t want it to look like you’ve cut corners
  • You could base your wedding blog around the common mistakes to avoid so you can provide stress-free guidance
  • The types of foods to avoid if you want your guests to be happy — think spicy food here!
  • You could start blogging about how to get your bridal party to help share the load so you feel less stressed
  • Top tips for finding a venue that no one ever figures out until after they’ve gotten married

Examples of popular Wedding Blogs

  • BLOVED Blog combines wedding content with lifestyle pieces to help you fit the two together
  • Bespoke-Bride guides you through how to make all the little bits and pieces and also offers a store if you want to take a shortcut
  • Bridal Musings posts daily content to help you settle on everything from venues to menus
  • Confetti has been going since 1999 and offers a whole host of real wedding photos
  • Love My Dress guides you through how to find the perfect dress and so much more

10. DIY Blogs

Types of blogs concept, DIY video blogger on the big screen with instruments.

Topics you can write about

  • Use social media to find classic DIY mistakes, link your readers to the images, and then tell them how to avoid them
  • Build a DIY blog for people on a budget who are keen to learn but are short on tools and know-how
  • List the perfect seasonal hacks for the time of year and include images wherever possible
  • Get blogging about all the various money-saving DIY jobs you can do in each room of the house
  • Do before and after pieces based on shots sent in by your readership and use them as proof that you know how to guide people through DIY

Examples of popular DIY Blogs

  • Homey Oh My focuses on how to add those important finishing touches to the home
  • Vintage Revivals covers how to upcycle and spruce up tired pieces with a touch of vintage
  • Old Town Home talks about how to add character and authenticity to a new build home
  • Kick Ass or Die guides you through how a beginner approaches DIY and what she learns along the way
  • Pretty Handy Girl follows one woman’s journey to learn anything and everything about DIY

11. Home Improvement & Home Deco Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Fuse a home improvement blog with a personal blog by writing about your own home’s transformation
  • Discuss seasonal changes in decor in rooms like the conservatory and the lounge
  • Highlight how you can keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer with simple changes
  • Be the blogger who uses social media to find inspiring looks and ideas and you’ll soon boost your profile
  • Talk about period decor and how contemporary homes can take inspiration from styles like vintage and art deco

Examples of popular Home Improvement & Home Deco Blogs

  • Coco Kelley focuses on contemporary style and modern minimalist looks
  • Decorilla covers seasonal changes to the home and why they matter
  • Apartment Therapy is perfect when you want to liven up a small space
  • ​​EyeSwoon combines style tips with lifestyle advice that make a house a home
  • Emily Henderson focuses on how to blend styles in your own signature way

12. Mom Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Create a mom blog based on nursing and how you can get the little ones off to sleep while feeding
  • Turn it into a personal blog where you share your own experiences and talk about what they mean to you
  • Find ways to start a dialogue with homeschoolers and ask one to contribute some ideas to your next blog
  • Talk about how moms can escape the stress and create a list of self-care activities for your readers to try
  • Highlight the funny side of motherhood by asking your readers to share their horror stories of what they found the little ones getting up to in the middle of the night

Examples of popular Mom Blogs

  • At Home with Natalie talks about the trials and tribulations of a full-time mom
  • Baby Boy Bakery follows a mother as she explores and processes her loss
  • Hey Mama Chic covers mommy fashion and how to tie it all together
  • Love Taza is a family adventure blog with a quirky style of writing designed to engage
  • Mama. Papa. Bubba. guides you through seasonal projects and games for the little ones

13. Business Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Discuss growth industries like NFT investments in your business blog to attract a niche audience
  • Find ways to talk about key business mistakes to avoid like the idea that a team is too big to fail
  • Highlight key business trends to watch out for over the next 5 years, like the growth of remote working
  • Be the business blogger who provides insightful commentary by writing a weekly report on the world of business
  • Take to Twitter and base a blog around the common conceptions people have for a common buzzword. Scrum, huddle, and forward-thinking would all be prime examples

Examples of popular Business Blogs

  • Insights Media focuses on communication and its role in the business world
  • SmallBizPod offers practical advice and guidance to small businesses
  • in-business.org.uk. explains key business concepts in simple, relatable language
  • Greylock is suitable for everyone from major brands to startups and provides the latest news
  • BusinessGreen focuses on sustainable business practices

14. Political Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Provide a political analysis of a country that’s rarely in the news where you are and introduce your readership to why it still matters
  • Focus your political blog on your personal brand by relating current affairs to how they impact your day-to-day life
  • Explain key political terms to the uninitiated so that you can become a beginner’s guide-style site
  • Start blogging about emerging political trends and the impact they’re likely to have on a list of global industries
  • Take a satirical look at the world of politics by putting everything into plain English whenever a politician repeatedly dodges a question

Examples of popular Political Blogs

  • FiveThirtyEight shines a unique light on politics with the help of detailed statistical analysis
  • Daily Kos focuses mainly on US politics and the latest news and developments
  • ThinkProgress talks about how mainstream politics can shape major global trends
  • Foreign Policy Association follows the interactions between different governments and ruling parties
  • PJ Media delivers libertarian commentary covering the latest political events

15. Marketing Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Discuss viral marketing trends and how they can be used for businesses on a budget
  • Compare physical vs digital marketing and make suggestions on the best one to use, and why
  • Offer your services to create a guest post about how marketing builds brand awareness for startups
  • Break down the key components of a successful brand and talk about how they fit together
  • Be the blogger who is known for simplifying marketing jargon and talking about how to secure true value for money

Examples of popular Marketing Blogs

  • Unbounce focuses on landing page optimization and bounce rate reduction
  • QUICKSPROUT offers simple introductions from Neil Patel on how to run a business
  • Mirasee delivers case studies to explain concepts like advertising and digital marketing
  • John Doherty delivers insights and opinions from a leading SEO consultant
  • Content Marketing Institute discusses the latest content marketing trends and best practices

16. Parenting Blogs

Parenting type of bloggers
Topics you can write about

  • Base your parenting blog around first-time parents and how they approach things with simple explanations
  • Focus on homeschoolers and create a mom blog full of ideas about how to add structure and social elements to the homeschool day
  • Be known as an insightful and personal blogger by talking about your own experience of low-sleep parenting
  • Provide stress-busting techniques for new parents who need a break and some time to themselves
  • Explain different approaches to parenting, like attachment parenting, and talk about the benefits

Examples of popular Parenting Blogs

  • Mama Smiles puts the spotlight on crafting projects the whole family can enjoy
  • Happy You, Happy Family follows the life of a stay-at-home mom looking for the best in life
  • Kara Carrero focuses on natural parenting and sustainable lifestyle choices at home
  • Pint-sized Treasures provides priceless tips on how to develop and practice patience
  • Not Just Cute covers activities and projects designed to promote the development

17. Music Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Give a rundown of the top 10 performers in a variety of different genres
  • Offer yourself as a guest blogger willing to cover live events and festivals
  • Pair writing with a podcast blog so readers can hear the music you’re describing
  • Approach your blogging by talking about what particular songs mean to you
  • Discover the latest bands to look out for and make predictions on where they’re heading

Examples of popular Music Blogs

  • Pitchfork has been a trusted source of highly regarded music reviews for years now
  • Neonmusic combines music with lifestyle tips and emerging acts to provide the full picture
  • The Playground covers the latest developments in the UK music scene
  • EARMILK focuses on discovering and highlighting the next big underground talents
  • Thissongissick.com offers a platform to emerging artists in just about every genre

18. News Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Make your news blog all about news in a specific high-volume tourist place people will be searching
  • Write about how simply having the freedom to start blogging about news can help reshape the narrative
  • Use your blogging platform to deliver a business blog that relates current affairs with the impact they’re having on key global industries
  • Highlight a key world figure and talk about their impact and legacy in a way the layman can understand
  • Talk about how key trends in tech and the way we were working are changing traditional industrial heartlands of manufacturing, and why it matters to everyone, not just those who live there

Examples of popular News Blogs

  • BuzzFeed takes a playful look at the news with short, entertaining articles
  • Mashable has a niche in breaking news in the digital part of life
  • Business Insider introduces you to the latest news, developments, and political intrigues
  • The Daily Beast is a trusted source of news and opinion on a variety of cultural issues
  • The Next Web focuses on tech news and the latest digital services out there

19. Gaming Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Deliver short tutorials about how to level up and get past a particle game boss
  • Consider cheat codes as a blog topic and talk about why developers build them in
  • Base your gaming blog around indy gaming and talk about why you think it beats the mainstream
  • Highlight the 5 best and 5 worst games of all time in a variety of different genres
  • Explore the backstory of major characters like Zelda, Mario and the latest additions to Fortnite

Examples of popular Gaming Blogs

20. Corporate Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Use your corporate blog to discuss different work philosophies and what they can learn from one another
  • Discuss various leadership strategies and how leaders need to learn to stop rewarding presentism
  • Deliver finance blog-style pieces that show corporate managers how to best think about departmental budgets
  • Provide quick refreshers on key terms, best practices, and common mistakes in listicle-style pieces
  • Highlight the growth industries and key positions within those companies that ambitious professionals need to be aware of

Examples of popular Corporate Blogs

  • Zillow focuses on simple pieces backed by statistics and detailed research
  • General Mills is geared towards starting a conversation about global responsibility
  • TechCrunch covers major news in the digital and tech spheres
  • HubSpot, talks about how to craft meaningful content to promote businesses
  • Design School offers design advice from a major name in that space

21. Health and Fitness Blogs

Topics you can write about

  • Create a sports blog that comments on the latest breaking news in your chosen niche and why followers of that sport need to know about it
  • Deliver a fitness blog that uses your blogging efforts to provide fitness and training tips for beginners
  • Talk about the importance of sleep and the impact broken sleep has on recovery and growth
  • Highlight how diet can be used to treat a variety of performance-related issues such as concentration, fatigue, and slow recovery times
  • Review the latest fitness tech and wearable devices the pros use to get the most out of their training

Examples of popular Health and Fitness Blogs

The worst thing you could ever do is to abandon your blog. – Larry Kim

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Here are a few more ideas that will help you hone in on your blog niche and deliver blog content that’s perfectly positioned to capture the attention of your audience and make you money.

Which type of blog is best?

This very much depends on your skills, experience, and passions in life. If you want to become a lucrative freelance blogger you’ll need to think about how to create engaging, informative content that also entertains. A gaming blog focusing on little-known facts about the latest releases would be a great idea, but only if you’re passionate about it.

What blogs are in demand?

Everyone wants to know how to make money online and make the most of their money once they have it. That’s why a personal finance blog or a blog focused on content marketing would both be worth looking into. A marketing blog with beginner’s tips would also be good.

What types of blogs make the most money?

Blogging is all about monetizing your blog traffic, which is why it’s vital you really focus on your niche from day one. If you don’t have a high niche blog in a very narrow area, try and go for a smaller share of a massive audience. An affiliate blog focused on homeware products or fashion would be a great way to go here.

What types of blogs get the most traffic?

The most popular blog you can write will either be one which covers a frequently searched term like affiliate marketing, or it’ll be one based on your own brand. As a personal blogger, you’ll be able to build a following to who you can then sell and recommend products and services.

What type of blog should I start?

Write about what you know and follow your passion. If you’re used to working in the corporate world, consider a professional blog. If you know about the secrets to a happy life, start building a lifestyle blog. And if you want to travel the world, a travel blog will be worth a closer look.

What are the 4 types of blogs?

Personal blogs: this is where you write about yourself, your life, and your passions
Business blogs: the perfect place to share hints, tips, and expert guidance
Niche blogs: this is the place for a detailed look at a narrow field or specific subject
Affiliate blogs: a prime example of monetizing your audience with help from engaging content

What types of bloggers are on Instagram?

The typical blog owner you’ll find on Instagram will be running a travel blog, personal blog, or some form of lifestyle blog. This is because the platform lends itself to stunning visuals and scenic pictures that instantly catch the eye. If that’s what you love, Instagram will be the tool for you.

There are so many different types of blogs out there that it pays to go back to basics and think about what you know and love. From there you can use the ideas above to draw up a shortlist, narrow it down, and then start penning your first blog post. Enjoy!


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