25 Best Parenting Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2022

Becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing events you’ll ever face.

Even if you have friends and workmates who have also joined you on the parenting journey, it’s easy to feel alone as a new mom or dad.

Parenting blogs can provide invaluable advice and information about looking after a mini-me – and more importantly, they can help you feel like you’re part of a wider community of parents who face similar daily struggles and achievements in raising a child.

Best Parenting Blogs and Websites

Parenting blogs can provide invaluable advice and information about looking after a mini-me - and more importantly, they can help you feel like you're part of a wider community of parents who face similar daily struggles and achievements in raising a child.

There are hundreds of parenting blogs on the internet today, and some are better than others.

If you’re looking for advice you can trust from people who have been there, done that, take a look at this list of the best parenting blogs and websites in 2021.

Easy Baby Life – Best Newborn Parenting Blog


Easy Baby Life offers parenting advice from pregnancy to toddlerhood.

This mommy blog is aimed at both new moms and new dads and offers free, evidence-based information and tips relating to pregnancy and baby care.

Topics for pregnant moms and parents of newborns include pregnancy and birth, baby and breastfeeding, toddlers, baby sleep, feeding, development, and activities.

‘3 Effective Ways To Stop Nursing Baby To Sleep Gently, No CIO’, ‘Safe Pain Relief During Labor – 12 Natural & Medical Options’, and ‘Breastfeeding As Birth Control: How-to, Safety, Pros, Cons’ are all recent blog posts on Easy Baby Life.

Moments A Day – Best Positive Parenting Blog


Moments A Day provides information and resources to help parents and kids grow into their best selves.

The blog offers articles, printables, journals, and more, aimed at supporting personal growth for the whole family, and focusing on how to be a better mom or dad.

Topics covered on Moments A Day include parenting inspiration, acts of kindness, and activities for kids.

Recent blog posts include ‘Prevent Morning Hassles With The Bus Stop Game’, ‘How To Help Children Gain Social Skills When They Study At Home’, and ‘Printable Garden of Virtues Activity Book’.

Gay Parents To Be – Best LGBTQ Parenting Blog


Gay Parents To Be is founded by daddy blogger Dr. Mark Leondores, who knows first-hand the challenges of being an LGTBQ parent.

The blog acts as an informational resource about LGBTQ Parenting, with the aim of providing the best care for couples building a family.

Topics mainly focus on options for building a family, including surrogacy, adoption, and fostering.

There are separate categories of posts for moms-to-be and dads-to-be.

Recent posts include ‘Why is Surrogacy for Same-Sex Couples So Expensive?’, ‘Lesbian Family Planning | IUI vs IVF Fertility Treatment Options’, and ‘Where is My Mommy? A Conversation Guide for Dads’.


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Your Modern Family – Best Parenting Blog For Easy Reading


Your Modern Family is written by Becky, a mother, wife, and child developmental therapist.

The blog combines Becky’s personal stories on the parenting topic with activities for kids, money-saving tips, ideas for vacations and trips, easy recipes, and more.

Recent posts include ‘Potty Training in Three Days’, ‘6 Tips To Help Mom Get a Good Night’s Sleep’, ‘Meaningful Gifts For Your Parents’, and ‘Teaching a Child to Keep Their Room Clean’.

Toddler Approved – Best Toddler Parenting Blog


Toddler Approved is owned by mom-of-four Christina, and helps parents avoid prep-time and use less brain-power by providing tools that do the thinking for them.

The blog combines parenting tips and activity ideas designed to help you focus more on your kids, and less on the ‘to-dos’ of parenthood.

You can find topics on mom life, playing, learning, and creating, including cooking, music, and crafts with children on Toddler Approved.

Recent posts include ‘Fall-themed Cutting Practice For Kids’, ‘All About Me Playdough Activity’, and ‘Cookie Chat After School Tradition’.

Family Focus Blog – Best Parenting Advice Blog


Family Focus aims to provide readers with resources for better family life.

It’s written by parenting blogger Scarlett, a mom-of-two who believes that parenting is hard, but the biggest joy.

Scarlett aims to inspire and entertain other parents and reassure them that other people have experienced the highs and lows of parenthood that they’re currently facing.

Blog categories include crafts and activities, family food, parenting babies, toddlers and teens, and green living.

Recent posts include ‘Yoga for Children – Benefits, Moves, and Books’, ‘5 Reasons Why Kids Smart Watches Are A Growing Trend’, and ‘Single Parent Online Dating Tips’.

My Baba – Best New Parent Blog


My Baba was founded by mommy blogger Leonora Bamford and aims to help women make smart parenting decisions by simplifying things that should be simple.

Leonora believes that certain aspects of parenthood, like choosing a pram, shouldn’t be so stressful, and she aims to provide the right guidance for a new mom or dad.

On My Baba, you can find posts on a variety of topics, including fertility, pregnancy, caring for a baby, parenting, and activities.

Recent posts include ‘5 Ways to Invest In Your Child’s Future Today’, ‘The Must-Read Car Seat Safety Checklist to Keep Your Children Safe’, and ‘Preschool: How Can We Support Our Children’s Learning At Home?’.

Baby Center – Best Education Blog For Parents


Baby Center is a digital parenting resource featuring articles and stage-based newsletters that offer the most important information for pregnant moms and new parents.

This mommy blog also features helpful tools, such as a due date calculator, and a community feature that lets parents connect with like-minded people on a range of topics.

Recent posts include ‘5 Unique Baby Shower Themes’, ‘7 Signs Your Baby is Ready for Solid Foods’, and ’40 Ways to Entertain Your Kids While Lying Down’.

Parenting Science – Best Science Blog For Parents


Parenting Science, founded by Gwen Dewar, Ph.D., is a great resource that aims to help us understand families and child development by taking in the bigger picture.

The blog features articles for science-minded parents to support evidence-based, rational attachment parenting.

You can find posts on topics including babies, growing up, sleep, learning, well-being, parenting, and PreK.

Recent articles include ‘At What Age Do Children Begin to Tell Lies?’, ‘How Do Babies Respond To Music In The Womb?’, and ‘Evidence-Based Social Skills Activities For Children And Teens’.

Alpha Mom – Best Stay At Home Mom Blog


Alpha Mom is a pregnancy and parenting resource for moms and moms-to-be, run by mama-of-one Isabel Kallman.

Isabel understands that motherhood doesn’t always come instinctively, and Alpha Mom aims to instill confidence in new moms by combining non-judgemental support and advice from moms who get it.

On Alpha Mom, topics discussed include parenting babies to big kids, holidays, activities, crafts, relationships, pregnancy, childbirth, and more.

Recent posts include ‘Easy School Locker Decor DIY’, ‘Helping Kids With Homework: Yes Or No?’ and ‘Back-To-School Truths’.

Fatherly – Best Parenting Blog For Dads


Fatherly is a digital media brand for dads.

The blog aims to ’empower men to raise great kids and combines articles with reports, events, and podcasts to offer expert parenting advice and insights.

Parenting topics are categorized by age group, from ‘expecting’ right up to ‘tween & teen’.

There are posts about mental health, lifestyle, identity, discipline, bullying, picky eater tips, and baby-proofing.

Recent posts include ‘Comfort Your Partner About These Normal Pregnancy Changes’, ‘How To Parent A Strong-Willed Child’, and ‘Prepping Your Kid With Comebacks For Bullies’.

Honest Mum – Best Mom Lifestyle Blog


Providing an honest insight into the realities of motherhood, Honest Mum is founded by mom blogger Vicki Broadbent, a mom of two boys.

Vicki writes about thriving as a working mom, healthy recipes for the family, and stories and family life updates.

She also covers more personal topics, including her traumatic birth story.

Recent posts include ‘10 Signs You’re Having A Baby Girl’, ‘My 20 Week Pregnancy Scan’, and ‘5 Pick Me Ups For All The Family’.

Parents – Best Longstanding Blog For Parents


Parents is a blog designed to empower parents to raise their kids with confidence and enjoy the parenting journey along the way. Aimed at both moms and dads.

Parents offer parenting tips and advice for raising happy, healthy children, from getting pregnant and experiencing pregnancy to parenting babies, toddlers, and big kids.

The blog also features positive news stories about parents.

Recent articles include ‘Mom Creates Superhero Robe for Children With Cancer to Bring Them Joy’, ‘4 Ways to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival With Kids’, ‘Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Be Mandatory for Kids?’, ‘PSA: Stop Telling Parents to Enjoy Every Moment’.

Filter Free Parents – Best Funny Parenting Blog


Filter Free Parents aims to act as the ‘trusted voice and community for every stage of parenthood.

As the name suggests, no topic is off-limits on this blog, and this often makes for hilarious reading.

A range of topics is discussed on Filter Free Parents, including pregnancy, teen, empty nester, marriage and in-laws, mental health, and self-care.

But if it’s humor you’re after, visit the ‘Humor’ category, within ‘Mom Life’.

Recent posts in ‘Humor’ include ‘6 Foods That Should Be Banned From High Chairs’, ’13 Myths vs. Facts About Teenage Girls (From A Girl Dad’s Perspective)’, and ‘We Do Early Bedtimes So I Don’t Completely Lose My Sh*t’.

Creating A Family – Best Foster Parent Blog


Creating A Family offers advice, tips, and resources for moms and dads wishing to foster or adopt a child.

The blog aims to inspire and strengthen foster and adoptive parents, and those who support them.

You can find expert-based, trauma-informed resources on Creating A Family, with articles on adoption, fostering/kinship, infertility, and more.

Recent posts include ‘5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Adopt’, ‘Talking With Your Resident Kids About Foster Or Kinship Care’, and ‘What Is PCOS And What Can I Do About It?’

Stepmom Help – Best Blog For Step-Parents


Stepmom Help was founded by mommy blogger Jenna Korf, a stepmom who understands the challenges of raising children who aren’t biologically yours.

Jenna says that she found step-parenting ‘the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, and she wants to help stepmoms navigate the difficult situations they may face.

The key areas that are covered in Stepmom Help are regaining your sense of self as a stepmom, dealing with a difficult ex, improving family communications and relationships, managing stepmom stress, getting support from your partner, and dealing with uncomfortable feelings.

Recent posts include ‘Why Stepfathers Have It Easier Than Stepmothers’, ‘When Stepmoms Judge Other Stepmoms’, and ‘Three Steps To Dealing With Stepmom Guilt’.

Modern Day Moguls – Best Blog For Organized Parenthood


Modern Day Moguls is a blog that combines articles about motherhood with style and home content.

The blog is founded by Michelle, a stay-at-home working mom of two daughters, who wanted to raise her daughters without losing the professional identity she had worked so hard for.

In the ‘Motherhood’ section of Modern Day Moguls, topics covered include family routines, back-to-school, kids’ fashion, family travel with kids, chores, and managing motherhood and a career.

Recent posts include ‘Travel With Kids Can Be Fun, Even Toddlers’, ‘How Motherhood Changed My Career Goals’, ‘How To Have A Solo Date Night In, Mom’, and ‘Tips To Creating A New Everyday Morning Routine’.


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Parenting Ideas – Best Child Development Blog


Parenting Ideas is an educational parent blog that aims to help people raise happy, successful, resilient kids.

The blog features expert advice and child development knowledge to make parenting support more impactful and accessible.

You can find a variety of resources on Parenting Ideas, including regular parenting blogs, guides, online resources, videos, presentations, and more.

There are over 200 topics to get through on this parenting website, including anxiety, resilience, parenting boys, parenting girls, siblings, and positive parenting.

Recent posts include ‘Appreciation – A Parenting Skill For The Ages’, ‘Know What Makes Girls Tick’, ‘How To Stop Sibling Rivalry’, and How To Give Kids Feedback For Improvement’.

Autism Parenting Magazine – Best Autism Blog For Parents


Autism Parenting Magazine is an online magazine that’s catered to parents of autistic children.

The magazine aims to improve the quality of life of families affected by autism and offers essential resources for parents all over the world.

Hundreds of articles are featured across issues, written by autism experts, respected professionals, and parents of children on the spectrum.

Topics covered in the Autism Parenting Magazine include autism activities for kids, autism diagnosis, autism exercise and fitness, autism news, autism health, and medical info, and autism behavioral solutions.

You can also find inspiring real-life stories written by parents of autistic children.

Recent articles include ‘Sensory Solutions: Finding The Right Dentist’, ‘Developing Your Child’s Social Skills’, ‘ABA: The Benefits, Controversy and Cost’, and ‘Home Design For Hyper & Hypo Sensitivities’.

Tech Savvy Mama – Best Tech Blog For Parents


Tech Savvy Mama is a blog about parenting in the digital age.

The blog is founded by Leticia, who aims to help moms and dads navigate parenting in the digital age.

Leticia has a Master’s in Science in School Administration and Technology Leadership and uses her knowledge of tech, child development, psychology, and parenting to provide useful advice for families.

You can find blogs on lifestyle, technology, and education on Tech Savvy Mama, with more focused topics including YouTube, social media, parenting, travel, and safety.

Recent articles include ‘Talking To Tweens About Sexting: How To Prepare And Keep The Conversation Going’, ‘3 Ways To Support Teen Technology Use And Mental Health’, and ‘How To Use Video Games To Connect With Your Kids’.

ADDitude – Best Parenting Blog for Families with ADHD


ADDitude is an online magazine and blog aimed at providing resources for families and adults living with ADHD and related conditions.

The blog offers strategies and information about ADHD and offers inspiration for those on the path to better health and wellbeing.

The ADDitude blog covers topics on positive parenting, behavior, and discipline, school and learning, schedules and routines, health and nutrition, and teens with ADHD.

There are also resources for adults with ADHD.

Recent blog posts on this parenting website include ‘Is Europe Doing a Better Job of Treating ADHD Than the U.S.?’, ‘ADHD Care Coordination: What Does an Effective, Efficient Treatment Team Look Like?’, and ‘Dear ADDitude: Will My Dyslexic Child Ever Read for Fun?’.

Working Mother Magazine – Best Full-Time Working Mom Blog


Working Mother is an online magazine that provides working moms with strategies, solutions, and a community to help them thrive.

As well as providing guidance and support for working moms, Working Mother also advocates for affordable childcare, flexible work, paid family leave, and more.

Topics covered in Working Mother are divided into three categories: at home, at work, and off duty.

Topics include working mom stress and burnout, toddler discipline, back-to-school, productivity, busy mom self-care, and family fun.

Recent blog posts include ‘ The 10 Best Fall Festivals for Families to Visit in 2019’, ‘The Secret to Managing the Mental Load of Child Care Through the Pandemic and Beyond’, and ‘How My 10-Year-Old Really Sees My Working Mom Burnout’.

The Green Parent – Best Blog For Eco-Conscious Parenting


The Green Parent is an eco-conscious parenting blog that inspires moms and dads to raise their children consciously in today’s modern society.

The blog offers features on a host of topics, including babywearing, attachment parenting, alternative medicine, natural beauty, family activities, and home education.

Recent posts include ‘How To Raise A Bookworm’, ‘9 Ways To Practice Peaceful Parenting’, ‘How To Avoid Overwhelm In Just 30 Mins A Day’.

Aha Parenting.com – Best Attachment Parenting Blog


Aha Parenting helps parents raise considerate, happy, and responsible kids in a peaceful environment.

The blog is for all stages of parenthood and caters to parents who are figuring out their child-raising approach, looking for support on how to handle specific parenting issues and are struggling to cope with their responsibilities as modern moms or dads.

The blog covers a range of topics, sorted by age, from pregnancy and birth to teenagers.

There are also guides on attachment parenting, connecting with your child, discipline that works, helping siblings get along, raising a happy family, and more.

Recent posts include ‘Gameplan For Parenting Your Elementary Schooler’, ‘Teaching Your Baby To Put Himself To Sleep’, ’30 Ways To Stay Connected With Your Teen’, and ‘Childbirth: Questions To Ask Your Doctor & Midwife’.

Faust Island – Best Ever Parent Blog


Our favorite blog is Faust Island, produced by mom blogger Amber Faust, a mom of three children.

In the blog, Amber shares updates on her own life and has recently decided to focus more heavily on eco-friendly, green parenting.

Amber discusses a variety of topics on Faust Island, including crafts parenting topics, reviews on books and baby gear, teaching children about their emotions, and fun family activities.

Recent blog posts include ‘Back to School Banana Spinach Breakfast Muffins and some Back to School Tips’, ‘Green Halloween Tips and a Plastic Free DIY Costume Idea’, and ‘How to Prevent Dehydration in Children’.


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Are parenting blogs profitable?

Yes, you can make money from parenting blogs.

Many founders of parenting blogs are stay-at-home moms or dads who decided to pursue a means of making income from home.

Some parenting bloggers simply started blogging because they wanted to share their experiences with the world, and the financial benefits are just an added bonus.

What are the most influential parenting blogs?

The blogs in this list are all considered some of the most influential parenting blogs in 2021.

Many have a yearly readership of hundreds of thousands, and many have won awards for their content.

If you’re new to parenting blogs and you’re looking for one to start with, try My Baba or Parents.

What are some great topics for a parenting blog?

There are so many topics that can be covered in a parenting blog.

You can create content on raising babies and children of different ages, seasonal content for holidays and special events, and so much more.

You could even write about fertility and getting pregnant, as well as school-related content and reviews of parenting products.


If you’re a new parent looking for support or direction, the internet has got your back.

You’ll find all the guidance you need throughout your parenthood journey, from birth to raising a newborn, to dealing with toddler tantrums and ensuring your children grow into healthy, happy adults.

Remember to bookmark any parenting blogs featured in this list that are particularly applicable to you – they’ll be there for inspiration and advice whenever you need it.

In case you feel inspired and you want to start your own blogging journey, we suggest that you read our guide on How to start a successful blog in 2022. There you’ll find answers to all your questions.


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