20+ Best Political Blogs and Websites [to Follow] in 2024

Finding the right political blog to stay in the loop can be daunting.

Use this comprehensive guide to discover the best sites!

Nowadays, online blogging is one of the most popular pastimes and careers for those with a knack for the Internet.

Political blogs are undoubtedly one of the most popular types of blogs one sees online, with some having racked up millions of views.

Finding the best blog for your political preferences is a great way of staying in the loop on current topics.

Let’s take a look at 20 of the most popular political blogs on the Internet today.

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Best Political Blogs and Websites 2024

Regardless of your political preference, there is surely an attention-grabbing blog for you on the following list.

Ranging from the history of politics to breaking down actions from top officials such as President Biden, these political blogs will help you stay informed on a range of political topics:

PoliticusUSA – Best Liberal Progressive Blog

This is PoliticusUSA political blog.

For those who favor a liberal and progressive blog style, PoliticusUSA is a must-visit site for you.

As implied, the writings tend to be more liberal in their viewpoints but they cover a gamut of topics that truly cover the most popular topics in politics at any given moment.

With that said, this site often takes a progressive stance on many political topics as well.

An added benefit of this site that applies to anybody who has a knack for writing and a political viewpoint is the fact that they accept guest posts.

This means that you can submit a story and, if it is accepted by the editors, it’ll be featured on their site.

The Political Insider – Best Conservative Political Blog


On the other side of the political spectrum, The Political Insider is one of the best conservative blogs.

This blog features three categories: politics, culture, and opinion, each of which allows readers to gain a wide point of view on a variety of different contemporary political topics.

With a message of imparting, influence, and impact, this blog is ideal for anybody seeking a specific viewpoint on contemporary political topics.

Additionally, they also feature multiple social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which means you can catch up on your news anywhere.

HuffPost Politics UK – British Political News, Opinion, Analysis – Best Political Blogs UK


For those based in the UK and those only seeking news on politics in that region of the world, HuffPost Politics UK is certainly a go-to.

Featuring the latest and breaking news, this platform offers videos and opinions on recent political topics.

As a part of the broader HuffPost platform, you can also read up on general news, entertainment, life, parenting lifestyles, and Covid-19 updates.

Given this broad range of topics, HuffPost Politics UK is an excellent source to turn to for anyone who wants a fairly neutral take on politics.

This platform features sections for parties on both sides of the spectrum, which makes it a fun read for all.

Coffee House – The Spectator – Best Current Affairs Blog


Sometimes, keeping up with current affairs is all anybody needs.

Featuring prominent breakdowns of the top stories every day, Coffee House is a must-read for anybody looking to stay in the know.

Politics aren’t the only appealing point of this site, considering that topics such as Economics, Books, Art, Life, and more can be read as well.

With that in mind, their bustling political section is chock full of information breaking down modern political occurrences.

The political news tends to revolve mostly around the UK, so this platform is best for those who are seeking this type of political coverage.

For those who are even more interested in receiving extra stories in their inbox, there is the option to subscribe to this platform with one month free as a selling point.

Wings Over Scotland – Best Scottish Politics Blog

This is screenshot of the homepage of Wings Over SCOTLAND

As one may infer from the title of this blog, Wings Over Scotland is advertised as the world’s most-read Scottish political blog.

This is an adamantly pro-independence Scottish blog, with most of the writing appealing to those who follow this political viewpoint.

In general, the focus of this blog tends to be on mainstream media and broadcasting organizations (in a political sense).

Wings Over Scotland offers insightful commentary and analysis of these topics and has been called everything from controversial to insightful.

Regardless of your political stance, this is one political blog you surely don’t want to miss.

Take a read to see if the writing is up to your alley and perhaps develop a new viewpoint.

With polls, papers, and thickos, there is no shortage of topics to be covered on this site.

Conservative Home – Best Right Leaning Political Blog


For those who lean heavily to the right, Conservative Home is a must-read blog that will offer contemporary thoughts on modern politics from a conservative standpoint.

This comprehensive and independent coverage focuses on news, comments, analysis, and political campaigns in the UK.

This blog is edited by Paul Goodman and was first established in 2005 with the aim of arguing for a broader conservative spectrum in the county.

In general, the pieces tend to focus on both social justice and a fair competitive economy, which makes this the perfect site for anybody who aligns with those interests.

Additionally, for those looking to contribute, a members panel allows users to post their thoughts and potentially be featured on the site provided the editors enjoy and select your work.

With both audio and video options available to visitors, Conservative Home is one of the most popular sites around the UK for right-leaning politics.

LabourList – Best Labour Party Blog


On one side of the political spectrum, those who favor the Labour Party should certainly check out the LabourList blog.

Featuring prominent writing from this side of the political view, the blog offers commentary on modern politics along with news regarding videos, unions, and more.

One added benefit of the LabourList is the sections on Local political news, Scottish political news, and even a section regarding politics in Wales.

For those who have a keen interest in staying up to date with this blog, signing up for their daily email list can help ensure you never miss a new story coming to your inbox.

Given this site mostly focuses on politics around the UK, it is not the best option for somebody seeking a global viewpoint on politics.

The Conservative Woman – Best Right-Wing Political Reporting Blog

This is The Conservative Woman political blog.

When it comes to political reporting, it’s important to feel as if you are receiving the best information possible.

The Conservative Woman aims to do exactly this by advocating for conservatism.

The main focus of this blog is to bring attention to conservative viewpoints on modern topics in politics, mainly focused on the UK.

Edited by Kathy Gyngell, along with Alan Ashworth, Margaret Ashworth, and David Keighley, The Conservative Woman offers a fresh take on conservatory politics in the UK.

Gyngell is a trustee of the Global Warming Policy Foundation and has had an impressive career in both writing and broadcasting, which makes her an excellent source of knowledge for this political blog.

Left Foot Forward – Best UK Progressive Blog


While the name Left Foot Forward may sound particularly left-leaning, this blog is actually leading the progressive argument discussion in the UK.

Having published thousands of pieces of analysis, exclusive stories, and op-eds from activists, public figures, and civil society, their goal is to shed a light on the right progressive standpoint and to act as an evidence-based balance to the right-wing press.

Originally founded in 2009 by Will Straw with the goal of providing hard-hitting news and commentary written by and for the UK left, it has evolved over time and is now run by trained journalists and edited by Basit Mahmood.

By allowing opinion pieces, this platform also opens up to anyone who wants to share their thoughts or viewpoints on modern politics.

An added benefit is the daily newsletter one can choose to receive if they sign up with their email, though this is not necessary to read the site.

Bella Caledonia » Politics – Best Political Commentary Blog


With the goal of independence for the curious, the Bella Caledonia site in its entirety aims to align with no particular person.

Founded in 2007 by Mike Small and Kevin Williamson as an online magazine focused on combining political and cultural commentary, this site has evolved over the years.

With coverage on topics ranging from arts and culture, opinion, media, international coverage, economics, politics, and a general section, there is something for every political reader on this blog.

Their message of disrupting the passive relationship of mainstream media and adding something active to the conversation should resonate with UK readers who are fans of this form of thinking.

Mike Small continues to be the main editor of this publication and helps guide the overall vision of the site to ensure it aligns with its outlined objectives.

Guido Fawkes – Best Political Gossip Blog


For those who enjoy political gossip rather than news reporting, Guido Fawkes may be the best political blog to check out in your spare time.

With a dedicated line for “tip-offs”, the purpose of this site is clear: cast a light on any potential parliamentary plots or conspiracies as described by the site.

While not for everyone, Guido Fawkes offers an opinionated take on modern UK politics.

Established in 2004, Paul Staines remains the Editor-in-Chief of this page with the sole goal of creating mischief at the expense of politicians and the self-gratification of the site owner.

With the goal of removing the seriousness and earnestness of too many political blogs, Guido Fawkes takes a light-hearted and comedic approach to politics that is sure to bring about a chuckle.

As a third-person-based website, the commentary offered is both insightful and entertaining.

PoliticalBetting.com – Best Political Speculation Blog


For some, politics is all about data.

With this in mind, PoliticalBetting is a famous political site that covers global politics in a unique way.

Rather than focusing on describing the ongoing political battles around the world, this page focuses on crafting polls to see public consensus regarding political topics.

These polls are conducted year-round but receive the most attention during times of elections.

For anyone who has an interest in the data of politics (from the standpoint of the average person), this is a blog you surely need to take a gander at.

Anthony Wells – Best Political Polling Blogger


Anthony Wells is without a doubt one of the best sources for political and social research around the world.

He is the Director of YouGov’s political and social opinion polling platform and runs their media polling operations for the Sun and Sunday Times.

Additionally, he runs the UKPollingReport website, which is an independent blog on opinion polling.

His work appeals most to those with an affinity for data and this blog was one of the most popular during the 2010 UK election.

In general, it is a widely used source for academics and journalists which attests to its overall accuracy.

Prior to working for YouGov and launching his blog, Wells worked as a part of the Leader of the Opposition’s Office for William Hague and others.

His degree in British Politics and Legislative Study from the University of Hull is a further testament to his knowledge in the political landscape, and his polls are sure to interest anyone who is curious of keen political insights.

Sundar Katwala – Best Political Freedom Blog


Sundar Katwala is a British political activist who is of Indian and Irish family heritage.

Serving as the director of the identity and integration think-tank British Future, as well as the former general secretary of the Fabian Society, his long career has always centered around the issues of migration, as well as opportunity.

British Future was launched in 2012 which makes it relatively new compared to other items on this list, but Katwala’s work is, without a doubt, prominent in the overall UK.

Read some of this work to study his views, or even take a look at his books Democratising Global Sport or MORE for new viewpoints on different topics.

Michael White – Best Political Opinion Blog


Sometimes, political opinions make for the best reading, which is something Michael White seems to understand best.

Unlike some other sites on this list, Michael White focuses mainly on political opinions that often span both sides of the political spectrum.

This emphasis on political opinion rather than one-sided reporting allows for unique viewpoints from all angles that are hard to get on other political blogs.

In general, much of White’s work is featured on sites such as The Guardian and similar pages where topics such as Brexit, elections, and global politics have been covered in the past.

For those who have a preference for reading political opinions, White’s viewpoints are surely something you won’t want to miss anytime soon.

The Huffington Post – Best Independent Global Politics Blog

This is The Huffington Post political blog.

Without a doubt, The Huffington Post is one of the best independent global political blogs currently in existence.

In 2017, The Huffington Post officially changed its name to HuffPost, though the topics on the site have remained the same over the years.

This American news aggregator and blog offers localized and international editions covering politics, U.S. news, and global news.

In most cases, HuffPost aims to be an unbiased site that covers news from both sides of the political spectrum.

Current trending topics on the site range from pieces surrounding Donald Trump, Kamala Harris, CNN, President Biden, and much more.

If your interests lay in independent political commentary, HuffPost is certainly one of the most enticing on this list.

Daily Kos – Best Liberal American Politics Blog

This is Daily Kos political blog.

Daily Kos is a group blog, as well as an Internet forum, that is focused primarily on the Democratic Party and liberal politics in America.

Often considered an activist platform more so than a blog, Daily Kos covers modern topics such as Donald Trump, Joe Biden, insurrection, Covid-19, republicans, democrats, and much more.

An added feature of this site is the modern take on movements occurring around the county.

Additionally, viewers can choose to read opinion-based stories or stories directly from the editors of the site, which is an excellent resource for those who are only interested in what comes from the editors.

BBC News – Best Culture and Politics Blog

This is BBC News political blog.

You would be hard-pressed to have never heard of BBC News, but their culture and political topics certainly earn them a place on this list.

BBC News is the operational business division of the British Broadcasting Corporation and is responsible for gathering and broadcasting news and current affairs from the UK and around the world.

Their political section is broken down into different segments which are: the UK, US & Canada, as well as the World.

Along with politics, topics such as climate change, tech, science, the arts, and health are covered on this page.

Given this, the political viewpoints expressed are often moderate which makes this an excellent site for anybody who doesn’t strongly lean one way or the other politically speaking.

The Independent – Best News and Politics Blog

This is Independent political blog.

The Independent is a British online newspaper originally established in 1986, which makes it one of the oldest and most well-known sites on our list.

Originally created as a national morning printed paper and nicknamed “The Indy”, this site offers contemporary takes on culture, politics, climate, and many more topics.

With sections on US and UK politics, almost all political topics are covered on this page in a moderate manner that can appeal to anybody who falls in the middle of the political spectrum.

Additionally, this site allows for contributors which means anybody with a voice and opinion has a chance of getting their work accepted by the editors of this famous page.

Readers can also choose to subscribe and receive stories straight to their inbox if they so choose.

Freenations | Rodney Atkinson – Best Freedom Political Blog

This is a screenshot of the homepage of Freenations blog

Rodney Atkinson heads Freenations which stands as one of the most prominent freedom political blogs on the Internet today.

As a political economist, ministerial adviser, parliamentary candidate, and businessman, Atkinson’s expertise shines through his writing.

Touching on topics such as Europe and the British Constitution, Macroeconomic policy, and energy policies.

With this said the freedom viewpoints on his blog tend to be right-leaning in most circumstances so the audience the writing caters to generally are those who share this viewpoint.

Rachael Swindon – Best Female Political Blog

This is a screenshot of the homepage of the Rachael Swindon's blog

Rachael Swindon is a famed blogger who focuses on all things politics.

Her blog allows for Guest Posts which means anybody can contribute provided you can impress Swindon with your story.

As a strong advocate for the Labour party in the UK, Swindon is primarily famous for her popular Twitter account, which she converted to a blog-style format.

A Brief History of Politics & Philosophy – Best Political History Blog

This is a screenshot of the homepage of A Brief History blog

For those who are history buffs, A Brief History of Politics & Philosophy is exactly what it sounds like.

Sometimes, understanding the history of politics is as entertaining as reading about current politics.

This blog is a must-read for anybody who wants to understand the history behind many political ideologies around the world.

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Finding the best blog for your political preferences is a great way of staying in the loop on current topics. Let’s take a look at 20 of the most popular political blogs on the Internet today.


What is the most influential political blog?

There is no single definitive answer for the most influential political blog.

This is due to the fact that there are so many different political stances and blogs that adhere to those stances.

With that said, ThinkProgress, Anthony Wells, and Michael White are just a few examples of the most popular blogs currently.

What is the most-read political blog?

There are a number of popular political blogs available for viewing on the Internet, but one of the most read political blogs is the Drudge Report.

Their political stance often sways depending on the year, but they are without a doubt one of the most read blogs that post political news.

What are the top 5 global issues blogs?

The list of the most popular global issues blogs changes consistently depending on the year, but a few that consistently rank near the top almost always are Global Issues, The Borgen Project, Business Fights Poverty, TheDataBlog, and DipNote.

These blogs typically focus on broad global issues without heavily leaning one way or the other politically speaking.

Do you have to register with the blog to post comments?

In general, registering and creating an account to post comments to a blog is necessary.

There are certain sites that allow a person to leave comments as a guest or anonymous user, but they are less common.

To be sure, scroll to the bottom of a post you wish to comment on and see if it allows you to write a comment without creating an account.


Staying educated on all things related to politics is an important part of the modern world.

By using some of the famous blogs and websites above, you can keep your brain informed on the world around you.


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