30+ Best Photography Blogs [and Bloggers] to Follow in 2024

Photography is an incredible skill that can result in stunning and emotional images from all eras of time. Many choose to share their talent in the form of popular photography blogs.

Explore the best photography blogs by type below. First, however, let’s break down photography blogs a bit more.

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What are the Main Benefits of Starting a Photography Blog?

There are countless reasons an individual may choose to start a photography blog, but here are some of the most prominent:

  • Improvement of skill through feedback
  • Gaining an online following
  • Sharing your photos with the world
  • Earn a little extra money on the side
  • Connecting with other photographers around the world
  • Learning new styles of photography

As mentioned, these are just a few of the many reasons to start a photography blog. To see some of these reasons in action, explore the following thirty prominent photography blogs and bloggers.

Best Photography Blogs and Bloggers 2024

The following blogs and bloggers specialize in a wide variety of photography niches. Ranging from landscape, portrait, food, and other types of photography blogs, there is something for everyone on the below list:

1. Behind the Shutter – Photography Techniques Blog

Behind the Shutter - Photography Techniques Blog
For those looking to get their feet wet with photography, Behind the Shutter is a fantastic place to start. With over eight years under their belt and an impressive following of over 180,000 subscribers, as well as 185,000 followers, this blog is a must for those looking to learn.

Sal Cincotta, Alissa Zimmerman, Alicia Simpson, and Ellie Plotkin are the main team members on the blog and are responsible for day-to-day posts, edits, and more. Many of their blog posts focus on utilizing black-and-white overlays on photos, so if you are interested in this style this is the blog for you.

2. Steve McCurry – Best Human Photography Blog

Steve McCurry - Best Human Photography Blog
Some of the most famous photographers in the world are those who manage to capture the essence of what it means to be human.

Steve McCurry is an American photographer who is most famous for his photo of an Afghan Girl with piercing green eyes, which has appeared on the cover of National Geographic many times.

His blog mostly contains photos of various cultures around the world and expertly captures the human condition. These photos are not always happy but are more of a realistic take on life around the world. For those who are intrigued, check out his blog right away.

3. Fiona Kelly Photography – Best Wedding Photography Blog

Fiona Kelly Photography - Best Wedding Photography Blog
Who doesn’t love a great wedding? Fiona Kelly Photography specializes in capturing romantic photos from that special day for people around the world. Based out of the UK, Fiona’s style is a natural and creative one that places an emphasis on portrait photography.

Her photo blog sticks with the wedding theme but offers tips on how to handle family or romantic photoshoots. These tips run the gamut from do’s and don’ts all the way to planning a full-on wedding. If you’re a romantic person at heart, Fiona Kelly Photography is the blog you should turn to.

4. The Fashion Camera – Best Fashion Photography Blog

The Fashion Camera - Best Fashion Photography Blog
Without a doubt, fashion is one of the most popular types of photography blogs around today, along with film photographers. For those seeking a new style or curious about the lifestyle of fashion photography, The Fashion Camera is an excellent resource.

Liselotte Fleur is responsible for running the blog and is a passionate fashion photographer based out of The Netherlands.

Her overall goal is to share her love for fashion and photography, with her blogs mostly covering both those topics combined. Given her audience is primarily English and Dutch, her blog posts are often written in those two languages respectively, which offers a unique take compared to other blogs.

5. We Eat Together – Best Food Photography Blog

We Eat Together - Best Food Photography Blog
Social media influencers taking photos of their food before diving in is commonplace, but did you know that food photographers have been around longer?

Skyler is a camera-toting explorer who has 15 years of experience traveling North America, Asia, and the Middle East. Throughout this journey, his blog We Eat Together has skyrocketed in popularity.

Covering tips such as how to photograph food, general camera tips, lighting or style advice, and so much more, this photoblog is a must-read for any food photography fan. Even if you aren’t interested in learning how to be a photographer, this blog will have your stomach growling in no time at all.

6. Jason Teale – Best Travel and Landscape Blog

Jason Teale - Best Travel and Landscape Photography Blog
There’s something quite serene about travel and landscape blogs, and Jason Teale’s is no exception. With over a decade of experience under this belt, this blogger covers topics about life all while providing gorgeous photos from locations around the world.

He also covers common tips for improving photos, which is quite helpful for anyone looking to break into photography.

For those who are purely interested in travel photography, Jason has prominent travel blog posts such as his favorite places to go when traveling and even helpful gear review posts so that you know which camera to pick up for your trip.

7. PetaPixel – Best Photography News

PetaPixel - Best Photography News Blog
For some, staying up to date in photography is the most important goal. Whether this means knowing what gear is the best of the best or understanding whose photos are winning awards, PetaPixel is one of the best news blogs for this area.

Unlike other blogs on this list, photos aren’t the main attraction to this blog, but rather the guidance it provides.

With gear reviews, some of the best equipment, and a comprehensive blog archive that outlines anything and everything to do with photography as a field, this blog is a learners’ paradise.

8. Chase Jarvis – Best Lifestyle Photography Blog

Chase Jarvis - Best Lifestyle Photography Blog
Lifestyle blogs are unique due to just how many different lifestyles there are in the world. Award-winning photographer Chase Jarvis understands this perfectly and uses his vast traveling experience to tell stories from around the world using his photos.

While his photos capture different lifestyles, his blogs are full of motivational perspectives on subjects regarding life as a whole.

With guest speakers and words of wisdom from Jarvis himself, this blog is a must-visit for anyone in need of a pick-me-up. Go check out his photos or blog posts today.

9. David Cardelús Architectural Photography – Best Architecture Photography Blog

David Cardelús Architectural Photography - Best Architecture Photography Blog
There is something undoubtedly stunning about architecture around the world. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, and many famous places of worship are all examples of prominent architectural marvels. This architectural photography blog captures the amazing man-made creations that leave us speechless.

David Cardelús placed as a finalist twice for two awards throughout his life and created his blog to show the world the marvels of architectural and fine art photography. If this modern and jaw-dropping style is of interest, his blog is available where he discusses photos and historic monuments.

10. 360 Cities – Best Urban Photography Blog

360 Cities - Best Urban Photography Blog
The hustle and bustle of city life are certainly chaotic, but there is an odd beauty to that chaos. 360 Cities is a panoramic image and video site that features blogs often describing photography technology. For those who find interest in the crowded cities of the world and wish to see these cities depicted in stunning detail, this is the site for you.

From the aftermath of natural disasters to bustling streets, this blog has all types of urban photos to sift through and read the history on.

11. Andrew Sproule Photography – Best Wildlife Photography Blog

Andrew Sproule Photography - Best Wildlife Photography Blog
Nature photography is a prominent field in the industry, but wildlife photography is another unique category that falls under this umbrella. Andrew Sproule Photography, run by Drew Sproule, is a blog that focuses on conservation and wildlife photography.

Sproule uses his traveling experience to discuss some of the world’s most threatened habitats and the wildlife that is disappearing in them.

His blog posts often touch on the multitude of vanishing species and plant life in the wild, along with a broader goal of education and inspiration for the masses. For those with a deep interest in the preservation of nature and wildlife, this is certainly a blog you don’t want to miss.

12. DP Review – Best Gear Reviews Blog

Photography Blogs. DP Review - Best Gear Reviews Blog
Having effective gear is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of being a photographer. While you don’t necessarily need to spend tens of thousands on camera equipment off the bat, understanding the best equipment in the game can certainly help you decide on a photography style that’s right for you.

DPReview is an accredited source for learning about the best camera lenses, filters, lighting tips, sample images, and so much more. With the option to sign up for a weekly newsletter, those interested in staying up to date on camera gear can use this photoblog to their advantage.

13. Inspired Eye – Best Street Photography Training Blog

Inspired Eye - Best Street Photography Training Blog
Street photography is a unique subset of photography that focuses on capturing everyday life in its most candid sense. Inspired Eye focuses on doing exactly that but takes it to the next level by providing photography tutorials. These tutorials help anybody take outstanding shots with little to no practice.

The blog also features the many subsets of street photography including, but not limited to candid, artistic, cinematic, humor, and so many more. For those interested in learning how to find beauty and stunning photos in the world around you, Inspired Eye is a site you can’t miss.

14. The Wandering Lens – Best Creative Photo Tips Blog

The Wandering Lens - Best Creative Photo Tips Blog
For those who enjoy abstract or unique, creative photos can offer everything someone can want. The Wandering Lens is a blog that specializes in teaching new photographers how to identify creative locations, along with what it takes to become a photographer and how to do it.

Run by Lisa Michele Burns, based out of Australia, this blog began in 2015 as a travel site and while sticking to its roots, has evolved into a much broader blog. By focusing on capturing the creativity of the world in your own eye, Burns can teach anybody how to become a prominent creative photographer.

15. Two Loves Studio Blog – Best Photography Settings Blog

Two Loves Studio Blog - Best Photography Settings Blog
Food blogs are one thing, but learning how to take photos of that food in the right setting and lighting? That’s a whole different matter.

Fortunately, Two Loves Studio Blog aims to teach you this skill with blogs such as finding the best camera settings, learning composition tips for photos, and even discussions surrounding macro workshops.

Essentially, the Two Loves Studio Blog is a must-read for foodies looking to discover the best settings for their blogs.

Rachel is the founder of this blog and aims to capture visual stories as well as uplifting imagery by utilizing powerful settings to elevate food photography to new heights. She is undoubtedly an excellent resource to learn from.

16. Joe McNally – The Most Beautiful Blog

Joe McNally - The Most Beautiful Blog
Joe McNally is an American photographer who has been featured in National Geographic a number of times. He has also won four awards from the World Press Photo. His creative photos have a wide variety of themes, but the underlying story they tell is always one of intrigue.

Using these photos, McNally’s blog covers timely topics from around the world in descriptive form. If you are a person who likes to stay up to date on world news while also having the chance to look at stunning photography, then Joe McNally’s blog is one you must look up.

17. PhotoFocus – Best Software Education Blog

PhotoFocus - Best Software Education Blog
With the rise of digital software such as Lightroom, digital photography has grown as well. Platforms such as Photoshop have allowed creators to take their creative visions to new heights.

PhotoFocus is one such blog that aims to help others focus on breaking into the industry. With equipment and photo tips, this blog manages to help new photographers pick up the basics quickly.

What really sets this blog apart from others, however, is the fact that it also includes tutorials and news on software released by Adobe, such as lightroom, and other companies.

These software companies are heavily involved in the photography industry, and anybody looking to learn how to take advantage of them should check out this blog today.

18. CreativeLive – Best Online Photography Classes Blog

CreativeLive - Best Online Photography Classes Blog
For those who are scattered around the world without easy access to a photography master willing to teach them, learning to pick up this skill can seem daunting. Fortunately, the Internet has a way of connecting people.

CreativeLive is a prominent site that offers access to over 2,000 photography classes taught by experts from around the world.

This means that no matter what style of photography you are interested in, there is likely a teacher for you. With new classes added every month and 24/7 access via desktop or TV, it’s never been easier to get started in this field.

19. Humans of New York – Best People’s Stories Photography Blog

Humans of New York - Best People’s Stories Photography Blog
Originally famous for its world-renowned Instagram page, Humans of New York specializes in telling the stories of people from all around the world. Understanding that everybody has a story is the motto of this blog and the catalyst for the thousands of interviews that come from this blog.

Perhaps what this blog is most famous for, however, is the simple, yet stunning, photo of the person who agrees to the interview.

Most often it may appear as a photo one may see on a fridge, rather than a heavily edited and adjusted piece, but that is exactly what makes Humans of New York so powerful: it is simply humans without a filter.

20. Click it Up a Notch – Best Photography Tutorial Blog

Click it Up a Notch - Best Photography Tutorial Blog
Learning the ins and outs of cameras can be difficult, especially when there are so many lenses and lighting options to choose from. In fact, it would be far easier if there was a cheat sheet for taking these prominent photos. Fortunately, Click it Up a Notch offers photo tips, education, and, yes, even cheat sheet resources for new photographers.

Offering a free workshop alongside their blog posts, this site is a must-visit for any new photographer who feels mystified and lost by the detailed world of photography.

21. Digital Photography School – Best Online Resources for Photography

Digital Photography School - Best Online Resources for Photography
Unlike CreativeLive, which offers a multitude of classes for potential students, Digital Photography School offers countless resources for those willing to read it all. They do offer some courses as well, but their gear, photo tips, and even eBooks are all available for reading through the site.

Digital Photography School is a reader’s dream and should be visited by anybody seeking daily tips or tutorials for making the most out of their camera.

22. Joey L. – Best Portrait Photography Blog

Joey L. - Best Portrait Photography Blog
This New York-based photographer is famous for his stunning portrait photos of people living their lives from around the world. His photos are reminiscent of Humans of New York but on a global scale. His blog often features an extensive story accompanied by a photo of the person who the story is about.

This portrait style of photography elevates the subject and allows for a perfect cover photo of the story Joey wishes to tell. By traveling all around the world, he has managed to capture unique experiences that anybody can find enjoyment in while reading.

23. Light Stalking – Best Lighting Photography Blog

Light Stalking - Best Lighting Photography Blog
Lighting is one of the most difficult parts of photography without a doubt. A stunning photo with the wrong lighting can turn out completely wrong. Light Stalking aims to eliminate some of that mystery by training photographers on how to elevate their portfolios using lighting and other strategies.

Featuring different types of photography such as abstract, black and white, astrophotography, and many more, this is a blog that is a must for anybody looking to elevate their style.

24. Depositphotos Blog – Best Stock Photos Website

Depositphotos Blog - Best Stock Photos Website
A powerful stock photo can transform anything, and Depositphotos Blog is no exception. This blog allows contributors from around the world to show their style and allow others to enjoy it as well.

By building a community around stock photos, they have provided a unique place where people can turn to find photos for various needs. Check this photography website out if you are ever in need of some type of stock photo.

25. The PhoBlographer – Best Tech Photography Blog

The PhoBlographer - Best Tech Photography Blog
As technology continues to advance, a new form of photography has grown as well: tech photography. With the overall goal of bridging tech and creative photography, the PhoBlographer is celebrating ten years of existence.

This unique blog covers all sorts of technology related to photography, as well as a tech in general.

This perspective has made the PhoBlographer one of the most popular tech/photography blogs in existence today.

It also serves as a starting point for many who are curious about what technology is needed to succeed as a photographer. For those looking to get into the field as soon as possible, check out this unique blog.

26. Junebug Weddings – Best Relationship Photography Blog

Junebug Weddings - Best Relationship Photography Blog
Another fantastic relationship blog is Junebug Weddings. While the focus of many other wedding blogs is solely on the event, Junebug Weddings focuses on helping couples and those in less serious relationships discover their next steps.

Whether this means helping you locate a vendor or suggesting inspirational places for your photos, Junebug Weddings is there to help.

For those who are getting married or seeking a stunning relationship photography blog, Junebug Weddings is a must-visit.

27. Sprout Studio – Best Studio Management Blog

Sprout Studio - Best Studio Management Blog
Sprout Studio focuses on a different aspect of photography than other blogs on this list. Rather than focusing on the photo side of things, Sprout Studio helps new photographers build the business side of their photography. This means helping with brand creation, client communications, focus tips, and more.

As a whole, the selling point for Sprout Studio is that they take all the “business stuff” off of your hands so that you can get back to doing what you love. Whether you’re seeking lead collection, online galleries, or even a virtual IPS experience, Sprout Studio has something for you.

28. iPhone Art Girl – Best iPhone Photography Blog

iPhone Art Girl - Best iPhone Photography Blog
A common misconception is that you need a camera that costs thousands of dollars and then you’ll need to spend thousands more if you want any chance at breaking into the photography business. Rest easy knowing that iPhone Art Girl aims to prove you wrong.

Meri Aaron Walker is a mobile photographer who blogs stunning photographs using only iPhone, iPad, and other mobile art. The edits and photos she takes rival those of even the most expensive cameras and are a great resource for anybody who has a smartphone and wants to see just how good they can get.

29. Outdoor Photographer Magazine – Best Nature Photography Blog

Outdoor Photographer Magazine - Best Nature Photography Blog
Wildlife photography is one thing, but broader nature photography as a whole will always be stunning. Those who are looking for the ultimate guide to nature should naturally find themselves viewing Outdoor Photographer Magazine.

This popular site features photo contests and blogs that are often “Photo of The Day” submissions by followers.

If you are at all interested in nature photography and the tips or tricks that go into capturing stunning outdoor photos, this is a site you must visit.

30. Thomas Fitzgerald Photography – Best Photo Editing Blog

Thomas Fitzgerald Photography - Best Photo Editing Blog
As mentioned, lighting is incredibly important in a photo, as is the software you use. However, Thomas Fitzgerald’s photo editing blog is a unique and useful website for learning how to take seemingly ordinary photos to extraordinary ones in no time at all with software such as Lightroom.

The blogs Fitzgerald posts often cover (in-depth) how he captures certain colors using editing software, which makes this a great site for new learners.

With experience as a professional writer, blogger, and photographer, Thomas is an accredited source for learning about all things photography.

31. PhotographySpark – Best Photography Business Education Blog

PhotographySpark - Best Photography Business Education Blog
For those who take stunning photos, or even for new photographers, learning how to monetize and grow your audience can seem like an incredibly difficult task. Fortunately, PhotographySpark features free training and a three-step plan to grow your business.

By helping you plan your success, start your business, and grow your profits using actionable advice, PhotographySpark sets itself apart from the competition. Reach out to this platform if you are struggling with the start of your photography business.

32. Conscientious Photography Magazine – Best Photographer Interview Blog

Conscientious Photography Magazine - Best Photographer Interview Blog
While Humans of New York may be one of the best blogs for interviews with everyday people, Conscientious Photography Magazine takes the cake for the best all-around photographer interview blog. Rather than just featuring people, this blog also covers reviews of popular photography books and general photography issues.

This in-depth dive, run by founder and editor Jörg M. Colberg, began in 2002 with the birth of the website. As it has grown over the years, the site has changed in many ways and serves as an interesting resource for anybody interested in taking a deep dive into the world of photography.

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How much do photographer influencers charge?

The rate a photographer influencer charges vary, in most cases, depending upon their following. In most cases, $.01/follower is the average rate an influencer may charge.

This is roughly $100 per 10,000 followers, but this rate can increase if a person wishes to use the photo elsewhere and desires the rights to the photo.

Who is the highest-paid photographer?

One of the most famous photographers in the world is Andreas Gursky, who is famous for landscape photography. Andreas has forayed into digital photography in recent years.

He is also famous for his over $4 million auction sale. Some estimates put his net worth at over $30 million, which would make him potentially the highest-paid photographer in the world.

Who is the No 1 photographer in the world?

Naming the single most famous photographer in the world is a difficult task considering how many different forms of photography exist.

Commonly contested as the best are Ansel Adams, Jimmy Nelson, and Henri Cartier-Bresson among others. Depending on the art style of the photography, the highest-level photographers can change drastically.

Are photographers in high demand?

Photography is still a growing career path, and while there are only an estimated 110,000 jobs available in the last year, it is expected to grow at a rate of 17%.

With this in mind, yes, photographers are expected to be high in demand throughout the coming years, likely driven by the growth of social media.

Can I learn photography on my own?

The amazing thing about photography is that anybody can learn! While not easy without classes or a professional guiding you, photography is a skill that can be acquired. By starting with basic cameras and studying successful photographers, one can learn all the tricks and skills necessary to enter the field.

Is photography hard to learn?

Photography is, without a doubt, a difficult skill to learn despite the fact that anybody can do it. This is due to many factors, some of which include the different types of photography, lighting styles, and quality of equipment or editing software.

With that said, part of the beauty of photography is that the quality is in the eye of the beholder, so embrace your own unique style when starting to learn.

What type of photographers is in demand?

The most in-demand type of photographer is those who are self-employed. This is due to the fact that companies can outsource anytime they need a talented photographer for advertising or other reasons. There is no single type of photography that is most in-demand, but rather a type of photographer.

Photography requires an amazing amount of skill and dedication, but anybody can become a photographer with the right amount of passion. Those who take that passion and apply it to a blog can build an astounding following that can offer countless benefits from improved skills to even additional income.

If photography is of interest to you, use the above blogs and get started with your new hobby today!



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