Top Generation Z Marketing Statistics 2024 [Facts and Trends]

Generation Z is also known as zoomers. It is an age group between the millennial cohort and generation Alpha.

Let’s explore the generation Z marketing statistics to discover their purchase habits and preferences.

  1. 58% of zoomers in the US trust the local government and military.
  2. 60% of the generation’s representatives strive to have a work-life balance.
  3. An average Gen Z er spends more than 8 hours online daily.
  4. 70% of the age group strive to make money and have a successful career. On the contrary, only 37% of them want to travel.
  5. 37% of generation Z students are expected to work in the healthcare industry after graduation.
  6. 55% of zoomers use their smartphones for at least five hours a day.
  7. Gen Z will form a third of the global workforce in ten years.
  8. 98% of the generation Z representatives have a smartphone.
  9. Healthcare benefits, security, and salary are the main factors that 70% of Gen Z seekers in the US focus on.
  10. Health care is the #1 political issue for 72% of the cohort. In contrast, the #1 political problem for the silent generation, people who were born from 1928 to 1945, was economic stability.

Generation Z Demographics Statistics 2024

  1. 51% of the age group are white. A quarter of Gen Z-ers are Hispanic.
  2. Roughly a third of the Gen Z kids are immigrants themselves or have parents who moved to another country.
  3. On average, every third of consumers belongs to generation Z, forming 33% of the world’s population.
  4. 40% of young consumers in the US are the younger generation.

  1. 74% of teenagers tend to spend their spare time online.
  2. On average, a gen Z’er spends 10.5 hours per day online in the UK.
  3. 28% of teenagers use the internet to learn new things.
  4. According to influencer marketing stats, an average Gen Z Internet user streams video for 23 hours a week.
  5. 69% of teenagers find online ads annoying, according to marketing stats.

Generation Z Tech Adoption

Generation Z Tech Adoption

  1. 43% of the cohort are sure that smart home devices are essential for households these days.
  2. 32% of Gen Z shoppers make payments using their smartphones.
  3. Marketing experts say that 52% of zoomers want to use VR (virtual reality) for entertainment.
  4. 31% of young internet users are not afraid to share their sensitive data online.
  5. 30% of teenagers believe that technology can help tackle the world’s biggest challenges.
  6. 66% of zoomers used WordPress to create their websites.
  7. 22% of Gen Z users state that they would use voice assistants.
  8. 37% of zoomers receive from one to five emails per day. 5% of Gen Z Internet users get more than 100 messages to their inboxes daily.

Generation Z Device Ownership

People look for Gen Z Marketing statistics, trends and consumer habits.

  1. Three-quarters of teenagers got their first smartphone 13-16 years old.
  2. Generation Z statistics say that half of the zoomers check camera specs when buying a new smartphone.
  3. Mobile phones are the #1 type of device for gaming for the Gen Z audience.
  4. According to recent marketing stats, 95% of generation Z members are loyal to the Apple brand. Interestingly, an average baby boomer also prefers products from Apple company.
  5. iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei are the top three smartphone manufacturing companies among Generation Z.
  6. 66% of zoomers own iPhones. Moreover, 81% of the people who took the survey reported not owning iPhones but would like to have an Apple smartphone.
  7. 83% of Gen Z users have a laptop.
  8. 25% of the Generation Z representatives own a gaming console.
  9. Marketing statistics say that 57% of teenagers use a desktop.
  10. Nearly 15 million teenagers in the US own smart wearables. The number of Generation Z users who purchase smartwatches increases dramatically year by year.

Generation Z Tech Use

Generation Z Tech Use

  1. 66% of zoomers use more than one device at one time.
  2. 91% of Gen Z members state that technologies used by a brand affect their employment decisions.
  3. 75% of teenagers prefer using smartphones instead of desktops, according to recent Gen Z statistics.
  4. 51% of Gen Z users surf social media by using mobile devices.
  5. 71% of the age group use their smartphones to watch videos.
  6. One in five teenagers recycle electronics, Generation Z statistics say.
  7. 91% of Gen Z users go to bed with smartphones.

Generation Z Digital Habits

Generation Z Digital Habits

  1. 41% of Gen Z social media users are concerned about their time wasted online.
  2. 73% of the age group uses text and messaging apps to stay in touch with their friends and families.
  3. Recent marketing stats say that 60% of teenagers leave websites that load for more than five seconds.
  4. An average zoomer spends 8 seconds evaluating content. That’s 4 seconds less than a millennial takes.
  5. According to Generation Z statistics, 45% of teenagers report they are online almost constantly.
  6. 52% of Generation Z are concerned about privacy online.
  7. 31% of zoomers experience some form of digital addiction. In contrast, only 25% of millennials are addicted to digital devices.
  8. 24% of teens report feeling discomfort if they have to go more than one hour without access to the Internet. Only 8% of Gen Z users can live more than a day offline without experiencing stress.

Gen Z and Social Media Statistics 2024

  1. Social media is the #1 source of brand discovery for 52% of the cohort.
  2. Facebook is the fourth most used social platform among zoomers.
  3. Three-quarters of Generation Z members use social media to keep up with celebrities.
  4. 56% of zoomers use social apps to share their creativity online.
  5. 55% of respondents reported that they are more creative online than offline.
  6. On average, a Gen Z user allocates 2 hours and 55 minutes a day to surfing social media.
  7. 61% of users of the age group use Instagram and YouTube daily.
  8. The Gen Z audience is prevalent for Snapchat. Roughly 90% of teens have used the application at least once.
  9. 81% of Generation Z members state that social media usage helps them stay connected with their friends.
  10. Three of four teenagers say they follow at least one influencer on social media.
  11. 60% of TikTok’s user base are zoomers.
  12. According to Generation Z marketing statistics, the usage of Facebook slightly decreases year by year among this cohort.
  13. 41% of teenagers say that Instagram is the #1 app to follow social media influencers. Only 16% of zoomers use Facebook to keep up with bloggers.

Generation Z Media Consumption Statistics 2024

Generation Z Media Consumption Statistics

  1. 61% of zoomers use social media daily to find news.
  2. Gen Z has the largest share of Netflix subscribers. According to Generation Z marketing statistics, 71% of teenagers are signed up for Netflix.
  3. Only 45% of Generation Z members watch cable TV. In contrast, cable TV is popular among 68% of Gen X members.
  4. 41% of Gen Z males watch video games streamed by bloggers on Twitch.
  5. 65% of Generation Z responders use the Internet for entertainment.

Generation Z Consumer Behavior Statistics 2024

Generation Z Consumer Behavior Statistics

  1. 65% of Gen Z shoppers don’t want to see products out of stock when purchasing online.
  2. 66% of teen shoppers pay attention to the quality of products when choosing a brand.
  3. 65% of Gen Z customers are sure that a loyalty program or coupons have a significant value.
  4. 82% of teenagers follow the recommendation of their parents and friends when making a purchase.
  5. 52% of zoomers seek advice from an influencer online when picking a product to buy.
  6. 60% of the age group want to stay in touch with a brand with the help of messages.
  7. 43% of young adults submit product reviews regularly.

Generation Z Purchasing Habits Stats 2024

  1. 72% of the generation’s buyers are involved in the household purchasing processes by their parents.
  2. Even though zoomers are digital natives, 67% of them prefer to shop in physical stores.
  3. On average, a teenager reads three reviews online before making a purchase, according to Generation Z marketing statistics.
  4. Half of the teens use deal comparison apps before paying for a product.
  5. 70% of Gen Z buyers use applications provided by stores to get rewards or bonuses.
  6. 47% of zoomers use their mobile phones to find the best deals while shopping in a physical store.

Generation Z Shopping Preferences Stats 2024

  1. The majority of younger consumers, over 55%, stick to environmentally and socially responsible brands.
  2. Marketing specialists say that 61% of teenagers would be willing to pay more for products produced using a sustainable method.
  3. The delivery options affect the purchasing decisions of one-third of Gen Z consumers, on average.
  4. Generation Z marketing statistics say that 68% of zoomers want every brand to contribute to society.
  5. 61% of respondents would rather choose a brand that treats their personal information responsibly.
  6. 75% of Gen Z customers prefer Amazon over eBay and Walmart when making purchases online.
  7. 20% of young customers state that Nike is their favorite brand.

Generation Z Spending Statistics 2024

  1. The spending power of Gen Z customers is valued at $144 billion.
  2. On average, teenagers influence their parents to spend more than $600 billion per year globally.
  3. Gen Z marketing stats say that roughly 73% of Generation Z representatives prefer using cash-less payment options when making a purchase.
  4. An average Gen Z consumer in the US spends $1,100 on holidays.
  5. Zoomers spend 6% more on alcoholic beverages than millennial consumers.
  6. The sales of recreational marijuana grew by 126% among Generation Z members last year.

Generation Z Marketing Strategy Statistics 2024

  1. Social commerce affects 59% of zoomers. This means that they are more likely to purchase a product if a blogger recommends it.
  2. A brand that promotes gender equality in its ads is 77% more likely to attract the attention of a Gen Z customer.
  3. 54% of the age group feels that influencer marketing is the most effective strategy.
  4. 52% of Generation Z representatives consider ratings as the most important factor that affect their buying decisions, according to Generational Kinetics research.
  5. Only 64% of teens expect shops to provide a personalized experience, while 74% of older millennials share the same view.
  6. 65% of digital marketing specialists plan to increase spending to attract Gen Z customers.
  7. 31% of young internet users state that an email marketing campaign doesn’t affect their purchasing decisions.
  8. 52% of the target audience values authentic snaps more than professionally-edited product photos.
  9. 60% of Generation Z shoppers appreciate top-notch support.
  10. Almost 64% of zoomers participate in at least one loyalty program. They are also not likely to miss the opportunity to redeem promotional coupons.
  11. Discounts and cash-back attract the attention of roughly half of the young customers.

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What is the percentage of Gen Z on social media?

It’s hard to find a zoomer who has not signed up for at least one social media platform. According to recent Generation Z marketing stats, 93% of the age group are on social media platforms. They use them to communicate with people and keep themselves updated about recent news.

How much of the market is Gen Z?

These days, Gen Zers form 20% of the market. There are 68 million Generation Z members in the US, and their buying power is estimated at $144 billion. Nevertheless, this is one important factor that should be taken into account: teenagers influence buying decisions of older generations. The purchasing decisions influenced by zoomers are valued at $600 billion.

What percentage of Gen Z are entrepreneurs?

Generation Z has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. 62% of the age group representatives already have a business or plan to start one. Moreover, roughly half of the teenagers work as freelancers because they are not permitted to or have no option to work full-time.

How many influencers does Gen Z follow?

It’s hard to evaluate how many influencers Gen Z users follow online. However, there are some helpful insights that every skilled marketer should know. For instance, 45% of teenagers state they follow at least ten influencers on social media. Roughly 75% of Gen Z members keep up with influencers online.


Generation Z is the most influential age group. They are tech-savvy and can usually be found with a smartphone in hand. According to Generation Z marketing statistics, this cohort values the quality of products more than their prices and the opinions of influencers.



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