120+ Powerful B2B Marketing Stats and Trends [2023]

Have you ever looked at the nuances that make B2B (business to business) marketing different than B2C (business to consumer) marketing?

In this article, you’ll find statistics that set B2B marketing apart.

  1. More than 50% of all B2B buyers are millennials.
  2. The B2B industry in the US is currently estimated at $6.7 trillion.
  3. 23.6% of businesses in the US are in the B2B market.
  4. Only 1 out of 50 cold calls is effective in the B2B market.
  5. 77% of B2B customers report that they research thoroughly before making a purchase.
  6. 35% of B2B organizations expect online sales to increase in the next year.

B2B Content Marketing Statistics 2024

  1. According to B2B marketing statistics, a company needs 3 hours and 55 minutes to write one blog post, on average.
  2. Blog posts and press releases attract twice more leads than educational content.
  3. 52% of B2B clients state that they prefer making purchases from companies that create their own content.
  4. Content marketing is the most popular strategy utilized by B2B firms.
  5. 66% of B2B buyers note that product specifications are the top content they want to read.
  6. Email newsletters are the most-used type of content marketing for 81% of B2B marketers.

B2B Video Marketing Statistics

B2B Video Marketing Statistics

  1. Video marketing helps B2B brands draw users’ attention, leading them to spend 88% more time on their sites.
  2. 83% of marketers say that video helps attract more leads and increases the conversion rate in the B2B market.
  3. 75% of companies state that video marketing helps them increase ROIs.
  4. 71% of video marketers create unique videos from scratch.
  5. 72% of companies are sure that videos help convert clients more effectively.
  6. YouTube is utilized as a platform to share videos online by 53% of companies.

B2B SEO Statistics

  1. The first SERP (search engine results page) receives 95% of the traffic.
  2. Three-quarters of B2B clients are used to exploring the Internet before making a payment offline.
  3. 71% of B2B clients prefer using search engines to find information online.
  4. 70% of traffic that B2B marketers get is organic traffic from search.
  5. Content marketing success in organic search forms 40% of the B2B companies’ revenues.
  6. Thought leadership content is the most effective type of content used by B2B businesses these days.

B2B Email Marketing Statistics

  1. On average, people spend 35 minutes a week exploring their inboxes. The amount of time spent typically ranges from 10 to 60 minutes per week.
  2. 31% of marketers are sure that the content spread via email engages readers the most.
  3. B2B marketing statistics say that 82% of marketing specialists use email messages as a tool to share the content they create with others.
  4. On average, only one of five B2B emails is opened.
  5. 84% of B2B marketing specialists use emails to reach their clients.
  6. 81% of B2B content marketers use newsletters to keep their subscribers informed about news and increase sales opportunities.
  7. Email marketing takes most of the spending for 16% of B2B firms.
  8. 59% of B2B organizations state that email marketing is the #1 tool that helps them gain sales.
  9. On average, the CTR (click-through rate) for B2B emails is 5%.
  10. 59% of people state that emails affect their decisions to make a purchase.

B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics 2024

B2B Social Media Marketing Statistics concept, a man and a woman compile acronym SMM on the picture on a big deshtop screen.

  1. One in four B2B marketers uses Pinterest to promote their businesses online.
  2. 95% of B2B companies have a dedicated budget for content production.
  3. Internet users spend a third of their time online exploring social media.
  4. 25% of marketing firms use social media as the main source to increase brand awareness.
  5. Influencer marketing helps 84% of B2B businesses increase brand awareness.

General B2B Marketing Stats and Trends


  1. B2B firms consider LinkedIn the second most popular social media platform for content marketing.
  2. 89% of businesses in the B2B niche use LinkedIn for lead generation.
  3. 65% of B2B firms attract new clients using LinkedIn.
  4. Three of four organizations use LinkedIn for content marketing.


  1. One of three firms in the B2B sector uses Twitter ads for content marketing.
  2. 86% of content marketers use this social networking platform to share their content online.
  3. On average, B2B businesses need to pay $2.50 to attract one follower on Twitter with the help of ads.


  1. Facebook is the most popular social media platform among B2B marketers.
  2. 42% of organizations attract new clients using this social media.
  3. Two-thirds of marketers launch ad campaigns on Facebook.
  4. 83% of B2B marketing specialties share their content on Facebook.
  5. The average investment for a company to get a like on Facebook, the most popular social media platform, is $1.07.


  1. According to marketing statistics, 46% of B2B content marketing specialists use Instagram.
  2. 17% of organizations use Instagram to reach potential clients with the help of ads.
  3. The average CPC (cost-per-click) rate on Instagram is $3.56.

B2B Paid Marketing Statistics

  1. 6% of B2B firms use YouTube ads to drive paid traffic and increase brand awareness.
  2. The average CPC (cost-per-click) rate in the B2B industry is $3.33.
  3. The price per one thousand ad impressions in the B2B niche is $0.79, on average.
  4. 80% of B2B and B2C marketers use Google Ads to launch advertising campaigns.
  5. 61% of B2B marketers use paid ads to share their content online.
  6. Online advertising is the top digital marketing spend for 16% of B2B companies.

B2B Lead Generation Statistics 2024

B2B Lead Generation Statistics

  1. 86% of B2B firms have a website launched on the internet and use it as a primary source of lead generation and communication with existing clients.
  2. 38% of digital marketing specialists in B2B companies are of the opinion that email marketing is the best tool for acquiring new clients.
  3. 33% of companies in the B2B market focus on SEO because they believe a well-developed content strategy can help attract the most leads.
  4. 30% of promotion experts feel that having well-thought-out social media marketing is the most effective marketing strategy to attract new clients.

B2B Marketing Teams Statistics 2024

  1. 41% of B2B marketers work in offices.
  2. 50% of firms outsource content creation, the #1 content marketing effort.
  3. On average, the size of an average B2B content production team has increased by 31% in the last year.

B2B Buyer Journey Statistics 2024

  1. 60% of B2B clients repeat their purchases from companies.
  2. In seven out of ten cases, a consumer who is being marketed to by a B2B campaign watches videos to come up with the final decision about making a purchase.
  3. On average, buyers read ten pieces of B2B content before making a purchase.
  4. Roughly 70% of representatives of companies prefer using digital interactions.
  5. Fast delivery is the #1 factor that affects the decision of B2B buyers.
  6. 70% of clients report that sites of B2B vendors are the primary content source for them.

B2B Marketing Financial Statistics 2024

B2B Marketing Financial Statistics concept, business people in the office look at the statistical data.

  1. B2B marketing statistics say that companies spend 26% of their marketing budgets on content creation, making it the #1 on the list of marketing efforts.
  2. The top B2B organizations spend up to 40% of their marketing budgets on creating engaging content.
  3. 46% of B2B marketing specialists expect their budgets remain unchanged in the next year.
  4. On average, spending of the B2B industry on paid advertising rises by 20% every year.
  5. 53% of B2B brands say that inbound marketing has a higher ROI (return on investment).

B2B Marketing Costs by Industry

  1. B2B companies in the banking, finance, and insurance niches spend 14% of their budgets on marketing.
  2. Companies that work in the B2B manufacturing niche spend 26% of their budgets on marketing.
  3. 2% is the share of marketing budgets spent by B2B organizations in the mining and construction niches.
  4. B2B firms that work in the tech and software industries spend a quarter of their budgets on marketing.
  5. Healthcare B2B businesses invest 18% of their budgets in marketing efforts.

B2B Marketing Budgets

  1. On average, a large B2B company that employs more than 1000 workers has a $405,000 annual marketing budget.
  2. Mid-size companies in the B2B niche spend $213,000 per year on marketing, on average.
  3. The average annual marketing budget of small B2B organizations is $81,500 for each company.

B2B Industry Statistics 2024

  1. On average, B2B clients refuse four offers before accepting the best one.
  2. 77% of clients state that it’s difficult to get a good deal in the B2B industry.
  3. 65% of B2B buyers say they can reach an agreement when negotiating with a salesperson.
  4. 61% of the B2B market works exclusively online now.

High-Tech B2B Statistics

  1. 6 to 7 people on average are involved in the purchasing decision-making process in the high-tech B2B niche, on average.
  2. These days, 50% of all high-tech B2B sales are digital, and the trend keeps growing.
  3. 60% of organizations state that the high-tech B2B industry is extremely competitive.
  4. 59% of B2B tech buyers avoid meeting with sales managers.

Financial Services

  1. The average cost of a lead in the B2B niche is $43.
  2. 77% of financial institutions plan to focus on implementing innovations to overcome competitors in the sector.
  3. According to B2B marketing statistics, Stripe is the largest B2B company in the financial services niche.
  4. 88% of banks are sure that large parts of their businesses will be replaced by fintech companies in the next five years.


  1. Sales of B2B companies in the manufacturing niche grew by 6.7% this year.
  2. 80% of B2B customers expect to have a buying experience that matches the B2C level of personal touch.
  3. On average, the buying process in the B2B manufacturing niche involves ten decision-makers.

B2B Marketing Automation Statistics 2024

B2B Marketing Automation Statistics concept, magnifying glass and statistics.

  1. 92% of B2B executives have an ABM (account-based marketing) program.
  2. 68% of B2B firms use automation to manage their business processes.
  3. Hubspot is the most used automation software by B2B companies.
  4. Email automation is one of the top three tasks that B2B marketers tackle.

B2B Mobile Marketing Statistics

  1. 90% of mobile users who reach B2B businesses online state that their user experience affects their decision to purchase.
  2. Four out of five B2B buyers use mobile devices to perform their job responsibilities.
  3. B2B clients spend 70% of their time online using mobile devices.
  4. Half of all B2B searches are performed with the help of smartphones.

B2B Web Design Statistics

B2B Web Design Statistics

  1. B2B companies lose $2.6 billion per year because of poor website loading speed.
  2. 94% of users state that a website’s design helps them form their first impression of a company.
  3. 73% of companies focus on enhancing the design of their sites to overcome their competitors.
  4. B2B digital marketing statistics say that 51% of firms spend more than half of their budgets on website development.
  5. 44% of potential customers don’t look for contact information online if they cannot find it on the company’s own website.

The Impact of the Pandemic on B2B Statistics

  1. Sales in the B2B market increased by 10% in 2020.
  2. 70% of companies stated that the pandemic forced them to update their B2B content marketing strategies.
  3. The number of in-person meetings and events conducted by B2B businesses decreased by 31% from the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 to now.
  4. The number of live-stream B2B content events has increased by 19% for the last two years.
  5. A third of B2B clients started spending more time researching online than before the pandemic.
  6. 18% of companies had to change their suppliers because of the pandemic.

The Future of B2B Statistics

The Future of B2B Statistics

  1. It’s expected the B2B eCommerce market will reach $20.9 trillion by 2027.
  2. 20% of B2B buyers want to return to in-person meetings. The other 80% of clients want to keep all the meetings online.
  3. 63% of B2B decision-makers prefer using web chats to communicate with sales managers.
  4. 66% of B2B buyers report that they would switch to a company that offers personalized quotes.
  5. 63% of B2B companies are expected to increase the number of decision-makers in the next year.

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How many B2B companies are there?

There are millions of B2B companies around the world, but the exact number varies based on location and industry. In the US alone, there are over 3 million B2B businesses that make trillions of dollars in revenue each year.

How much do B2B companies spend on marketing?

The amount of money B2B companies spend on marketing depends on their goals and the industries they work in. As a result, the investment can vary from 2% to 26% of B2B firms’ budgets. Nevertheless, on average, organizations in the B2B niche spend 11.3% of their budgets on marketing functions.

How many B2B marketers use content marketing?

According to B2B marketing statistics, having a good content marketing strategy is the best way to attract new clients. Therefore, the majority of specialists in the niche use content marketing. In a nutshell, 91% of marketers state they use this strategy to grow their businesses.


The B2B niche is very competitive, so most marketers must use different tactics to achieve their goals. Fortunately, the B2B marketing statistics shed light on how the market works and what to expect in the future.


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