140 Impressive YouTube Stats 2024 [Facts and Figures]

According to YouTube stats, many people turned to this video-sharing social media platform for entertainment and learning purposes during the pandemic.

When cities were on lockdown, trends in YouTube usage skyrocketed like never before.

This post will inform you about all the vital YouTube stats, facts, and figures that can help you develop effective marketing strategies for your business.

YouTube Channel Statistics 2024

  1. Every year, the number of YouTube channels making an annual income of $10,000 or more, increases by 50 percent, as shown in YouTube statistics
  2. During the last quarter of 2020, the number of streaming channels under the YouTube Live Gaming category was nearly 912,000
  3. The number of YouTube channels annually making 5 figures on YouTube has increased by 50 percent on a year-on-year basis
  4. Nearly every YouTube channel receives $0.5 on every thousand views that each of their videos gains

YouTube User and Usage Statistics

  1. Currently, YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly users that remain logged-in
  2. In the US, 74 percent of YouTube users are adults
  3. In the US, nearly 77 percent of YouTube users fall in the age range between 15 to 35 years old
  4. 80 percent of US parents with children under 11 years of age say that their kids are YouTube users as well
  5. In the US, nearly 94 percent of Over-the-Top watchers are YouTube users
  6. Nearly 16.4 percent of the video platform’s users are from the US
  7. Males account for 56 percent of YouTube’s viewers
  8. YouTube’s platform has over 122 million active users who regularly
  9. Nearly 62 percent of YouTube viewers based in the US access the video-sharing site daily

YouTube Usage Statistics

YouTube stats

  1. YouTube holds the record for being the second-most visited website
  2. YouTube has also become the second most popular social media platform
  3. According to YouTube analytics, most users use a mobile device to watch videos, which accounts for 50 percent of YouTube usage
  4. On average, each YouTube user aged 18 years and above spends nearly 42 minutes on YouTube regularly
  5. In June 2020, videos for Black Lives Matter accounted for nearly 4 times more views than other videos in 2019 around the same time
  6. 82 percent of YouTube usage is for entertainment purposes
  7. Nearly 8 percent of viewers find YouTube a useful platform to connect with family and friends
  8. 37 percent of YouTube users who fall in the age group between 30 to 49 years use the platform to get news.
  9. One in three women claimed to watch beauty tutorials on YouTube once a wee
  10. A major reason for 7 percent of YouTube use is to enhance professional services

YouTube Demographics and User Behavior Statistics

YouTube User and Usage Statistics

  1. 53 percent of Gen Z male viewers use the YouTube platform to follow their favorite influencers
  2. 42 percent of Gen Z female viewers use YouTube to keep up with their favorite influencers
  3. In the last year, 62 percent of users visited YouTube on a daily basis
  4. 73 percent of Americans aged 36 to 45, 70 percent of Americans aged 46 to 55, and 67 percent of Americans aged 56 years and older use YouTube, which shows that elderly adults have an interest in video content, as opposed to other social media
  5. Nearly 77 percent of YouTube users are people aged between 15-25 worldwide
  6. In 2020, nearly 72 percent of female users and 72 percent of male users logged in to their accounts on the YouTube platform. These statistics indicate high rates of YouTube usage, which proves its popularity across the globe.

YouTube for Business Statistics

  1. In 2020, between March and July, viewership of videos with the word “beginner” in the title increased substantially, by over 50 percent
  2. During 2020, 72 percent of YouTube users utilized the platform to watch fitness videos that could help them build an exercise regimen
  3. During the first half of 2020, daily live streaming on YouTube saw an increase of over 45 percent
  4. During March 2020, daily viewership of videos with title containing “home office” saw an increase of over 210 percent
  5. Nearly 51 percent of the decisions makers from the Business-2-Business community utilize YouTube to perform research on purchases

YouTube Ad Statistics

  1. Nearly 70 percent of viewers made brand purchases after seeing the brand’s YouTube ad
  2. Speculations suggest that in 2021, YouTube will generate ad revenue worth over $5.5 billion in the US
  3. In 2020, the most well-received and highly viewed YouTube ad in the US was Nike’s Never Too Far Down | You Can’t Stop Us, as YouTube statistics suggest
  4. YouTube ads that target users based on intent, as opposed to demographics, see a 100 percent higher increase in purchasing intent

YouTube Marketing Statistics

  1. In 2020, for marketers, YouTube ranked fifth on the list of the most-used platforms among internet users, following Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  2. YouTube raked in $5 billion in ad revenue during the third quarter of 2020.
  3. In 2020, Apple was YouTube’s top advertiser, accounting for over 2.23 billion impressions, according to YouTube statistics
  4. With nearly 2 billion impressions, Turbotax was the second-biggest advertiser on YouTube
  5. Since the marketing influencer cost has risen on nearly every platform during the last six years, YouTube accounted for the highest influence marketing growth
  6. In a 2019 study by Statista, only 7 percent of marketers saw unskippable ads as effective
  7. In the same study, 29 percent of participating marketers found that skippable YouTube ads that played during pre-rolls of videos were the most effective
  8. In 2020, about 60 percent of marketers in a Statista study said they would increase their YouTube marketing budget

Growth of YouTube Statistics

  1. The year-over-year increase in YouTube users from 2016 to 2021 was incredible. However, the increase rate in 2016 was much higher, with 13 percent, in comparison to this year’s increase rate of only 4.9 percent
  2. Today, there are over 2 billion active users on the YouTube platform in comparison to the 1.47 billion user count in 2017
  3. Statistics suggest that during 2022, the number of active YouTube viewers in the US may increase by nearly 9.3 percent
  4. Compared to 2014, creators were uploading 40 percent more video content every minute in 2019
  5. In 2019, YouTube also became the leading video platform for online users, accounting for nearly 90 percent of the user market share
  6. In 2019, YouTube’s share of online video streaming globally was nearly 21 percent. This was slightly less than that of the leading video streaming platform, Netflix, with a share of 26.6 percent
  7. Video content viewership is the most popular form of consuming online content. Therefore, YouTube stats suggest that nearly 85 percent of internet users in the US consume YouTube video content once a week

YouTube Financial Statistics

  1. YouTube’s revenue for 2020 was around $19.7 billion. This was a 30.4 percent growth in the annual revenue on a year-on-year basis
  2. In the first quarter of 2021, YouTube generated a revenue of $6 billion. This was a 49 percent increase from the revenue generated during last year’s first quarter
  3. Google paid nearly $1.65 billion to acquire YouTube in 2006
  4. With an annual earning of $29.5 million, Ryan Kaji became the highest-paid YouTube star in 2020
  5. For every thousand views on a YouTube ad, YouTube pays $18
  6. Those with content ID received nearly $2 billion as YouTube partners over the span of the last five year
  7. YouTube influencers who produce video content and have over 500,000 followers earn an average of $3,857 on every video
  8. Each YouTube influencer who produces video content and has a following of 500 to 5,000 people earns an average of $315 on each video

YouTube Statistics for Nerds

  1. Currently, YouTube allows basic users to upload 2 GB worth of content for up to 15 minutes at a time. Though, YouTube premium features are quite different
  2. YouTube stats suggest that on a daily basis, active users watch one billion hours worth of video content on YouTube
  3. Daily, each visitor spends an average of nearly 16 minutes and 40 seconds watching YouTube videos every day
  4. On average, every YouTube user visits 8.9 pages on a daily basis
  5. During 2019, nearly 48 percent of YouTube users suggested that YouTube can contribute to better public relations communications in the upcoming years
  6. In 2020, YouTube users watched 100 billion hours of video content for gaming

YouTube Music Statistics

YouTube Music Statistics

  1. For 64 percent of YouTube viewers, the most common use of the platform is music-related
  2. In the US, nearly 82 percent of YouTube users suggested that their purpose for using YouTube was listening to music
  3. YouTube accounts for nearly 47 percent of global music consumption
  4. Nearly 35 percent of YouTube users based in Italy use the platform to listen to music

YouTube Competitors Statistics

YouTube Vs. Facebook Statistics

  1. Facebook currently has 24.5 percent more users than YouTube has on a monthly basis
  2. However, as analytics suggest, YouTube had nearly 76 percent more active monthly users compared to Facebook’s Messenger app in 2021
  3. Compared to the number of active daily users on YouTube, Facebook boasts an average of over 800 billion daily views
  4. In the US, only 68 percent of adults use Facebook while 74 percent of adults frequently use YouTube

YouTube Vs. TikTok Statistics

  1. While YouTube has over 2 billion active users per month, the YouTube stats comparison shows that TikTok had only 700 million active users per month during mid-2020
  2. According to YouTube Analytics, TikTok took the number one spot on the most downloaded app list for 2020, surpassing YouTube and Messenger
  3. From 2019 to 2020, the stats suggest that kids between the age of 4 and 15 spent an average of 75 minutes watching TikTok and 68 minutes watching YouTube Kids, every day
  4. Since YouTube is now an online video-sharing app, according to its parent company Google, TikTok stands as one of the favorites and top-performing social media platforms for kids between 4 and 15

YouTube Like and Dislike Statistics

  1. The iconic “YouTube Rewind 2018” video had the highest dislike ratio of nearly 86.5 percent
  2. Justin Bieber’s music video for Baby was previously the most disliked video on YouTube, with over 10 million dislikes
  3. Data from 2014 suggests that nearly 73 percent of videos in that year received a like ratio of 90-100 percent
  4. A video about memorials of Chester Bennington, lead singer of the Linkin Park band, had one of the highest likes and dislike ratios of around 422/1. Based on the number of views and reactions, one in every six viewers reacted to the video.

YouTube Keyword Search Statistics

  1. In 2021, the keyword “youtube” was searched nearly 173.6 million times each month on average
  2. In the US, ‘pewdiepie’ was the most searched keyword during the first quarter of 2020
  3. Moreover, YouTube stats suggest that “bts” and “pewdiepie” were the most searched YouTube keywords globally
  4. At the time of this article, the highest trending phrase among YouTube searches in the US is “drivers license Olivia Rodrigo”
  5. At the time of this article, the highest trending YouTube searches include the phrase “Godzilla vs Kong”

YouTube Influencer Marketing Statistics

  1. Nearly 51 percent of YouTube content creators claim that their first priority is expressing their creativity through the YouTube video platform
  2. Nearly 34 percent of YouTube creators suggest that their primary goal in producing video content is to promote their business, brand, or company
  3. At 9 years of age, Ryan Kaji is also one of the youngest and most-popular YouTube stars on the platform
  4. YouTube stats suggest that T-Series, an Indian movie studio and music label, accounts for the highest YouTube subscriber count at 195 million active users
  5. According to 23 percent of YouTube influencers on the platform, the main challenge with video content creation is the time factor
  6. While publishers on YouTube account for only 1 percent of the views, according to YouTube video analytics, beauty influencers have a 60 percent share in the total video views in the respective industry
  7. In the beauty industry, various brands account for a cumulative 39 percent share of video views on YouTube
  8. 27 percent of YouTube content creators consider making videos to be a full-time job
  9. YouTube content creators market brands and popularize them 4 times more effectively than the brands themselves
  10. YouTube content creators with more than 100,000 subscribers can potentially earn more than $2,000 per video on average

YouTube Engagement Statistics

  1. During 2017 and 2018, there was a 70 percent increase in viewer engagement with content creators
  2. 50 percent of millennial and Gen Z consumers suggest that they watch YouTube videos to gather enough information to speak about different topics
  3. 3 in 5 viewers among YouTube’s Millennial and Gen Z audience wishes to have meaning and purpose in the video content that they consume
  4. YouTube users prefer content that explores their interests deeply 2.7 times more than content that features a famous personality or actors
  5. The YouTube views for comedy videos have grown by 60 percent since the past year

Video-On-Demand YouTube Statistics

Video-On-Demand YouTube Statistics

  1. YouTube owns nearly 39 percent of the video creation industry’s market share
  2. Nearly 69 percent of YouTube on-demand customers say they use the service to watch their preferred content when they want
  3. Similarly, 58 percent of YouTube on-demand users say they pay for the service to binge-watch their favorite shows
  4. Over 35 percent of YouTube users who watch videos on-demand believe that they are frequent users
  5. The most viewed video genres include comedy, which accounts for 77 percent of viewership
  6. YouTube stats suggest that 60 percent of the most-watched genres include crime, mystery, and thriller
  7. Nearly 72 percent of YouTube customers use their mobile phones to consume video content on the platform
  8. Over 75 percent of YouTube customers prefer getting on-demand YouTube access on multiple devices

Share of Adults with a YouTube Live TV Subscription in the US

  1. In the US, as of March 2021, only 8 percent of active YouTube users in the age group 18-29 subscribed to YouTube Live TV
  2. During March 2021 in the US, the percentage of adult YouTube users in the age group 30-44 who subscribed to YouTube Live TV was only 9 percent
  3. Among 63 percent of YouTube users in the age group 18-29, none have subscribed to YouTube Live TV in the US
  4. YouTube stats suggest that 30 percent of YouTube users in the age group 65 and above have never heard of YouTube Live TV Subscription in the US

YouTube Video Comments Statistics

  1. Nearly 51.4 percent of YouTube comments were removed in 2021 because they contained misleading or spam content
  2. One of the top YouTube music videos with the most comments is Eminem’s song Killshot, which has over 580,000 comments

Removed Videos on YouTube Statistics

Removed Videos on YouTube Statistics

  1. 42.6 percent of videos that were taken off of YouTube in 2020 had no views at all
  2. Because of automated content flagging, nearly 33.8 percent of the removed videos had only ten views or less
  3. Spam videos on YouTube in 2020 accounted for nearly 25.5 percent of the total videos
  4. 31.7 percent of video removal on YouTube was due to child safety reasons
  5. According to YouTube stats, 1.14 percent of removed videos were from the US
  6. During the second quarter of 2021, a total of 1.7 million Indian YouTube videos were removed from the platform

Hours of Videos Uploaded

  1. YouTube stats suggest 500 hours worth of video content is uploaded to YouTube each minute
  2. According to 2019 YouTube stats, at least two billion people were logging into the YouTube platform to watch one billion hours worth of video content daily
  3. During 2019, every minute, 500 minutes of new YouTube content was uploaded to the video platform: that’s nearly 30,000 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every hour!
  4. During the past 12 months, viewership for lyrics videos on YouTube accounted for more than 3,100 years’ worth of video content
  1. The most popular YouTube accounts include those that produce video content for clothing hauls, beauty tutorials, fashion, etc.
  2. In January 2021, Musas, Jefreestar, and Yuya were the most popular channels in the beauty and fashion category of YouTube trends
  3. Moreover, YouTube stats also suggest that LEGO is the most popular brand on YouTube channel, ranking number one with nearly ten billion views
  4. The second and third most popular brands on YouTube included VAT19 and IDJVideos TV, respectively, with views between four billion and ten billion
  5. The YouTube channel for the Indian music label, T-Series, boasts the highest number of subscribers, nearly 195 million at present
  6. After T-Series, YouTube Movies come second, with over 130 million subscribers
  7. PewDiePie’s YouTube gaming account holds a prominent position on the list of accounts with the most subscribers, boasting a whopping 110 million subscribers
  8. In 2020, the PewDiePie YouTube account was the top trending channel, with nearly 107 million subscribers at the time
  9. Other leading gaming channels and accounts like Fernanfloo and VEGETTA777 don’t come as close in terms of subscriber count, but both have over ten million subscribers

Fun Facts about YouTube

  1. Apart from Ryan Kaji, there are other prominent kids’ YouTube stars, such as Nastya, who ranks number seventh in the popularity list on YouTube, with over 77 million subscribers
  2. In August 2020, BTS, the Korean boyband, cracked the YouTube world record by producing the most viral video that, gained over 100 million views in a span of 24 hours
  3. BlackPink, Twice, and PSY are among the most record-breaking viral video producers on the YouTube platform
  4. Adele’s music video for Hello holds the record for reaching a billion views in just 87 days: it’s the first viral video to reach the 1 billion view count this quickly

Discussion About YouTube Statistics

You can create the most effective video content marketing strategies by considering the above-mentioned statistics.

The latest YouTube stats can help you make new changes to your YouTube content marketing plans.

You can gain more followers from your target audience, and achieve better viewership within a short period of time if you keep track of the latest YouTube stats.

Here’s a list of all the reputable and authoritative websites that we have used to outline the most important statistics relating to YouTube.

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You can use the YouTube stats above to devise effective strategies and plan proper YouTube Marketing techniques for your marketing campaigns.

Since it is a widely popular video-sharing platform, you can generate millions of views and subscribers for your business’s YouTube channel and video content.


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