75 Amazing Adobe Inc Stats and Facts [and Trends] 2024

Tech company Adobe specializes in software for creating and editing content. This includes photography, video, animation, and graphics.

Adobe is most known for Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Illustrator, and Lightroom.

General Adobe Inc Stats and Facts 2024

  1. Adobe was founded in 1982 by Charles Geschke and John Warnock
  2. Their Corporate HQ is in San Jose, California
  3. They were incorporated in 1983 in California but reincorporated in Delaware in 1997
  4. Adobe has the NASDAQ Stock Symbol of ADBE
  5. Their current chairman and CEO is Shantanu Narayen

Adobe User Statistics 2024

  1. Adobe’s Digital Media customers include primarily photographers, graphic and experience designers, video editors, content creators, students, and game developers
  2. Adobe apps are used by digital media customers for everything from digital marketing to graphic design, and all other products involving creativity and graphic design
  3. Adobe’s Digital Experience customers consist of people like advertisers, publishers, agencies, marketers, merchandisers, developers, data scientists, and other related professions

Adobe Demographics Stats 2024

  1. 33.8% of Adobe’s workforce are women
  2. Women comprise 27.2% of leadership roles
  3. Between 2017 and 2021, the number of employees identifying as women increased by 58%, from 5,527 to 8,743
  4. In 2021, 10.9% of Adobe’s employees were underrepresented minorities
  5. Between 2017 and 2021, the number of US employees that are underrepresented minorities increased by 95.8%, from 746 to 1561
  6. These underrepresented minority employees make up 7% of leadership roles and 9.2% of technical roles

Adobe Demographics Stats

Adobe Usage Statistics 2024

Many of Adobe’s customers segment the services that they use and will get some Adobe products but not all. This is typically split between creatives and business.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Statistics

  1. In 2021, Adobe Acrobat was used to opening more than 300 billion PDFs
  2. This is a huge increase of over 50 billion in 2016
  3. Acrobat and Acrobat Reader have been downloaded onto over a billion devices

Adobe Inc Stats

Adobe Photoshop Statistics

  1. Photoshop is used by over 90% of creative professionals worldwide
  2. It was incorporated into Adobe in 1995 and, prior to 1993, was only for Mac
  3. In 2022, Photoshop released version 23.3 for desktops and version 3.5 for iPad
  4. Photoshop is accessible in 26 main languages

Adobe Illustrator Statistics

  1. 180 million graphics are created on Adobe Illustrator every month
  2. Development for Illustrator started back in 1985 for Mac Computers
  3. Version 2.0 of Illustrator launched in 1989, and it failed compared to Microsoft’s CorelDraw
  4. In 2003, Illustrator added 3D capabilities
  5. CS6 is considered to be the update with the newest features
  6. Adobe Illustrator can zoom up to 64000%
  7. Illustrator can export graphics in 15 different formats

Adobe Creative Cloud Statistics

  1. Creative Cloud launched in 2012
  2. By 2013, it had half a million users
  3. By 2014, it had 1.4 million
  4. It is estimated that by the end of 2017, Adobe had over 12 million subscribers
  5. Adobe Creative Cloud likely has more than 24 million active subscribers currently
  6. By the end of 2024, they are projected to have nearly 30 million subscribers
  7. Creative Cloud and related apps have been downloaded more than 450 million times
  8. Adobe Creative Cloud brought in $9.54 billion in 2021

Adobe Express Statistics

  1. Express is marketed as free use forever
  2. However, Express memberships give access to the entire Adobe Stock royalty-free photo collection and Adobe Fonts
  3. Compared to other Art & Design Programs, Express is ranked #7 by usage in the US

Adobe Connect Statistics

  1. Adobe Connect allows for a wide range of reports to be made, including everything from curriculum to meeting reports
  2. Over 450k websites use Adobe Connect
  3. More than 84k companies use Adobe Connect

Adobe Spark Links Statistics

  1. 11k+ websites use Adobe Spark images and services
  2. Adobe Spark links are used on more than 9k unique domains
  3. 18% of Adobe Spark Links are used by Science and Education sectors

Adobe Employee Number Statistics 2024

  1. Adobe has more than 26,000 employees globally
  2. They have had a steady increase of employees for all years since 2014
  3. The one exception to this trend was in 2020 when the global pandemic made it hard to hire new employees
  4. According to projections, they will have more than 28,000 employees by the end of 2022 and close to 36,000 employees in 2024
  5. 52% of Adobe’s employees are in the US, while 48% are at international locations
  6. This means there are roughly 13,500 Adobe employees in the US

Adobe Salary Statistics 2024

Adobe Salary Statistics

  1. The average salary at Adobe is $125,912
  2. In the communications department, the average salary is $233k
  3. In the engineering department, the average salary is $170k
  4. In the design department, the average salary is $155k
  5. In the operations department, the average salary is $64k

Adobe Statistics on Cyber Monday 2024

  1. In 2021, Consumers spent $10.7 billion on Adobe products
  2. This is $100 million short of 2020 spending at $10.8 billion
  3. Cyber Week saw $33.9 billion spent on Adobe products in 2021

Adobe Financial Statistics: Revenue and Expenses

  1. Adobe’s Annual Revenue is $15.79 billion
  2. It is projected that with their growth, they could reach a revenue of $19.59 billion in 2022 and $28.72 billion by 2024
  3. Their Net Income is $4.82 billion as of 2021
  4. This is a decrease of 8.37% from 2020 due to changes in the provision for income taxes and an increase in operating expenses
  5. It is projected that their annual net income will be $5.87 in 2022 and $7.45 billion by 2024
  6. Total Assets are listed at $27.34 billion
  7. It is projected that by the end of 2022, they will have $32.26 billion in assets, and by the end of 2024, they will have $42.5 billion
  8. In 2021, Adobe expressed $8.11 billion in operating expenses:
  • $2.54 billion in Research and Development
  • $4.32 billion in Sales and Marketing
  • $1.08 billion in General and Administrative
  • $172 million in Amortization of intangibles

Adobe Ownership Stats

  1. 81.18% of Adobe is owned by institutional shareholders
  2. 18.13% of Adobe is owned by retail investors
  3. 0.69% of Adobe is owned by Adobe insiders
  4. Vanguard Group Inc, the largest shareholder, owns 8.23% of Adobe with 38.51 million shares

Adobe Stock Price Statistics

  1. The average price share for Adobe Stock is 550.46
  2. This is up 13.38% from 2020 when the average price was 415.97
  3. In 2019, the stock price was only 279.32 on average
  4. In 2019, the average stock price was 235.03

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What percentage of PC users own Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is a free-to-use program. Adobe Acrobat Pro can be installed and activated on two computers at once as part of Adobe’s suites.

Adobe does not release download information as to who has downloaded it on PC versus Mac versus mobile.

What percentage of sites use Adobe Flash?

Flash was discontinued on December 31, 2020, and now only 1.4% of all websites across the internet still use Adobe Flash content.

The rest of it has been either migrated to other programming languages or has been discontinued entirely.

What percentage of revenue comes from each segment of Adobe?

Adobe Revenue is broken down between Digital Media, Digital Experience, and Publishing.

Digital Media Revenue accounts for 68.2% of Adobe’s revenue.

Digital Experience Revenue makes up 29.4% of total revenue.

Publishing Revenue makes up the remaining 2.3%.

Adobe Number of Employees

Adobe has been growing steadily in recent years and currently employs approximately 22,900 people worldwide.


Adobe is a large and growing company, and while they have experienced some dips in expansion and profits, the trend continues to project upwards.


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