20+ Important Women in Tech Stats 2024 [Engineering & More]

Despite recent improvements over the last few years, the tech industry has a long way to close the gender gap.

Here are some women in tech stats to explain how big of an issue it is for many companies.

General Women in Tech Stats 2024

  1. Only 28.8% of employees in tech are female.
  2. Out of all the women in tech, Asians only account for 5%. Black women have 3% of women in tech jobs, while Hispanic women have 1%.
  3. 50% of women have felt discriminated against at work. 74% of those women work in computer or tech-related industries.
  4. 72% of women in tech feel outnumbered by men in meetings. 1 in 4 of those women is outnumbered 5:1.
  5. Only 2.5% of female-founded companies received investments from venture capitalists.
  6. Women are twice as likely to quit their tech job than men.
  7. The average salary of a woman in tech is $93,591. The average salary for a man in tech is $108,711.

Women in Tech Stats About Leadership 2024

  1. 5% of all leadership positions in tech are held by women.
  2. Only 25% of startups have a female co-founder. However, nearly half of all startups have a woman in an executive position.
  3. 37% of startups have a woman on the board of directors.
  4. The Fortune 500 companies with at least 3 women in leadership positions saw a 66% increase in ROI.
  5. 19.2% of CIO positions for Fortune 500 companies are women.

Women in Tech Stats About Education 2024

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  1. In the UK, only 2% of female students are pursuing an engineering degree.
  2. Only 38% of women with a computer science degree work in the industry. For men, this number is 53%.
  3. Only 24% of women with an engineering degree work in their respective fields (compared to 30% of men).
  4. 74% of girls would be interested in working in a tech-related job. But only 3% say it’s their first choice.
  5. Only 22% of college students can name a famous woman who has or currently works in tech.

Company Women in Tech Stats 2024

Company Women in Tech Stats

  1. Less than 25% of tech workers at Facebook are women.
  2. 40% of leadership roles at Apple are held by women under the age of 30.
  3. Pinterest has an employee base that is 45% female – one of the largest of any tech company.
  4. However, only 13% of Pinterest leaders are women.
  5. 36% of leadership positions at Lyft are held by women.
  6. One of the least diverse tech companies is Microsoft, with only 25% of employees being women.
  7. Many women work in telecommunication companies such as Telefonica, Vodafone, Broadcom, etc. According to Telefinoca stats, there are more than 30% of women working there. 
  8. Around 30% of women are working in information technology companies such as Infosys, Accenture, Cognizant, etc. According to Infosys stats, there are up to 40% of women working there.

Women in Tech Stats About Leadership

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What is the ratio of men to women in technology?

In 2020, only 28.8% of tech employees were female. However, this is a slight increase from the previous years.

There were only 25.9% female tech workers in 2018 and 26.2% in 2019. At this pace, it will take another 10 years before the ratio of men to women in technology is equal.

What percentage of female programmers is there?

Computer engineering is one of the least diverse positions in terms of gender. In 2020, only 8% of women work in computer engineering.

This number has grown very slowly. It has only increased by 2% over the last 20 years.

Which country has the most female developers?

India’s computer developer workforce is 22.9% female, the highest out of any country in the world. The United Arab Emirates comes second, with 21%.

The United States ranks #11, with only 14.8% of developer jobs being held by women.


Women in the tech industry face many challenges in their careers.

But by incentivizing female students and giving women more opportunities for career growth, we can start to close the gender gap in tech.


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