45 Amazing Vodafone Stats and Facts [and More] 2024

Vodafone is one of the largest wireless phone companies in the world that provides a wide range of leading connectivity products and platforms to consumers and businesses in multiple regions. It offers various solutions such as VoIP services, IT hosting services, etc.  

As a purpose-led company, Vodafone’s idea is to create value for society and shareholders.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a better overall understanding of Vodafone’s most relevant business stats and facts.

General Vodafone Stats and Facts 2024

Vodafone’s idea is to become the new generation connectivity and digital services provider in Europe and Africa.

We have put together some of the most relevant statistics and facts about this leading telecommunications company:

  1. Vodafone is headquartered in London, UK.
  2. The brand value of Vodafone is calculated at $19.51 billion.
  3. Vodafone is the largest mobile and fixed network operator in Europe.
  4. Vodafone is Europe’s biggest and fastest-growing 5G network.
  5. Vodafone operates one of Europe’s biggest and most successful digital TV platforms.

Vodafone Market Share Statistics 2024

The Market share held by Vodafone in its main markets of operation in 2020 was:

  1. South Africa: 46.6%
  2. Italy: 32.3%
  3. German: 30.5%
  4. India: 28%
  5. United Kingdom: 20.5%
  6. Spain: 16.2%

Vodafone Usage & Customers Stats 2024

As one of the world’s largest mobile networks aiming to build a digital society, Vodafone connects people all over the world.

To give you a better idea of how broad the company network is, we collected the most relevant customer statistics:

  1. Vodafone has 315 million mobile customers.
  2. Vodafone operates mobile and fixed networks in 21 markets and has fixed operations in 17 countries.
  3. Vodafone has partnered with mobile networks in 48 countries.
  4. Vodafone network reaches over 27 million fixed broadband customers.
  5. As Europe’s second largest TV platform, Vodafone has more than 22 million TV customers across 11 markets.
  6. Vodafone connects more than 118m IoT devices, and its IoT platform covers 39 countries.
  7. More than 185 million customers across 8 countries and 90 million data customers in Africa.
  8. Over 46 million female customers have been added in Africa since 2016.
  9. Vodafone Business is Trusted by more than 6 million companies and organizations worldwide.
  10. In 2021, in Europe, the average mobile data usage per customer was 7.2 GB/month.
  11. During the last three years (2019-2021) in the non-European markets, Vodafone has increased its demand for mobile data and monthly average data usage to 4.6 GB.

Vodafone Employees Statistics 2024

Vodafone Employees Statistics

Looking to accelerate its transition to become a new-generation connectivity and digital services provider for Europe and Africa, Vodafone makes sure to create and promote an inclusive environment where every employee has the opportunity to thrive and grow.

Let’s learn some statistics and facts about Vodafone’s people:

  1. Vodafone has 105,000 employees and contractors.
  2. Vodafone’s average number of employees by 2021 was 94,274.
  3. The average number of Vodafone contractors by 2021 was 10,481.
  4. Vodafone’s employees hold 137 different nationalities.
  5. By 2021, women accounted for 40% of the total workforce.
  6. Vodafone aims to have 40% women in management roles by 2030.

Vodafone Revenue Statistics 2024

Vodafone’s revenue comes from a range of leading connectivity products and platforms to both consumers and businesses of all sizes across Europe and Africa.

Here are some of Vodafone’s revenue statistics for 2022:

  1. Vodafone made €45.6 billion in revenue.
  2. Vodafone’s operating profit increased by €0.6 billion to €5.7 billion.
  3. Vodafone made €13,158 million in revenue in Germany, its biggest operating market.
  4. Vodafone made €6,589 million in revenue in the UK, its second-biggest operating market.

Vodafone Stats and Facts

Vodafone Stock Stats 2024

Wondering how much the Vodafone stock will be worth in 2022?

Here are some of the most relevant Vodafone stock statistics:

  1. Vodafone Group has a market cap or net worth of $40.89 billion.
  2. Vodafone’s enterprise value is estimated at $100.96 billion.
  3. Vodafone stock price has decreased by -13.13% in the last 52 weeks.
  4. Vodafone stock pays an annual dividend of $0.96, which amounts to a dividend yield of 6.56%.
  5. Vodafone Group has 2.79 billion outstanding shares.

Unknown Facts About Vodafone

Every company has a beginning and a story, and Vodafone is no exception.

Here are some facts about Vodafone that you probably don’t know:

  1. Vodafone’s first office was above a curry house in Newbury. It took 3 years for the company to be formed.
  2. The name Vodafone originated from the words “voice,” “data,” and “phone,” although the ph in the phone was swapped for an f.
  3. The first two mobile calls in the UK were made through the Vodafone network.
  4. For nine days after the first mobile call, Vodafone was the only company with a mobile network in the UK.
  5. Vodafone also carried the first-ever text message sent in 1992.
  6. Vodafone hit 1,000,000 customers in 1993.
  7. Vodafone launched Vodafone 3G way back in 2004. The tech started a revolution in mobile connectivity.
  8. Vodafone launched ultrafast 4G in August 2013.

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How many customers does Vodafone have in the world?

Currently, Vodafone has 315 million mobile customers, and its TV platform has more than 22m customers.

What is the average data usage for Vodafone?

In 2021 the average mobile data usage per customer in Europe was 7.2 GB/month.

How many countries are using Vodafone?

Vodafone operates mobile and fixed networks in 21 countries and has fixed operations in 17 countries.


Vodafone is new-generation connectivity and digital service provider.

It’s the operator with the largest 5G mobile network in Europe, currently expanding the business in Africa with pioneering platforms such as M-Pesa.

Whether you use Vodafone’s services or not, we hope this article has given you an overall view of one of the most valuable brands on the planet.


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