28 Leadership Stats 2024 [about Business and the Workplace]

An effective leader is important for business, but it can also impact employee happiness and morale.

However, finding a suitable leader is challenging for many companies, as shown by the following leadership stats.

Fascinating Leadership Stats and Facts 2024

  1. 50% of employees have cited bad leadership and management as their main reason for leaving a job.
  2. 79% of people leave their job because they don’t feel appreciated.
  3. 3 out of every 4 companies report that leadership could be improved.
  4. Only 11% of companies believe they have strong leadership.
  5. It is believed that only 10% of all business leaders have a natural talent for leading.
  6. 80% of companies struggle with finding employees with relevant leadership skills.
  7. An astounding 40% of leaders will fail in the first 18 months of their job.

Leadership and Gender, Race, Age Stats 2024

  1. Only 20% of CEOs are women. However, women also account for 52% of managerial and professional roles.
  2. 74.2% of human resource managers are women.
  3. Out of all the Fortune 500 companies, only 8.2% have female CEOs.
  4. There are only 4 black CEOs on the Fortune 500 list. Two of those CEOs are women.
  5. The average age of a CEO when they are first hired is 54.1 years old.
  6. 42% of CEOs believe diversity is important, while 10% don’t see any value in it at all.

Business Leadership Development Stats 2024

General Leadership Stats and Facts

  1. 83% of organizations believe that leadership training is important.
  2. However, only 5% of businesses in the US offer leadership and development training to all employees.
  3. 63% of millennials feel like their company is not invested in their leadership development.
  4. The US spent $165.3 billion on leadership training.
  5. Employees who go through leadership training show a 20% increase in performance.
  6. 58% of managers have never received any form of management training.

An effective leader is important for business, but it can also impact employee happiness and morale. However, finding a suitable leader is challenging for many companies, as shown by the following leadership stats.

Leadership Burnout Stats 2024

  1. Approximately 60% of leaders feel burned out by the end of the day.
  2. 44% of burned-out leaders are tempted to change companies—26% of those plan to leave the same year.
  3. Only 59% of companies take proactive measures to prevent employee burnout.

Leadership and Gender, Race, Age Stats

Effective Leadership Stats

  1. 47% of leaders say that the number one way to prepare for their company’s future is to concentrate on multiple business scenarios.
  2. 4% of leaders have no program or leadership plan at all.
  3. The most important soft skill a leader can have is empathy (17%). Other skills include humility (15%) and self-awareness (7%).
  4. Leaders with a strength-based approach have been shown to increase profits by 29%, customer engagement by 7%, and employee engagement by 15%.
  5. 22% of employees believe their managers are transparent, whereas 40% of managers believe the same thing.
  6. Hiring a leader within the company has a 25% higher success rate than hiring externally.

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What percentage of people are leaders?

Only 10% of the population are considered to be natural-born leaders with the mindset to grow, energize, and encourage their teams.

However, 20% of people show some signs of leadership skills. With the right training, these people can become effective leaders.

What percent of employees trust their leaders?

Only 63% of employees trust their CEO and executive leadership board. Many employees feel unfairly treated, while others don’t hopeful or encouraged about the company’s future.

This can lead to poor performance (53% of employees won’t listen to people they disagree with) as well as a high employee turnover rate (50% of people quit because of poor management).

What percentage of leaders are effective?

Nearly 71% of employees don’t believe their leaders are able to successfully lead the company.

82% believe they aren’t capable of meeting business goals, while 81% don’t think they invest enough in developing internal talent.


Leadership is fundamental for a company to succeed, although many businesses struggle with finding effective managers and leaders.

By focusing on diversity and training and reducing burnout, companies can foster a healthy working environment for all their employees.


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