75 Impressive Accenture Stats and Facts [Usage & Trend] 2024

Accenture is a global consulting firm in the Commercial and Professional Services Industry. They offer digital, cloud, and security services to other business professionals.

They were founded in 1989 and are currently headquartered in Dublin. They have been there since 2009.

General Accenture Stats and Facts 2024

  1. Accenture is part of the Fortune Global 500, Russel 1000 Index, and S&P 100
  2. Accenture has offices in more than 200 cities across 50 countries
  3. Julie Sweet is Accenture’s Chief Executive Officer
  4. Accenture’s Chief Financial Officer is KC McClure
  5. The Chief Operating Officer is Manish Sharma
  6. The biggest Accenture office in the US is in Chicago
  7. Accenture has 10 Innovation Hubs

Accenture User Statistics 2024

  1. Accenture has more than 7000 clients
  2. These clients span 120 countries
  3. 89 of the Fortune Global 100 companies use Accenture
  4. Three-quarters of Fortune 500 companies use Accenture

Accenture Usage Statistics 2024

  1. Accenture is used by Microsoft, Dell, and Siemens
  2. Accenture competes with SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and Workday
  3. Accenture partners with Google, Apple, and many others
  4. Accenture has services in artificial intelligence, blockchain, online offerings, robotics, and extended reality

Accenture Stats and Facts

Accenture Average Hire Stats 2024

  1. Accenture spends $250 million on training employees every quarter
  2. There are more than 850 Accenture jobs open with the word “consultant” in the description
  3. 60% of Accenture hires have graduated college

Accenture Employee Statistics 2024

  1. Accenture employs more than 710,000 people
  2. 10,000 employees are Accenture Leaders
  3. Employees stay with Accenture for an average of 4.7 years
  4. The average Accenture employee makes $90,800 annually

Accenture Diversity Statistics 

  1. 38% of Accenture employees are women
  2. 62% of Accenture employees are men
  3. 47% of Accenture employees are white
  4. 24% of Accenture employees are Asian
  5. 13% of Accenture employees are Hispanic or Latino
  6. 11% of Accenture employees are Black or African American
  7. 53% of Accenture employees are minorities
  8. 37% of Accenture executives are minorities
  9. 34% of Accenture employees speak Spanish
  10. 12% of Accenture employees speak French
  11. 8% of Accenture employees speak Mandarin
  12. 8% of Accenture employees speak Chinese
  13. 8% of Accenture employees speak German
  14. 5% of Accenture employees speak Portuguese
  15. 4% of Accenture employees speak Italian
  16. 4% of Accenture employees speak Japanese
  17. 3% of Accenture employees speak Hindi
  18. 2% of Accenture employees speak Russian
  19. 2% of Accenture employees speak Korean

Accenture Salary Statistics 2024

Accenture Salary Statistics

  1. A Senior Manager at Accenture makes roughly $176k annually
  2. A Senior Consultant at Accenture can make as much as $167k annually
  3. A Team Leader at Accenture makes roughly $136k annually
  4. A Strategy Consultant makes roughly $117k annually
  5. An Architect and Developer at Accenture makes roughly $117k annually
  6. A Solutions Architect at Accenture makes roughly $117k annually
  7. An Information Technology and Project manager makes roughly $103k annually
  8. A Business Consultant at Accenture makes roughly $110k annually
  9. A Management Consultant at Accenture makes roughly $100k annually
  10. An Associate Application Developer at Accenture makes roughly $100k annually
  11. A Senior Software Engineer at Accenture makes roughly $99k annually
  12. A Technology Consultant at Accenture makes roughly $98k annually
  13. A Quality Assurance Lead at Accenture makes roughly $95k annually
  14. A Consultant at Accenture makes roughly $92k annually
  15. A Lead Technician at Accenture makes roughly $91k annually
  16. A Business Analyst at Accenture makes roughly $85k annually
  17. A Database Administrator at Accenture makes roughly $84k annually
  18. A Management Consulting Analyst makes roughly $79k annually
  19. A Consultant Analyst at Accenture makes roughly $75k annually
  20. A Junior Consultant at Accenture makes roughly $75k annually

Accenture Cybersecurity Stats 2024

  1. The Forrester Wave ranked Accenture as a leader in European cybersecurity providers
  2. Accenture received the highest score in the Strategy category
  3. Accenture received the highest score possible in 14 of the 21 total criteria

Accenture Revenue Statistics 2024

  1. Accenture’s revenue in 2021 was $50.5 billion
  2. The region that brought Accenture the most revenue was the Americas in 2021
  3. North America accounted for $7.61 billion
  4. Europe accounted for $5.35 billion
  5. Accenture Song is projected to hit $14 billion in revenue for 2022
  6. All six of Accenture’s operating groups showed positive growth last year

Facts You Didn’t Know About Accenture 2024

  1. The Accenture stock price range over the last 52 weeks is 261.77-417.37
  2. Over the past five years, Accenture’s stock has outperformed the S&P 500
  3. Accenture has 8200 patents and patents pending worldwide
  4. The Accenture ransomware attack happened in 2021, but there was no overall impact on Accenture’s systems
  5. This was because the threat was identified immediately, and experts isolated it on Accenture’s servers

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How many employees does Accenture have?

Accenture boasts an impressive workforce of over 738,000 talented individuals spread across more than 120 countries, dedicated to serving their clients.

What percentage of the consulting field does Accenture make up?

Accenture is growing but does not have a significant percentage of the consulting field yet. The consulting field is currently dominated by McKinsey, Bain, and Boston Consulting Group.

Nevertheless, Accenture continues to climb and has a lot of valuable deep industry knowledge.

What percentage of applicants get accepted by Accenture?

Accenture does not provide this information. However, assumedly that between all of the open positions, if a candidate meets the minimum requirements, they will make it to at least the first interview.

Accenture’s careers page gives useful information to get started. Accenture also makes a point to respond to all candidates, regardless of acceptance status.

What is the average consultant bonus at Accenture?

The average consultant bonus at Accenture is $5k on average. This depends slightly on the consulting position.

Certain consultants may make anywhere from $6k to $8k in bonuses.

Additional pay that also includes commission, tips, and profit sharing can get up to $20k on average.

In which country does Accenture have the highest number of employees?

India has the most Accenture employees, totaling more than 130,000 employees. This is because India is the global IT hub, supporting countries all over the world.

After India, the Philippines has the most Accenture Employees.

Following them, the United States has the third most Accenture employees.


Accenture offers a lot of services in a lot of areas. They are seeing a lot of growth as of late due to their forward thinking.

They have much to compete with, but if they stay flexible, they will continue to grow.


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