20 Best Mommy Blogs and Bloggers [to Follow] in 2024

Having and raising children can be both incredibly rewarding and incredibly stressful. And as we all know, it takes a village to raise a child. Mommy bloggers and parenting blogs offer moms tips, support, and a healthy dose of perspective.

Think of these blogs as a sort of online parenting community — a place to go for information and plenty of supportive laughs.

What is a Mom Blog?

A mom blog is a type of blog written by mothers which typically features stories, advice, and experiences related to parenting, motherhood, and family life. Mom blogs often have a conversational style and provide support for other mothers.

Best Mommy Blogs and Bloggers 2024

If you’re looking for a roundup of great parenting blogs to read, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about our choices for the 20 best mommy blogs and bloggers to follow in 2021.

Each blog on the list has tons of fun, nicely developed, curated content busy moms can use to stay on top of the latest health, lifestyle, and fashion trends.

1. Honest Mum — Best Lifestyle and Parenting Mommy Blog

Honest Mum is the place to go for information about the latest lifestyle and parenting trends. Head here for tips any busy mom can use to help keep life under control — from fast, simple, and delicious recipes to reviews of sustainable fashion brands.

The blog is the brainchild of Vickey Broadbent — a mom who used to be a film and TV director. Broadbent makes regular appearances on national TV in the United Kingdom, and you can get more of her female-positive lifestyle advice in her bestselling book, Mumboss.

Mommy blog, Honest mom.

2. Fireflies & Mudpies — Best Arts and Crafts Site for Mommies

Fireflies & Mudpies offers busy moms activities they can use to keep even the youngest family members entertained. It has an extensive collection of craft projects and activities, and parents can even search for things to do by goal — choose between learning, nature, play, and sensory games.

Mommy blog, Fireflies & Mudpies.

The blog is run by Melissa — a busy mom with two boys and two dogs. She lives in Ohio and homeschools one of her children, giving her tons of experience in coming up with fun, affordable, educational games for kids.

You can find more Fireflies & Mudpies content on Facebook and Pinterest.

3. Mom Blog Society — Best Travel and Technology Mommy Blog

Mommy blog, Mom blog society.
The Mom Blog Society has a wonderful collection of articles and posts on a variety of topics, including traveling with kids, tech, and crafting. It also has a ton of information on entertainment trends and several useful product reviews.

Head to the Gift Guides page for treat-giving inspiration — holiday, baby shower, and Mothers’ Day guides are all available. And the site frequently has information about fun gift card giveaways and other ways to save money when shopping online.

You can also follow the Mom Blog Society on Twitter and Facebook.

4. Foster the Family — Best Mommy Blog About Adoption

Mommy blog, Foster the family.
Foster the Family focuses on issues faced by adoptive and foster families, but it also has several general parenting articles and posts relevant to non-adoptive families as well. The associated nonprofit has a number of pages with information and resources for potential and current adoptive and foster parents.

For tips on parenting in general, head straight to the informative podcast featuring real moms discussing the challenges of raising a family.

For the latest updates, make sure to subscribe to Foster the Family’s Instagram feed.

5. The Fashionable Housewife — Best Christian and Fashion Mommy Blog

Mommy blog. Fashionable housewife.
The Fashionable Housewife offers an extended selection of articles on faith, homeschooling, cooking, and, of course, fashion. The blog started out providing fashion tips for moms — but it’s expanded quite a bit since getting underway in 2005; now it’s the place to go for useful tips on just about everything from fitness to beauty.

The blog is published and edited by Sarah-Jean Ballard, a fashionable stay-at-home mom who homeschools her five children. She started the blog due to her firm belief that moms can be fashionable without having to spend a ton of money to look good.

Head to Facebook or YouTube for more tips from The Fashionable Housewife.

6. Pregnant Chicken — Best Expecting Mommy Blog

Mommy blog, Pregnant chicken.
Simply put, this blog is the place to go for everything you could ever need to know about pregnancy, delivery, newborn care, and more. The site has tons of articles and posts on topics ranging from getting pregnant to addressing postpartum issues and more.

Amy Morrison, a mom, and freelance graphic designer, is the mover and shaker behind the blog, which aims to “help keep pregnancy fun.” Morrison lives in Toronto with her two boys, husband, and two cats.

You can find tons of Pregnant Chicken content on YouTube and Pinterest.

7. Mamavation — Best Eco-Wellness Product Investigation Mommy Blog

Mommy blog, Mamavation.
Mamavation is dedicated to uncovering toxic chemicals in products families pretty much can’t live without — items such as clothing, personal care staples, cooking products, and more. The site even investigates children’s toys to determine whether or not they contain toxic chemicals that could be harmful to kids’ health.

Mamavation is the brainchild of Leah Segedie, a consumer activist with a passion for educating women about the health problems related to toxic chemicals in common everyday consumer products. Segedie was named “Mom of the Year” by Shape magazine.

For more of Mamavation’s great reviews, head to Facebook or Twitter.

8. Confessions of a Single Mum — Best Single Mommy Blog

Mommy blog, Confessions of a single mom.
Confessions of a Single Mum has tons of parenting tips specifically geared toward the challenges faced by single mothers. It features fun, super-fast, kid-friendly recipes as well as articles with practical dating advice for single parents. There’s even a section with tips stay-at-home moms can use to get started blogging.

The blog, run by Kairen Varker, has been addressing the struggles of parenting alone since 2008. Varker started the blog, in part, to address her frustrations with the negative societal assumptions she faced when raising her two children after a divorce.

You can keep up with Kairen Varker on Pinterest and Twitter.

9. Marcie in Mommyland — Best Mommy Travel Blog

Mommy blog, Marcie Mommyland.
Marcie in Mommyland offers a cornucopia of articles about traveling and traveling with kids. It’s geared towards moms in Seattle, Washington, who enjoy packing up and heading out to discover new destinations with their kids. Explore posts by destination to find fun kid-friendly destinations to get lost in.

Marcie, the site’s founder, started the blog to provide fellow moms with tips for traveling with toddlers. Head here for information on domestic and international destinations and kid-friendly itineraries once you get there.

You can follow Marcie in Mommyland on Facebook and Pinterest.

10. Pinot Parenting — Best Realistic Parenting Mommy Blog

Mommy blog, Pinot parenting.
Pinot Parenting isn’t, contrary to its title, all about parenting while drinking — rather, it’s a blog dedicated to realistically depicting and addressing the challenges of raising a family, warts and all. The blog is best thought of as a series of posts that detail the daily lives of the “Pinot” family — a mom, a dad, and their five kids.

Both mom and dad regularly post, sharing their thoughts on life in old-style blog fashion as well as parenting tips.

For more Pinot Parenting content, head over to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

11. Micala Quinn — Best Blog for Freelancing Moms

Mommy blog, Micala queen.
Micala Quinn’s blog offers stay-at-home moms tons of information about freelancing and working from home. The site has several articles with tips to help you get started with your online business and posts celebrating moms who’re crushing the work/life balance dance thanks to freelancing.

Micala Quinn, a former high school English teacher, is the woman responsible for the blog. She offers an online program to help moms transition to freelance work —modules cover just about everything from branding to setting prices.

Get more tips and ideas from Michala Quinn by heading to Facebook or Pinterest.

12. Kars4Kids — Best Mommy Blog for Kids with Disabilities and Differences

Mommy blog, Kars4Kids.
Kars4Kids offers parents a nice roundup of information on parenting, health, safety, and education. It also has an extended collection of articles discussing the challenges of raising differently-abled children.

The blog is run by the Kars4Kids nonprofit — the organization uses money earned from repurposing and selling donated vehicles to support youth education and mentorship programs throughout the United States.

Follow or friend Kars4Kids on Facebook or Instagram if you can’t get enough of this great content.

13. Sleeping Should Be Easy — Best Basic Parenting Blog for Mommies

Mommy blog, Sleeping should be easy.
Sleeping Should Be Easy is the place to go to find tons of informative parenting articles. The site makes it super easy to locate posts by developmental stage and age, so you can quickly find the articles most relevant to your situation.

The site is run by Nina Garcia— a mom with three children who’s been married for over 10 years. She began the blog back in 2010 to keep track of her parenting experiences and over the years, it has become a trusted source of parenting inspiration for moms everywhere. Several of Garcia’s parenting books — including, Are

You Enough, Same Side Discipline, and more— are available for sale on the site.

You can also find Sleeping Should Be Easy on Facebook and Twitter.

14. The Purposeful Nest — Best Blog Homeschooling Mommy Blog

Mommy blog, The purposeful nest.
The Purposeful Nest is a fantastic resource for homeschooling families. It offers curriculum and book reviews to help homeschooling parents evaluate available educational options. And there’s even a lifestyle section with fun DIY tips and travel guides.

The site also has healthy, kid-friendly recipes and several free educational printouts. Ashley, a stay-at-home mom who used to be a police officer, developed the blog as a place to write about her family’s activities.

Head to Facebook or Twitter for more parenting tips and tricks from The Purposeful Nest.

15. The Military Wife and Mom — Best Military and Parenting Mommy Blog

Mommy blog, Military wife.
If you have any questions about raising children while in the military or married to someone who is, look no further than The Military Wife and Mom. From pre-deployment financial checklists to tips on getting kids on a schedule, the site’s articles bring together just about everything you need to know about facing the challenges of raising kids when at least one partner works for a branch of the armed services.

Lauren Tamm, a wife of an active-duty Marine and mother of two children, runs the blog. She enjoys sharing tips that help readers create real solutions to the challenges faced by military families.

There’s more The Military Wife and Mom content on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

16. Tech Savvy Mama — Best Mommy Tech Blog

Mommy blog, TechSavvy mom.
Tech Savvy Mama is the place to go for reviews of the latest in tech and parenting. It offers several articles covering topics ranging from how to supervise tweens using YouTube to internet safety tips. There’s even a lifestyle section packed full of travel and parenting tips.

Leticia Barr, the mom behind the blog, is a middle school teacher who has a passion for everything tech (and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Tufts University). She’s been blogging as the “Tech Savvy Mama” since 2008.

Looking for more Tech Savvy mamas? — Give Leticia Barr’s YouTube channel a try.

17. Sophie-sticated Mom — Best Lifestyle Mommy Blog

Mommy blog. Sophie.
Sophie-sticated Mom offers informative articles on topics ranging from beauty to relationships, including tips for singles as well as married couples. The site really shines on the lifestyle front, bringing readers posts on topics such as how to be a good girlfriend and spirituality.

Sophia Reed is the woman behind the blog — she’s a single mom who just happens to have a Ph.D. in Human Development and a vibrant singing career.

If you can’t get enough Sophie-sitcated Mom content, there’s plenty for you to explore on Instagram.

18. DivorcedMoms — Best Blog for Divorced Mommies

Mommy blog, Divorced moms.
DivorcedMoms offers several informative articles on a variety of issues often faced by divorcing moms — the site has a section dedicated to explaining the divorce process and another with tips for effectively navigating changing family relationships.

DivorcedMoms is best thought of as a community of sorts — an online space for women to share experiences and learn factual information about divorce. Check out the Video section for a nice selection of content full of important basic information critical to know if you’re thinking about separating from your spouse.

For more DivorcedMom’s posts head to Facebook or YouTube.

19. Awesomism Mom — Best Autism Mommy Blog

Mommy blog, Awesomism.
Awesomism Mom brings together tons of information for parents of children on the autism spectrum. It offers articles discussing topics ranging from dealing with anxiety to self-care. There’s even a free email list you can sign up for to have informative posts about autism delivered right to your inbox.

The blog is the brainchild of Lynne — a mom of four, including one autistic son. Twinkl, an online educational resource, named Awesomism Mom one of the top autism blogs of 2020.

For more information about autism, homeschooling, and more, subscribe to Awesomism Mom’s YouTube channel or tune into the podcast.

20. Real Housemoms — Best Lifestyle and Cooking Mommy Blog

Mommy blog, Real housemoms.
Real Housemoms is the place to go for kid-friendly recipes that even the most sophisticated adult palates will enjoy. You can search for individual recipes or download curated weekly meal plans. There’s also a fun lifestyle section with articles on a range of themes, including fashion, health, and crafting.

Aubrey Cota founded the blog back in 2012 with the goal of bringing her readers quick and easy delicious recipes perfect for family dinners.

Real Housemoms content is also available on Instagram and Facebook.

21. Product Review Mom— Best Mommy Product Review Blog

Mommy blog, Product Review mom.
Product Review Mom regularly publishes articles with reviews of popular products as well as blog posts full of information about money-saving deals. You can also find suggestions for making money online. For gift-giving inspiration, check out the Gift Guide section of the site.

Lou Martin, mom of two, started the blog back in 2012 — and her project has been going strong since then. The site was named one of the Top 100 Product Review Blogs of 2020 by the experts at Feedspot.

You can get more Product Review Mom content on YouTube or Twitter.

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