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When creating content for a lifestyle blog, you may run into some walls. What kind of writing should be included in your lifestyle blog?

If you seek to populate your lifestyle blog with quality content that will drive loyal readers to your site, you’ll need to write about topics considered helpful to your audience. In this article, we’ll discuss what you write about in a lifestyle blog.

Lifestyle blogging is one of the more open-ended and flexible types of blogging out there. That means it’s accessible for writers and freelancers of all experience and interest levels. 

One of the key aspects of successful lifestyle blogging is regular content updates- which means lifestyle bloggers spend a lot of time writing and creating content for their blogs. So how do they choose what to write about, and what kinds of topics are most likely to generate traffic on their site?

Lifestyle blogging consists of a variety of niches and categories. There are fitness and nutrition blogs, workout blogs, recipe blogs, beauty blogs, fashion blogs, music and culture, celebrity and gossip, home decor, and design.

D.I.Y., parenting, religion, health and wellbeing, and subculture-focused blogs, along with dozens of other topics and focuses, and various combinations of topics as well. 

This broad range of categories is part of what makes lifestyle blogging so uniquely flexible. It can appeal to readers of so many variations and types- and thanks to the medium of the internet and social media- no matter your lifestyle blog’s topic.

There will be readers who share in your interests. Lifestyle blogging is about curating content, editorializing, and sharing the blogger’s lifestyle, personal views, and interests. 

However, for a lifestyle blogger to achieve profitable feedback and gain a broad viewership, they will need to share their content and viewpoint while considering some basic blogging strategies. 

What Do You Write in a Lifestyle Blog?

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The first rule of successful lifestyle blog content creation is to create useful content to the reader.

How do we determine what qualifies as helpful content?

  1. It answers a common question.
  2. It solves a problem.
  3. It inspires.
  4. It presents a new idea.
  5. It provides value.

Let’s get into these ideas in a bit more detail.

It answers a common question

Lifestyle bloggers benefit from having a large audience of consistent and loyal readers.

In order to continue to drive traffic to a lifestyle blog, the blogger (or person writing an article for a particular blog) will need to know about the target audience and what kinds of questions the people in that group would like answers to. 

Searching frequently asked questions, topics of discussion, and so on sites like Reddit, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, and the like will point the author in the right direction. Another trick? Use Google. 

On Google, while typing in a question or search term (perhaps a topic that is being considered for an article), at the bottom of the page will be a selection of related searches. Using this information to help refine the article’s topic or as a jumping-off point for further research is a smart idea.

While being useful to readers, answering questions and addressing topics frequently encountered within that niche is also a way to drive traffic to the site by increasing the likelihood of appearing in searches. 

It solves a problem

A lifestyle blogger has chosen parenting and family to be the focus of their blog. They have decided to cloth diaper their infant and share content about the ups and downs of cloth diapering.

They encounter a major sticking point that makes cloth diapering more difficult for them but eventually comes across the solution. 

This is an example of an ideal topic for content on their blog. Sharing the solution. Readers who have also chosen cloth diapers may experience the same pitfalls and need a solution. As a personal blogger, by using personal stories to relate solutions for problems is peak lifestyle blogging material.

Not only will an article like this engage loyal readers and invite discussion, it may also attract new visitors to the site who are researching solutions to that same problem.

Defining your topic and niche and designing content around problems commonly found within that niche will lead to high-quality content.

While this is a specific example, the concept holds true across niches and categories.

It inspires

One of the most useful tools for driving traffic to lifestyle blogs is creating aspirational content. 

A quick browse through almost any social media platform will make clear just how much inspirational and aspirational content is out there. In fact, social media and virtual pinboard site Pinterest are entirely built around the idea that readers like to look at and read about topics that inspire them. 

Inspire readers to organize, take a vacation, save money, develop their careers, start meditating, do D.I.Y. some old furniture, eat healthier- whatever the niche and source, inspirational topics and content abound. 

Savvy lifestyle bloggers will include inspirational content among the articles they write to generate views and inspire their loyal readers. Seeking inspiration for engaging content? 20 lifestyle blogs is a great collection for aspiring lifestyle bloggers to immerse themselves in head-on.

The best of the best blogging talent in the lifestyle genre are featured here. Review their sites and see what resonates with you and what doesn’t. Happy browsing.

It presents a new idea

Much like content that offers solutions to common problems, content that introduces a new concept is excellent at engaging readers and increasing traffic because it grabs the reader’s interest. 

A new way of saving money while traveling, a new way to maximize the green lifestyle readers are attempting- whatever the subject, presenting a new and interesting idea is one way that lifestyle bloggers provide high-quality content to their readers. 

It provides value

This concept is key. Lifestyle blogging is a business, and businesses need to provide value to their customers. There are many ways to provide content that is valuable to the reader.

Lifestyle bloggers who write about food can provide value through sharing with their readers ways to stick to their specific diets while spending less; multiple ways to utilize the same ingredients in creative ways so as not to waste; simple seasoning combinations that add flavor and value.

Lifestyle bloggers who write about fashion may provide value by suggesting lower budget versions of the latest designer trends, offering discounts through affiliate links, or showing how to upcycle pieces from previous seasons, thrift store staples, and so on.

However the writer approaches it, the key is to provide information or ideas that are of value to those reading.

Consider approaching traditional topics from a variety of angles in order to provide value to readers.

While most diet and weight loss blogs cover common topics, like diet plans and workouts, incorporating content that is specific to parents with young children or those with limited time to cook or work out provides specific added value.

What Do You Write in a Lifestyle Blog

Useful content being the foremost ingredient in a successful blog, what else are essential factors to a popular lifestyle blog?

Consistency is a major component in lifestyle blogging. Frequent content updates on a variety of related topics will drive more traffic and make sure a blog generates and maintains readership while increasing relevance within its chosen niche.

One way to do that? Content planning. Lifestyle blogs have the unique benefit of being able to cover almost any topic and incorporate their niche.

Therefore, lifestyle bloggers should be planning to post content regularly, and if the well of topics begins to run dry, there are a variety of ways to get inspired.

One way is to utilize calendars with themed days- whether it’s National Ice Cream Day, National Hug Day, National Cat Lover’s Month, or similar.

There are a wealth of themes to choose from to point writers in the right direction and get the creative juices flowing while also engaging in popular topics and discussions across social media platforms.

Successful lifestyle bloggers write about topics that they can easily share and promote. Learn to become an authority in your niche with this informative guide on how to start a blog.

You will also learn the importance of taking SEO keywords into consideration when writing articles and creating blog titles and topics without doing too much to risk diluting the content. 

Some websites and blogs will overstuff their content and articles with search engine optimization keywords, leading to content that sounds stiff and unnatural, provides little value, but may rank higher in searches.

This kind of content tends to generate bounces or clicks onto a website where the reader quickly navigates away from the site after seeing the lack of legitimate information to be found.

Successful lifestyle bloggers write content with promotion, relevancy, and viewers in mind without trying to stuff their content with buzzwords and force SEO optimization.

Final Words

Even if you’ve been blogging for a while now, you will still gain plenty of useful information on how to improve your content and site metrics.

Real and authentic content will ultimately perform better and generate loyal readerships, refine your brand partnerships, and success on other metrics.


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