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Apple inc is one of the most successful brands in the world. In 2021, Apple earned $365.8 billion in revenue.

Part of its success is due to Apple’s Mission statement which gives them a clear focus.

In this article, we will look at Apple’s mission statement and Apple’s vision statement and how they contribute to its success.

Apple’s Mission Statement

Apple mission statement at the moment is “to bring the best user experience to its customers through its innovative computer hardware, computer software, and services.”

Apple inc often updates its mission statement.

Apple’s mission statement at the moment is “to bring the best user experience to its customers through its innovative computer hardware, computer software, and services.”

This is a very detailed mission statement. However, how does the mission statement relate to the success of the brand and what does it mean?

Let’s analyze what it all means.

Analysis of Apple’s Mission Statement

Apple’s mission statement, like all good mission statements, can be broken into three elements: what, who, and how.

Apple’s mission statement, like all good mission statements, can be broken into three elements: what, who, and how.

So considering these three elements, here is an analysis of Apple’s mission statement.

What Apple Inc Does

The first thing to note is that the mission statement clearly states what the main purpose of the company is: to deliver the ‘best user experience’.

This means they want their main audience to enjoy the interactions they have with the brand.

This has been proven through many aspects of their business. Their technology is often held up as one of the best in the industry.

When there is a new product or an upgrade, consumers will often queue, sometimes overnight, to get their hands on the product as it is released.

Apple’s website is one of the best for demonstrating how the product design can be translated into marketing output.

The clean, graceful design continues on the platform, perfectly aligning with the other output of the brand.

Who Does Apple Inc Serve

The next part of Apple’s mission statement is related to who they serve. In their words, the service ‘customers’ refers to general consumers and distances it from business clients and not-for-profit organizations.

Because they have this focus, they can build strong loyalty. Research has shown that iPhone consumers are some of the most loyal with 90% never choosing another product.

This is one of the reasons why Apple performs so well.

How Does Apple Inc Do This

The next part of the mission statement is about how Apple inc delivers on its promise. In this part the important thing is innovation.

This means that Apple wants to be the brand that delivers new products and technologies to the market. They also want to be at the forefront of trends.

This is clear to see in both their designs and the way that they deliver services.

Apple has several services that have been at the forefront of technology like Apple Podcasts, Apple TV, Apple App store, and more.

The technology used within the Apple products is also some of the most advanced. And the designs are always trend-setting with many brands looking to imitate the designs that Apple uses.

A few good examples of this include the Samsung S i9000 and the Dell XPS 15z.

Apple Vision Statement

In addition to Apple’s mission statement, there is also the Apple vision statement. The mission statement is about the way that the brand will deliver on a promise.

In addition to Apple’s mission statement, there is also the Apple vision statement. The mission statement is about the way that the brand will deliver on a promise.

The vision statement is more of an inspirational statement about the brand’s goal.

Apple’s vision statement is:

“We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products and that’s not changing. We are here to make the best products on earth, and to leave the world better than we found it.”

Analysis of Apple’s Vision Statement

Apple’s vision statement is very bold and inspiring.

But let’s analyze the statement to see how Apple matches what it says, to its activities.

The Best Products on Earth

One of the things that’s very clear from the vision statement is that Apple inc doesn’t want to just deliver good products that will satisfy customers. They’re looking to deliver products that are the best.

This is very inspiring.

They’re setting themselves with a high target, but one that has a clear objective. To be the best, they cannot settle for anything less than perfect and excellent.

Apple is known to delay products when the product has not reached their potential. For instance, the Apple iPhone 12 was delayed because of development problems.

For some brands that means that there is something that doesn’t work. For Apple, that could just mean that leadership teams were just unhappy that it wasn’t at those high standards.

This practice has helped the brand cement its reputation. When you’re buying Apple products, you know that they’re going to work well.

You know you’re going to be happy with the purchase. As a result, Apple has been able to command a higher price for the product, especially when you compare similar products on the market with other producers.

This part of the statement is also stating that Apple doesn’t want to lose this position. It plans on continuing to be a great innovator and delivering products that are considered the best in the industry.

Leaving the World a Better Place

One part of the vision statement is very interesting. It states that the company wants to leave the planet a better place.

This is again a commitment to excellent products and services that are going to make a difference.

This indicates that they don’t want to settle for the status quo. Every product or service that they produce must add something. It must improve the lives of its consumers, it must make the world a better place to live in.

This statement is vital. In many cases, brands can come and go without any impact on the world. A competitor can quickly enter the marketplace and take its place. However, with Apple, this would be very hard to do.

There are several ways that this has been done.

This includes:

Changing How We Use Technology

One of the first things that Apple has done is change how we use technology. From creating new phones that are becoming a larger part of our every day, with more features and uses that make them more integrated into every task, to more powerful computers.

One of the biggest impacts is changing how we use computers. Computers have become one of the biggest aspects of life, with them being a major part of how we work, play, and shop.

Apple has created new technology to help us complete these tasks easier and dominated those segments with ease.

Connecting those Without Access

Another key benefit of Apple is its part in offering technology to those who have not had access to technology in the past. By partnering with not-for-profits and voluntary organizations, they’ve been able to bring technology to a wider audience, allowing them to benefit from the innovations that they’ve developed. This is literally, improving the world.

This has had two benefits.

Number one is that it has helped underdeveloped communities to catch up with more affluent communities. In addition, they’ve been able to build brand loyalty.

Therefore, when these communities are looking to buy their own equipment, they’re going to know and understand Apple technology and be more likely to purchase that equipment.

Adding Connections

Another factor is that Apple is creating connections between audiences. The Apple app store is there to connect developers or apps and games to their core users.

Another factor is that Apple is creating connections between audiences. The Apple app store is there to connect developers or apps and games to their core users.

The Apple Music store helps listeners to get access to their favorite artist’s tunes with ease as well as connect with upcoming new bands. And those on Apple Podcasts can reach larger audiences with ease.

In addition, Apple connects audiences across the world through shared software and hardware. This makes audiences feel more connected and aligned.

Apple Core Values

Part of the success of Apple is that it has core values.

These core values have changed under Steve Jobs and Tim Cook.

Here is a look at the core values under these two leaders of Apple.

Steve Jobs’s Core Values

Steve Jobs had several core values that he wanted Apple inc to follow.

These are as followed:

  • One person, one computer – This references that people should feel that Apple’s computer systems should be the only computer they need.
  • We are going for it and we will set aggressive goals – Steve Jobs wanted Apple to pursue its goals and development without holding back.
  • We are all on the adventure together – This is about the company being inclusive, that everyone who works in the company and those who buy the products is on a journey as one community.
  • We build products we believe in – Steve Jobs wanted products to be delivered that had no question about their success or what they were able to deliver.
  • We are here to make a positive difference in society, as well as make a profit – While profit is important, Steve Jobs wanted to ensure that the company made a positive impact on communities and groups.
  • Each person is important; each has the opportunity and the obligation to make a difference – Everyone in the company and the consumers can have an opinion and this opinion should be put forward to ensure that products/services are the best.
  • We are all in it together, win or lose – Everyone in the business is responsible for the success/failure of any enterprise undertaken by Apple.
  • We are enthusiastic – Apple employees and the company should be excited by the developments they produce.
  • We are creative; we set the pace – This is clearly setting the innovation aspect.
  • We want everyone to enjoy the adventure we are on together – Customers should enjoy the products that are being developed.
  • We care about what we do – Apple employees should show that they are empathetic to the experiences of the consumer.
  • We want to create an environment in which Apple values flourish – Apple wants to create the community and society that will allow it to grow and succeed.

7 Core Values of Apple under Tim Cook

Under Tim Cook, the core values were reduced down to just seven core values.

  • We believe that we’re on the face of the Earth to make great products – This speaks about wanting to be innovative products and services that consumers enjoy.
  • We believe in the simple, not the complex – Sometimes simple is better than complex.
  • We believe that we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the products we make – Tim Cook explores the idea of Apple being the core developer of new technology and not relying on the development of hardware/software from third parties.
  • We participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution – Apple should be in markets where they don’t have the expertise/knowledge that they can’t make a difference within.
  • We believe in saying no to thousands of projects so that we can really focus on the few that are truly important and meaningful to us – Apple wants to focus its activities on core projects that it knows it can deliver well on.
  • We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our groups, which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot – This talks about development teams collaborating to develop products that are more innovative and can touch upon numerous areas of the consumer’s life.
  • We don’t settle for anything less than excellence in every group in the company, and we have the self-honesty to admit when we’re wrong and the courage to change – This is about developing products that are the best in the world.


Here are some quick FAQs about the mission statement that you can use for your business.

What is the best way to develop a mission statement?

A mission statement should have three elements: what, who, and how.

This is what you do, who you serve, and how you do this.

Using this strategy allows you to create a one-sentence mission statement that is easily understood.

Can you copy a mission statement from another brand?

Mission statements should always be unique to your brand. Otherwise, it is not a mission about your brand, but rather a generic sentence that might not be about your brand at all or relevant to your activities/audience.

How long should a mission statement be?

A mission statement should be about one sentence long. It can be anywhere between 20 and 35 words.

The shorter the better as these are often easier to understand for audiences.


Apple’s mission statement is one of the best. Understanding what it means and how it applies to the business is really important.

It can help you to develop your own mission statement that can move your brand to success.


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