16 Interesting Google Classroom Stats 2024 [Facts & Trends]

Google hosts a range of office and educational applications such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, and now Google Classroom.

This online, digital educational space became depended upon by millions of teachers during the global pandemic of 2020-23.

General Google Classroom Stats And Facts 2024

Google Classroom is being used by a monumental number of teachers and students all around the globe, but what is it, and is it any good?

And what’s the information surrounding it?

Let’s look at a range of general Google Classroom stats and facts:

  1. Google Classroom was initially announced way back in 2014
  2. Google Classroom utilizes a range of other Google apps in one handy program, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Gmail, and Google Calendar
  3. Students need a “class code” to join their classmates in their online Google Classroom (though they can also be imported directly into Google Classroom by their institutions)
  4. Teachers can monitor their student’s progress by reviewing the revision histories of the assignments and documents they upload to Google Classroom
  5. After they’ve graded the online assignments, teachers can also use Google Classroom to return work to their students along with digital comments and grades
  6. In 2017, it became possible for any personal Google user to create and teach a class
  7. In 2020, Google Classroom became available in 10 additional languages
  8. Student View on Google Classroom is different from Teacher View: both parties have different user experiences
  9. All ‘attachments’ in Google Classroom actually link to documents uploaded to and loaded from Google Drive instead

Google Classroom Usage Stats 2024

Google Classroom became not just innovative but in many scenarios, necessary back in 2020 with the globally-felt impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, its usage statistics soared.

Let’s take a dive into some interesting Google Classroom stats to do with usage:

  1. As of 2021, approximately 150 million users use Google Classroom worldwide, an increase of almost 100% from 2019
  2. K–12, from kindergarten to 12th grade, schools in the US are some of the most likely to employ Google Classroom in their teaching packages
  3. 15 million primary- and secondary school students in the United States used Google Classroom back in 2017. In accordance with Google Classroom’s boom in usage numbers, the number of primary- and secondary school students using the suite in 2022 is likely closer to 30-35 million
  4. Last January 2022, Google Classroom recorded its largest-ever number of monthly downloads, at over 600,000 downloads in just one month

Google Classroom Stats And Facts

The entire Google suite of office and educational apps and programs is growing in popularity year after year, but what does the future of Google Classroom look like?

Let’s find out:

  1. Use of Google Classroom around the world doubled during the global lockdowns precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. The trend toward the digital sphere suggests that applications and online environments for the dispensation of education shall only increase in both popularity and net worth in the coming years
  3. Digital platform literacy is becoming more and more a prerequisite not just for the student (who, being young, will often take to this) but also for the teacher. The rise of Google Classroom only accelerates this

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What percentage of teachers use Google Classroom?

It’s impossible to tell what percentage of teachers use Google Classroom, not least because this figure changes almost daily in today’s hyper-digitized society.

However, if 150,000,000 students currently use the app, and the average global class size is 24.1 students, then we can calculate that about 6.2 million teachers worldwide use Google Classroom.

How many US schools use Google Classroom?

In 2017, it was calculated that around 15 million US students used Google Classroom.

The average school size in America is 526 students, meaning around 28,500 US schools used Google Classroom in 2017. Based on the reported growth of Google Classroom usage, we’d estimate this number to be closer to 60,000 today.

How many stars does Google Classroom have?

On the Apple App Store, Google Classroom has 1.5/5 stars. On the Google Play Store, it has 2.6/5 stars. This means the average rating for Google Classroom is just 2/5 stars.

Users (mostly students) feel the program is unnecessary and full of bugs, making it unenjoyable and frustrating to use.


Google Classroom has exploded in recent years, spurred on by its adoption as a learning management system during the pandemic.

Its user numbers doubled during 2019-20.

However, students rate it just 2/5 stars and critique its effectiveness and necessity.


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