Social Champ: Product Review & Pricing [2021]

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Table of Contents

Social Champ is an automation tool for social media management and content scheduling. The tool can be used by just about anyone who wants to streamline their social media operations. Everything from scheduling posts across a multitude of social channels, to creating performance reports can be done through the comprehensive platform dashboard.

The tool is ideal for anyone looking to manage a social media strategy without spending all day on the job. If you need a single platform for managing LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest all in one place, look no further than Social Champ.

Social Champ Features

While some social media schedulers have limited features, there is an abundance of cool and helpful tools on the Social Champ platform.

Below are just a few of our favorite features and what each can actually do.

Content Suggestions

No matter how good you are at scheduling content for different channels, there will still come a time when you are stuck for ideas.

This is where Social Champ’s Suggestion tab comes in.

The Suggestions section can provide a little inspiration when you find yourself in a rut. This particular feature sets the platform apart from tools such as Hootsuite or other Hootsuite Alternatives. You can set up your own content sources, or use those suggested by the tool to find the most recent and relevant articles for your topic.

You can also choose the country the content should be sourced from.

If you have competitors who share similar content, or know other sites you’d like to source content ideas from, you can add them with the ‘+Add RSS Link’ button.

It’s worth mentioning that although the Suggestion section is great for inspiration, you’ll need to narrow down your search options to get valuable content to share or replicate. For example, in the above picture, we wanted content for a gluten-free profile. Without narrowing down the search term to be more specific to the content you’re looking for, you can easily be offered a broad range of topics that aren’t necessarily relevant to your niche.

Content Composer & Social Media Scheduling

The Content Composer is where you create content for each channel. The dashboard is super easy to navigate and gives you the option to publish as many as 25 profiles in one go.

As we all know, LinkedIn audiences will have a different tone of voice to those on Instagram, so by clicking ‘Customize for each network’, Social Champ splits your composer into two so you can change the text or images per channel.

On calendar view, you can see where and when all your posts will be published. You can also integrate different clients into a single workspace so you can monitor everything you’ve scheduled for each business or brand you work for.

Unfortunately, in order to schedule posts for personal Instagram accounts, you need to download the Social Champ app and turn on push notifications. This is one downside to the tool, as there are now several platforms that can automatically schedule uploads to Instagram, without requiring you to post manually.

This can be a bit annoying for social media managers who need content publishing in the evenings or weekends, as although you’re not at work, you’ll still be responsible for heading into the app and uploading things.

To save even more time, Social Champ offers a ‘bulk upload’ option, where you can upload a stream of posts in one fellow sweep using a .csv file.

Recycle Content

If you have a collection of content that you want to share multiple times, the ‘Recycle Content’ section is a useful tool for this. You can create collections you’d like to reuse and schedule these as a campaign with just a few clicks. This is ideal for those trying to improve their clickthrough rates or engagement on certain posts or blogs.

Auto-post RSS Feeds

The Auto-post RSS Feed allows you to automatically post content from relevant sites, whenever there’s something new available.

This is particularly helpful if you’re managing the social feeds of a blog or website that publishes vast amounts of content every day.

You can choose how frequently new content will post across a certain duration of time, and even choose whether to include the original images.

Alternatively, you could add the RSS link for a popular news website or other relevant sites that you don’t own, to work as filler in between your own original content.

Team Collaboration

SocialChamp also allows multiple team members to work on campaigns, collections, and calendars together. Managers can assign different roles to different team members, such as ‘editor’ or ‘author’ so that everyone can keep track of who is writing what.

You also have the option for certain posts to require approval before publishing – making it ideal to use as a training tool for new staff.

Monitoring Analytics

Alongside publishing and scheduling content to a variety of social media channels, Social Champ also provides an analytics section to give you an overview of your recent posts and engagement, as well as reports on your follower count.

There are also deeper analytics available, including sentiment analysis. Within the tool, you can monitor how your content is coming across – whether it’s positive or negative – and even download reports on how your followers see your account. By tracking your reputation, you can make changes to your social media strategy and create more meaningful and positive relationships for your clients.

While the tool offers several analytical reports, there is no option to customize or create your own reports. The software is very much an “out of the box” software, which means data mining can only go so far.

It’s also worth mentioning that due to API restrictions, analytics aren’t available for LinkedIn profiles or private Instagram accounts.


Social Champ is currently in the Beta phase of launching a new feature called Engage. Here you’ll be able to manage DMs and comments from your social accounts in a single dashboard – once again saving you a bunch of time and energy.


  • Perfect for a streamlined, efficient workload

Social Champ puts all your social media management jobs into one streamlined tool. Rather than having to work in each individual social media channel, all your posts, data and scheduling can be one within a single dashboard. With this, the tool will save you tonnes of time and make everything easier to keep track of.

  • You can add a huge number of social media profiles

What we found particularly good about Social Champ is the number of profiles you can add to a single account. Even in the free trial, you have the option to add a massive 25 different profiles and manage all of them within the tool.

The option to add channels for different purposes is also really helpful. For example, you can add a LinkedIn profile and a business page, or a Facebook page as well as Facebook groups. This variety of options makes managing viral content super easy and works as a helpful reminder to make sure you are posting across every possible channel.

  • Repeat Content

One feature that’s pretty unique to Social Champ is the repeat content feature. You might want to ensure specific posts are reaching as many people as possible and instead of going in, copying the same tweet, or sharing a Facebook post, you can actually get the tool to do all of this for you. The platform is a great of a ‘one click and done’ approach to engagement – giving you plenty more time to focus on other projects.

  • Content Suggestions

We really like the Content Suggestion feature, which helps ensure you’re up to date with the latest news in your niche. Filing social media channels with relevant content can be pretty difficult at times, and rather than having to simply rely on yourself and a quick Google search, Social Champ will do that for you.

  • Teamwork makes the dreamwork

The tool is great for training new staff. A single account allows you to add different members to your team so that everyone can work together. As we all become more flexible and open to remote working, this can help save time and keep everyone on the same page, even when not in the office together.


  • Features aren’t available for all social channels

One thing that would make the tool significantly better is the availability of features for every channel. Analytics aren’t available for LinkedIn, while there are several features that don’t work for personal Instagram profiles. If Social Champ were able to make all the features available for every channel, it would make management even easier. At current, you’ll still need to go into several social media channels for analytics, to get the whole picture.

  • No access to stories or IGTV

While social media channels have updated with new features, Social Champ hasn’t necessarily kept in line. There’s no option to schedule or upload Instagram stories or IGTV videos within the app. This would be a welcomed addition to any new software updates.

  • More suggestions

While the content suggestion feature really sets the tool apart from its competitors, they could take it a step further and offer relevant hashtag suggestions, as well as more advanced timing suggestions. As a social media manager, you’ll likely know the best and worst times to post, but as a beginner, it’s nice to have expert advice.

And, as hashtag popularity is always changing, if the app could provide suggestions on the best ones to use at the time, this would help managers optimize their content for the ever-changing online audience.

  • Very little room for customization

Social Champ is a one-size-fits-all, out-of-the-box tool that offers very little customization. You cannot create deeper and more specific analytical reports, meaning you’ll likely need an additional tool. Similarly, there is no option to create a personalized dashboard with widgets showing the most important data and content. This would help social media managers get a quick overview of their results without having to click into different tabs.

Would we try Social Champ again?

Combining how many profiles can be added, and the huge number of helpful tools, we would definitely consider investing in Social Champ. Some of the features are too cool and unique to miss out on and will save you so much time in the long run.

That said, there are several improvements the company could make in order to keep up with the latest updates made by social media channels. Things like analytics for LinkedIn or the ability to schedule and post Instagram stories would make this tool pretty much perfect.

Social Champ Pricing Plans

One final benefit of the Social Champ tool is that it’s actually pretty affordable. Whether you’re a small agency or a large business, there’s a package to fit all budgets and requirements.

Subscriptions are slightly cheaper when billed annually, but if you want to pay on a monthly basis, this option is also available.

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