How to Monitor Backlinks Effectively: [2023] Complete Guide

With the forever-growing expansion of content in the online world, it has become imperative to learn how to monitor backlinks. This is to ensure that what you are putting out is not disappearing into the rabbit hole of the Internet.

Hence, companies employ several SEO strategies to ensure visibility for their work on different search engines. One way they achieve this is through the addition of backlinks.

Your website will receive a better ranking in search engines and acquire more traffic if you increase the number of backlinks in your content. Nevertheless, not every backlink you use will help you, and employing the wrong ones can have some serious adverse effects!

Therefore, it is crucial to know how to monitor backlinks to your site. Since it is difficult to check them all manually, you can use backlinks monitoring by Linkchecker Pro to help you out and, in turn, maintain your ranking.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are “highlighted” links on a website that refer the user to a page on another blog or website. The more sites that link to your website, the higher you rank in the search engine.

The easiest way to conceptualize backlinks is to think of them as votes. A backlink to a page is essentially another website endorsing the information provided on that page.

Hence, they are considered a major metric for page ranking.

Why Is It Important to Know How to Monitor SEO Backlinks 2024?

If you include backlinks from trustworthy sources, your website’s ranking in the search engine improves. However, employing links from spam-filled or dubious websites could end badly for you.

Thus, understanding how to monitor backlinks is very important. You should track your SEO backlinks for the following reasons:

  • Poor links have the potential to get your website de-indexed.
  • You can obtain penalties from search engines that would damage your SEO rating.
  • Your rivals may use black hat SEO to drop your ranking.
  • Bad user feedback and complaints may result in a low rating for the website.
  • Ineffective links can annoy users and cause them to leave your website and check out another one.


How to manage your backlinks 101: Targeting campaign to high authority sites ensures that you will get a quality backlink.

How to Monitor SEO Backlinks 2024?

By using links from spam websites, you run the risk of damaging the reputation of your website. That is why knowing how to monitor backlinks to your site is crucial knowledge for online businesses and website owners.

Let us look at some ways you can do it:

Scrutinize Guest Posts Performances

Regularly monitoring the performance of your guest posts is essential to either permanently eliminate any undesired backlinks or remedy broken links.

But what is a guest post? It is a piece of writing that is published on another person’s website. Within these articles, the author can embed a relevant link that can direct the user to his personal website.

This strategy is employed by several companies for link building. Using backlinks from top-performing guest posts will boost your SEO ranking and bring in a ton of traffic to your page.

However, you must make sure that any guest post you publish on your personal website only contains links associated with reputable sources, rather than links from questionable or spammy sites.

Alternatively, if you are link building by guest writing for someone else’s website, make sure it is reliable so that any associations with it won’t harm the reputation of your own website.

Make Sure Your Core Backlinks Are Live

The value and authority of a reputable website are shared with yours when your website has a core backlink from it. It is known as “link juice.”

You must utilize link juice to increase your domain authority and the ranking of your website in search engines. This can be easily achieved by adding a select number of do-follow backlinks from top-ranking and well-reputed sources.

However, you are required to confirm that these core backlinks are live. For this purpose, you can use backlink tracking software that would perform regular checks to determine whether these links are active and include the desired attributes of “do-follow” instead of “no-follow.”

Watch Out for Change in SEO Rankings

SEO Rankings

Link building raises the visibility of your website on search engines and increases traffic to it. That is why it’s crucial to learn how to monitor SEO backlinks and what effects they can have on your ranking.

However, it would be hard to keep track of each backlink’s specific impact on your website. But do not worry, as this is where SEO segmentation comes in.

It is very simple to pinpoint the areas of your website that performed well or could have performed better using SEO segmentation. To put it simply, it entails beginning a web crawl with an SEO crawler, which enables the application of filters and allows you to view the audit findings segmented.

This makes it possible for you to determine which backlinks had the most favorable effects on specific regions of the website and which had the opposite effects.

Make Use of Monitoring Tools

Monitoring SEO backlinks is hard, and you can only go so far with the help of manual tools like Google Analytics and Search Console.

Besides, as a website owner, you already have too much on your plate. Hence, it would be helpful to use automatic tools to discern how to monitor backlinks. This will ensure you are saving yourself some precious time and energy.

Moreover, tools like Ahrefs or Linkchecker Pro might help you a lot if you want to understand how to monitor backlinks. They track your backlinks regularly and help you maintain your SEO ranking.

Another approach you can take is to use a web crawler to gather data. The data you collect can be used in conjunction with link monitoring and optimization. A web crawler, also known as a spider or spiderbot, is an internet bot that systematically browses the World Wide Web, searching and indexing internet content.

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Monitoring Backlinks: Conclusion

Your website needs to be highly ranked in search engines for it to stay active and successful. That is why you must learn how to monitor backlinks because bad backlinks can seriously damage the ranking and reputation of your website.

However, if you comply with all the above-mentioned instructions, you will not need to worry about any harm coming to your website!


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