Ranktracker Review: Skyrocket Website’s Traffic [to Top] 2024

Ranktracker is a tool used by many businesses to help them find keywords and track their performance against their competitors.

Using Ranktracker is more effective compared to commonly used options like Google Analytics or the Search Console. In this article, we will do a Ranktracker Review and explore how it can be useful for businesses of all sizes.

What Is the Ranktracker Tool?

There are more than 3.5 million searches a day on Google. More than half of your website traffic should come from Google with some websites getting 70-80% of their traffic from Google and other search engines.

SEO is one of the top-performing sales techniques, with a conversion rate of about 14.6%.

However, the success of your brand will largely depend on the effectiveness of your ability to rank your website for specific searches. Getting this right can be very challenging. Your competitors are trying to get above you in the rankings.

Research has shown that the average website can only get a number-one ranking after three years online. Only 5.7% of website pages achieve the top ranking within the first year. Most of the time, brands don’t invest in tools like Ranktracker because they worry about the costs.

Ranktracker is an all-in-one SEO platform that is there to:

  • research keywords
  • analyze competitors
  • check/monitor backlinks
  • and track search engine ranking.

All this in one platform is a great time saver and can provide direction and accurate data for improved performance on search engines. Without Ranktracker or other tools, brands can find it hard to achieve their traffic potential.

For example, a website ranking on the top of page one will get about 33% of the search traffic. Those in the second position get about 16-17% of search traffic. Websites ranked sixth to tenth on the first page will get just 3-5% of traffic.

Ranking outside the first page means you can get just 1% of the search volume, and 91% of websites get no traffic from Google. Therefore, using Ranktracker is essential for maximizing your brand’s potential traffic.

What Are the Main Features of Ranktracker this 2024?

One of the best aspects of Ranktracker is that it has a wide range of tools to help businesses succeed. Here are some of the main features.

Rank Tracker

RankTracker Tool

The rank tracker tool is an essential tool you will need. It allows you to track core keywords that you’re using on your website and shows how you’re performing in numerous different scenarios.

For example, you can see how your rank is different on desktop, and mobile, in various languages, between search engines, and in other locations.

The rank tracker monitors and keeps data. Therefore, you can see how the ranking of your website has changed over time for different criteria. For example, you might see your desktop rank in New York has slipped, but your mobile position in Canada has increased.

These little snippets of information can help you direct your attention to improvements necessary to help improve your ranking.

Some of the other key features you might find useful include:

  • White-label reports, allow agencies to use these as a way to monitor success with clients.
  • Automatic email notifications for admins to know when a change has happened.
  • See changes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • See all the core KPIs that you might need on one screen.
  • Tracks performance across four major search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Yandex.

Keyword Finder

Ranktracker Review: Keyword Finder

While other elements of your website have increased in importance, keywords are still vital. Keywords are ways that search engines know what a page’s subject is. Ranktracker has a great keyword-finding tool that allows any brand to find keywords they can rank for.

The tool works in two ways. Either you can use the keyword tool to find new keywords that you could use in your SEO content strategy. You enter the keyword, and suggestions will come out. These suggestions will include the location, search difficulty, recent trends, volume, and more.

Or you can use the tool to search a domain and find what keywords Ranktracker thinks you could rank for. All results include the same information regardless if it is a keyword search or a domain check.

Identify single words or long-tailed keywords with the keyword tool. Therefore, you can combine strategies to get more exposure for your brand on search engines.

SERP Checker

RankTracker Review: SERP Checker

How your website looks on search engines is just as important as how high it ranks. One of the reasons why some results do not get clicked on when they rank high is that searchers do not trust the information displayed on the results page. This display is known as the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

While you have some control over the SERP for your website, this is not 100% true. Google sometimes adjusts the results to match the keyword entered in the search box. However, using the SERP checker, you can see how your page is being represented on Google and then make adjustments.

With the SERP checker on Ranktracker, you will see how the web results appear based on the location, keyword, and more. You will be able to see if your website appears in numerous search engine results, like maps, featured results, shopping links, or reviews.

Whenever your page ranks, you are provided with a snapshot preview of what Google displays. Therefore, you see what Google sees.

You can also be provided with the Authority and Link Profile Strength scores. These help you identify competitor links that you can replicate. These scores are calculated using numerous metrics that include:

  • Citation flow
  • Trust flow
  • Social signals
  • Web Audit
  • and more.

Web Audit

RankTracker Review: Web Audit

Those looking to be successful on search engines need to know how their website is performing. The only way to do that is to scan your entire website and have an audit. The Ranktracker has one of the most inclusive web audit tools available.

The web audit will check every page on your website within minutes to determine how well it is optimized. You can run audits as frequently as you like, and data from previous scans is stored safely for reference when needed. Saved reports are in XML format for easy sharing with team members.

The scan is fast, so you do not waste time; despite the scan using more than 100 data points to determine the potential success of your website.

When the scan is complete, the audit dashboard will showcase what is key on a scale of 1-100. This information provides precise information about what is critical and needs dealing with first. The tool can also tell you how to fix the issues. You no longer have to spend hours reading websites to find the answers.

When you have been with the Ranktracker for a few months, you can compare your previous scans with the current scan. Therefore, you can see what problems have been fixed and spot continuous errors.

Backlink Checker

RankTracker Review: Backlink Checker

Links to your website might not be as important as they once were. However, they are still important as the websites appearing as the first result in Google search usually have 3.8x more backlinks, and you should ensure you are building links to your website.

The Ranktracker backlink checker can help you identify backlinks and then collect lots of information about them.

If you want to see if a backlink will be worthwhile for your brand, you can enter any domain, and it will provide an instant analysis of that domain. This data will include information like domain authority and traffic.

You can also see what your competitors are doing, saving the information for use in campaigns later on.

Backlink Monitor

RankTracker Review: Backlink Monitor

It is also vital that you monitor backlinks that you have already enquired about. This task can be challenging and time-consuming. However, with Ranktracker it is relatively simple. The tool tells you when you have new links to your website or when a domain is no longer ranking to you.

The tool is great for checking how your backlinks are growing over time. There is a handy graph that provides information in an easy-to-see format.

Every backlink can also have some deep analysis on it. Elements that are checked include the domain, anchor text, the page the link is on, whether there is a spam score, and more.

The tool will also tell you when a backlink has been removed and when.

What Makes Ranktracker Unique in 2024?

The Ranktracker is a unique product on the market. The complexity of the features it has might seem overwhelming, but the ease of the tool is perfect for those without any website experience.

The information is in an easy-to-understand format, and unlike other tools, you’re told exactly what you need to do to change things.

The Ranktracker also has the added advantage that it contains a lot of information within one dashboard. Other similar products don’t have the complexity that Ranktracker does. The tools also provide information relevant to running a website and making it rank.

Ranktracker Pricing

RankTracker Review: Pricing

Many SEO trackers have a reputation for being expensive. However, Ranktracker is certainly not in that category. The Ranktracker is one of the most cost-effective options on the market.

There is an affordable, basic plan, priced at just $9 a month when you buy for a year. This tier comes with numerous features, more than you would get with other solutions, but there are some limits.

There are then three other tiers that increase in price up to $104.50 a month. This higher tier has the most features and is great for larger businesses or agencies that want to succeed.

Ranktracker Alternatives and Competitors

There are some alternatives to the Ranktracker. Below we look at these and see how they compare.

Ranktracker vs Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most well-known SEO tools available and is often cited by other websites. However, the cost of Ahrefs is much higher, and Ranktracker includes a free trial whereas Ahrefs does not but Ahrefs does have some free services.

Information on Ahrefs is often not as detailed and the dashboard design seems older and less sleek.

Users also report that Ranktracker is much easier to use than Ahrefs.

Ranktracker vs Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest has some free features, like Ahrefs, but you are limited in the number of uses per day. The cost of Ubersuggest is more expensive when you want to use it. One of the big problems with Ubersuggest is that while it contains lots of information, it doesn’t have the information in the best format for ease of use.

Ranktracker vs SE Ranking

SE Ranking has a free version with limited options and information for the user. If someone is looking to upgrade, the costs can be significantly higher. SE Ranking supports more platforms, but the tool is more suited for marketing professionals.

Another factor with SE Ranking is that it isn’t as easy to use or set up as the Ranktracker. But it does have comparable information.

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What level of support does Ranktracker offer?

The Ranktracker offers good customer support that many clients have benefited from. They have an SEO guide that anyone can read and a Helpdesk for users that provides detailed responses to queries.

Who are the typical users of Ranktracker?

Ranktracker users typically want to perform well on Google and other search engines. Their pricing plans and software are perfect for everyone including website owners, agencies, and large corporations.

Why is Ranktracker not showing any data for a keyword?

There might be several reasons why there is no data for a specific keyword. One might be that no one within an area is using that keyword. If there is no use of a keyword on Google or another search engine, then there will be no data for the app to show.


The Ranktracker is a critical tool that you can use to improve your website’s performance on search engines. With some time, you can improve your site’s rank on search queries, pulling in more relevant traffic and improving your sales.


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