40+ Fascinating BlueHost Stats and Facts [Market Share] 2024

For those who don’t know, BlueHost is one of the world’s largest website hosting providers. Millions of people around the world use it to power their websites.

Keep reading if you want to know more about this popular hosting provider.

General BlueHost Stats and Facts 2024

  1. More than 500,000 domains are registered with BlueHost
  2. In August 2021, the company launched a website builder to help make website creation much easier
  3. The headquarters of BlueHost is in Orem, Utah
  4. BlueHost’s CEO is Mike Olson

BlueHost Market Share Statistics 2024

  1. 1.2% of the top 10 million websites by traffic use BlueHost
  2. 0.2% of the top 100,000 websites by traffic use BlueHost
  3. More than 30% of all internet websites are powered by BlueHost

BlueHost Industry Statistics 2024

  1. BlueHost operates in the software, internet, and computer services industry
  2. BlueHost has three options: Managed WordPress, Online Stores, and Shared Hosting
  3. BlueHost first offered dedicated server hosting and VPS in 2013
  4. 30% of BlueHost reviews on Trustpilot say it’s an excellent web hosting provider
  5. On Trustpilot, BlueHost has an average TrustScore or 3.0
  6. BlueHost’s main competitors are iPage, SiteGround, Just Host, and Hostinger

BlueHost User and Demographics Stats 2024

  1. 90.2% of websites hosted with BlueHost are in English
  2. The majority of BlueHost’s marketing is aimed at the North American market
  3. Smaller websites are more likely to have BlueHost as their hosting provider because they require fewer server resources
  4. 72.4% of BlueHost users use it as their email-sending server

BlueHost Usage Statistics 2024

BlueHost Usage Statistics

  1. Less than 1% of all websites had BlueHost as their hosting provider in 2018
  2. BlueHost’s popularity increased by 1.2% over the following couple of years
  3. 92.2% of BlueHost sites use WordPress CMS
  4. 48% of BlueHost websites use a Twitter social media widget
  5. 76% of BlueHost websites are .com domains
  6. 69% of customers are in the US

Benefits of BlueHost Statistics 2024

  1. Purchase shared web hosting, and you get a free domain
  2. BlueHost offers support 24/7
  3. BlueHost uses open-source technology
  4. BlueHost has total control over its software and hardware because of the customized Linux kernel
  5. BlueHost’s speed is 731ms, one of the quickest for an A-rated hosting provider
  6. In 2021, BlueHost was PC Magazine’s Editors Choice for its web hosting service
  7. In terms of BlueHost uptime statistics, it guarantees an uptime of 99.98%
  8. For each BlueHost referral, you can earn $65
  9. BlueHost has a 30-day money-back guarantee

BlueHost Stats and Facts

BlueHost vs HostGator Stats 2024

  1. BlueHost’s average speed is 416ms compared to HostGator’s 234ms
  2. When it comes to average uptime, BlueHost delivers 99.98%, while HostGator delivers 99.97%
  3. HostGator ranks fifth in the list of the ten most popular web hosting companies and has a 5.12% market share
  4. BlueHost ranks sixth and has a market share of 3.49%

Reseller BlueHost Statistics 2024

  1. Reseller Hosting is powered by Reseller Club and is used by more than 200,000 resellers worldwide

BlueHost Revenue and Growth Statistics 2024

  1. From its formation in 2003, BlueHost has grown to become one of the largest providers of reliable and affordable web hosting
  2. The estimated revenue for BlueHost is currently $44.2 million per year
  3. The estimated revenue per employee is $159,500

Quick Facts About BlueHost 2024

  1. BlueHost first came about in 2003
  2. BlueHost was established by Danny Ashworth and Matt Hearon
  3. BlueHost is WordPress’s Number One recommended web hosting provider

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What percentage of websites are BlueHost websites?

1.3% of all websites are hosted by the web hosting provider BlueHost.

The number of websites has increased by more than 70% in a couple of years.

How many customers does GoDaddy have?

GoDaddy has a worldwide community of more than 20 million customers, which is an increase of 7.1% year over year.


As you can tell from the stats and facts above, BlueHost is an outstanding all-around provider if you’re looking for reliable web hosting for your website. Industry competition is pretty strong at the moment, but BlueHost manages to provide top services in terms of flexibility, reliability, protection, and speed.

Whether you’re a new blogger or an e-Commerce store looking for new web hosting, you’ll find BlueHost can cater to your needs.

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