71 Fascinating Netflix Stats and Facts [and Trends 2024]

Netflix has become synonymous with streaming services. Even with a lot of competition, such as Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Hulu, Netflix remains the most used streaming platform in the world.

But how did Netflix get here?

What statistics and facts have led to its success?

We’ve collected some of the most mind-blowing Netflix stats and facts you’ll be shocked to discover.

Key Netflix Stats and Facts 2024

Are you curious about how the streaming giant is doing regarding numbers and facts?

After learning these key statistics, you’ll never look at Netflix the same way again.

  1. Netflix’s streaming service was launched on the 15th of January 2007.
  2. Netflix was founded in 1997.
  3. The Netflix headquarters is located in Los Gatos, California.
  4. Netflix is the most watched streaming service in the US regarding total minutes watched.
  5. According to statistics, Netflix’s net worth totaled $84.57 billion in April 2022.
  6. Netflix’s gross profit was estimated at a whopping $12.653 billion in the first quarter of 2022.

Netflix Demographics and Behavior Statistics 2024

Netflix Demographics and Behavior Statistics

Who are the people who use Netflix the most?

How much time per day does an average user watch Netflix?

If you’re curious to find out, we’ve gathered X Netflix demographics and behavior statistics.

  1. The average age of a Netflix user is between 35 to 44 years.
  2. 41% of the US streaming audience prefers Netflix over other streaming services.
  3. 23% of adult Americans watch Netflix daily.
  4. 37% of American teens watch Netflix daily.
  5. Netflix is 12 more popular among teenagers than among adults.
  6. 37% of Netflix viewers have admitted to watching Netflix at work.
  7. 12% of Netflix viewers have watched Netflix in public restrooms.
  8. 70% of all Netflix users watch binge-watch shows.

Key Netflix Stats and Facts

Netflix User Stats: Viewership, Subscribers, and Penetration 2024

Are you a Netflix user?

If so, you form part of a huge community of over 221 million Netflix subscribers from all around the world!

Let’s take a look at some mind-blowing Netflix user statistics.

Netflix Viewership Statistics

  1. It’s estimated that Netflix has over 300 million viewers globally.
  2. 8% of all videos worldwide are streamed on Netflix.
  3. Netflix’s largest viewership base comes from the US and Canada.
  4. As of 2022, 66% of Netflix’s viewers come from outside the US.
  5. An average Netflix user watches 60 movies on Netflix in a year.

Netflix Subscribers Statistics

  1. As of 2021, there were over 222 million Netflix subscribers around the world.
  2. In the first quarter of 2022, Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers.
  3. In 2021, Netflix had 75.2 million subscribers in the US and Canada, 74 million in the EMEA region, 39.9 million in Latin America, and 32.6 million in Asia and the Pacific.
  4. 53% of Netflix’s users don’t pay for the platform.
  5. 18% of users share their account details with friends and over 25% with family members.
  6. In the UK, 27% of all users share their Netflix account details with friends or family.

Netflix Usage & User Penetration Statistics

  1. As of right now, Netflix is available in 190 countries.
  2. Among others, Netflix isn’t available in China, Russia, North Korea, and Syria.
  3. Netflix enjoys a 25% share of the streaming market in the US.

Netflix User Penetration Statistics

  1. The user has the highest Netflix user penetration rate of 64.5%.
  2. Norway, Canada, and Denmark have the highest Netflix user penetration rate after the US, with 62.4%, 56.3%, and 54.9%, respectively.
  3. The UK has only a 33.8% Netflix user penetration rate.
  4. By 2025, Netflix will have a 65% user penetration rate in the US.
  5. By 2025, Netflix will have a 53% user penetration rate in Latina America, 41% in the EMEA region, and 25% in Asia and the Pacific.

Netflix Streaming Statistics 2024

  1. In total, Netflix users watch 125 million hours of Netflix content daily.
  2. Netflix receives 26% of the total weekly viewership on Saturdays.
  3. Netflix’s algorithm builds over 1,300 “recommendation clusters” based on a particular user’s viewing preferences.
  4. Netflix charges an average of $0.20 per hour for streaming content.
  5. Netflix amounts to 15% of the world’s internet bandwidth.
  6. Netflix is the cheapest in Turkey, with a monthly cost of $3.27
  7. Netflix is the most expensive in Noway, with a monthly cost of $11.

Netflix Shows Statistics 2024

  1. Currently, Netflix has over 6,000 movies and shows in its US streaming library.
  2. Across all its regional libraries, Netflix has over 15,400 movies and shows.
  3. The most streamed show on Netflix is The Office, with over 57.1 billion minutes watched.
  4. 58% of Netflix users subscribe to Netflix because of its original series.
  5. The most-watched non-English show on Netflix is Money Heist 4.
  6. Extradition was the most-watched movie on Netflix in 2020.
  7. The longest-running show on Netflix is Grey’s Anatomy.
  8. There are over 76,000 hidden movies and show categories on Netflix.
  9. In 2019, TV shows accounted for 81% of all Netflix content.

Netflix Stats About Revenue and Business 2024

  1. In 2020, Netflix totaled its revenue at $24.9 billion.
  2. In 2020, Netflix’s revenue grew 24.01% from 2019.
  3. In 2021, Netflix’s revenue grew by 18.81% from the previous year, totaling $29.7 billion.
  4. North America is Netflix’s largest market, generating around $12.97 billion in revenue in 2021.
  5. In 2021, Netflix’s net profit was estimated at $5.1 billion.
  6. Netflix experienced an 81% increase in net revenue between 2020 and 2021.
  7. Netflix’s revenue grew from $3.1 billion in 2011 to $29.7 billion in 2022.
  8. It took Netflix 11 years to increase its annual revenue by over 9.5 times.
  9. Netflix makes 43% of its total revenue from the US and Canada.
  10. Netflix makes $14.78 per user in the US and Canada, while almost half that amount ($8.14) per user in Latin America.
  11. In 2021, Netflix spent $17 billion on content.
  12. In 2021, Netflix spent $2.55 billion on its target market strategy.

Netflix App Stats and Facts 2024

  1. 26.6% of global app traffic comes from Netflix.
  2. The total number of Netflix app downloads in the US was 17 million by the end of 2021.
  3. 81% of Netflix viewers use the Netflix app on their TV set.

Netflix Awards Statistics 2024

Netflix Awards Statistics

  1. Netflix received 112 Emmy nominations in 2018.
  2. In 2022, Netflix was nominated for 105 Emmy awards.
  3. Netflix won 44 Emmy awards in 2021.
  4. Netflix won its first Oscar in 2017 for its original documentary, The White Helmets.
  5. In 2020, Netflix won another Oscar for its documentary, American Factory.
  6. As of 2022, Netflix has received 27 Oscar nominations.
  7. Twelve of Netflix’s Oscar nominations for 2022 are for its original content, The Power of the Dog.

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What percentage of the world has Netflix?

As of 2022, Netflix has around 221 million subscribers. Given that there are 7.753 billion people worldwide, that’s less than 3%.

However, it’s estimated that 19% of all streaming services subscriptions belong to Netflix.

What percentage of Netflix is TV shows vs. films?

According to various sources, TV shows on Netflix are the predominant type of content. It’s estimated that TV shows account for 81% of Netflix’s content, leaving 19% for movies.

What percentage of Netflix content will be original in 2022?

There aren’t enough statistics to estimate the percentage of Netflix’s original content for 2022.

However, according to Statista, there were 129 Netflix original titles worldwide in the third quarter of 2021.

Is Netflix profitable?

Yes, Netflix is profitable. In 2020, Netflix reported a net income of $2.8 billion dollars.


Netflix is the most popular streaming service out there, and its popularity continues to grow.

We’re sure these Netflix statistics and facts will help you learn more about the popular movie streaming service.

Whether you’re a subscriber or not, it’s clear that Netflix has changed significantly over the years, and there’s no telling what the next few years may bring.


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