75+ Best Friendship Hashtags for Instagram 2024

With one billion Instagram users posting 50 billion photos each day, Instagram has quickly transformed into the place to be. Instagram has evolved from being the place to upload your dinner picture to the ultimate marketing, communication, and blogging tool.

Yet their majesty – hashtags – was evident even from the beginning. As the industry changes, there are new hashtags that will be used in 2024, like friendship hashtags.

Instagram is a great way to stay in touch with your friends, family, and the world around you.

And while it’s true that many people use Instagram just to share pictures of their food or moments from their daily lives, there are also plenty of users who want to share something more meaningful about themselves – like their friendships!

It’s 2024, and it’s time to up your Instagram game. Your friends have been posting hundreds of selfies with the hashtag #bestfriendgoals for over six months now, so why are you still using that old, tired hashtag?

Get on board or get left behind with these new, cool hashtags that will get you the likes you deserve.

It’s not always easy making new friends. Sometimes, it seems like everyone is busy – with work or school, or other commitments. But if you’ve signed up for Instagram, you’ll never be out of options to make friends.

People on Instagram are constantly looking for new people to follow and chat with, so they can post more pictures on their feed or have someone new to talk about their life with.

With so many people reaching out for attention on Instagram, finding that special person to connect with and share your day-to-day life with can be difficult.

The popularity of these 20 hashtags shows that connection and support in the digital world are not impossible, and we may find what we’re looking for when we’re not expecting it.

Trending friendship hashtags for Instagram concept, a mangifying glass on a big hashtag.

  1. #friends
  2. #bestfriends
  3. #bff
  4. #friendship
  5. #friend
  6. #bestie
  7. #friendshipgoals
  8. #friendsforever
  9. #bffs
  10. #friendsforlife
  11. #bestfriendsforever
  12. #bffgoals
  13. #friendshipquotes
  14. #friendstime
  15. #loveyouguys
  16. #bestiesforlife
  17. #mybestie
  18. #friendslikefamily
  19. #friends4ever
  20. #memoriesmade

Best Hashtags for Common Photos with Friends

You’re likely to find yourself at a dinner with friends, on vacation, or at an event where you are taking photos. Hashtags are essential for documenting your memories, but what is the best hashtag for common photos with friends?

A variety of hashtags can be used for common photos with friends. These are a few of the most used ones for different occasions:

  1. #officemates
  2. #goodtimeswithgoodpeople
  3. #graduation
  4. #funwithfriends
  5. #farewellparty
  6. #classmates
  7. #bffsforever
  8. #grouppic
  9. #groupfie
  10. #grouppicture

Top Best Friends Selfie Hashtags

Friendship hashtags for Instagram guide, a group of friends are making selfie outside.
You likely have a best friend, but do you know what the #1 best friend selfie hashtag is? With so many different ways to take selfies with your best friend, it might be hard to figure out which one to use for your next snap. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top best friend selfie hashtags!

  1. #bestfriend
  2. #bestfriends
  3. #besties
  4. #goodfriends
  5. #friendshipgoals
  6. #squadgoals
  7. #bff
  8. #lovethem
  9. #friendsforever
  10. #friendshipquotes
  11. #friendsforlife
  12. #oldfriendsarethebestfriends
  13. #friendforever

Best Friend Birthday Hashtags

If you have a best friend who has a birthday coming up, it’s time to start brainstorming! You want to find creative hashtags for their birthday so they can celebrate in style. These hashtags are just what you need to celebrate their special day.

  1. #happybirthday
  2. #HBD
  3. #bday
  4. #instabday
  5. #birthdaybash
  6. #birthdaycake
  7. #birthdaygirl
  8. #birthdayboy
  9. #birthdayparty
  10. #happybirthdaybff
  11. #bestiesbirthday
  12. #friendsarespecial
  13. #bestfriendbirthdaypost
  14. #bffouting
  15. #happybirthdaybestie
  16. #bffpicschics

Funny Best Friend Hashtags

If you have a best friend who is always making you laugh, then it’s time to show the world just how witty and hilarious they are with a funny hashtag or two. Hashtags can be a great way to get a conversation going, and there are plenty of hashtags that will get your bestie rolling on the floor laughing.

  1. #funnymoments
  2. #girlsjustwannahavefun
  3. #doubletrouble
  4. #funtimes
  5. #bffadventures
  6. #havingfun
  7. #gettogether
  8. #memoriesinthemaking
  9. #friendsbonding
  10. #friendmoment
  11. #bestfriendsbelike
  12. #livinglifeandlovingit
  13. #grabyourgirlfriends
  14. #fridayfun
  15. #memoriesthatlastalifetime
  16. #funnyfaces
  17. #funnybunnies

Hashtags are an excellent way for friends to interact. They allow people to see other posts, like other posts, and follow other posts. I highly recommend finding or creating your own hashtag to make the experience even better.

Take the time to create your unique hashtag for when you post on social media, like #coolbuddies or #weekendvibes, that includes something specific to your group of friends or followers.

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