40+ Cool Website Statistics and Facts [and Trends] in 2024

First impressions count in the business world and when it comes to your website, design is one of the most important factors. Your website is your brand’s digital face, the best salesperson, and your keenest ambassador.

To get the most from your website, you need to know what customers want and keep abreast of the latest trends. The following website statistics, facts, and trends are just what you need to be reading.

General Website Statistics and Facts 2024

  1. There are currently more than 2 billion websites online.
  2. Of the websites that are online, only 400 million are actually active.
  3. Currently, there are more than 20 million eCommerce sites.
  4. In the US, an average internet user will visit more than 100 different web pages every day.
  5. Up to 60% of mobile users get in touch with businesses via Google.
  6. Website traffic sent to a company from Google is worth $160.74.

Web Design Statistics 2024

  1. 75% of a website’s credibility is dependent on design.
  2. 38% of visitors will stop using a website if the layout or content is unattractive.
  3. 94% of negative website feedback relates to design.
  4. To increase views and stand out more, 73% of companies will invest in design.
  5. Lack of message is the main reason 46% of users choose to leave a website.
  6. 44% of visitors will abandon a website when there is no contact information.
  7. A video on a website will convince 73% of users to make a purchase.
  8. 72% of consumers trust customer reviews.
  9. If your website has a consistent color scheme it will help 80% of visitors remember it.
  10. Personalized recommendations increase conversion rates 5.5 times.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites Statistics

  1. 74% of users are more likely to return when a website is mobile-friendly.
  2. Smartphone conversion rates are 64% higher than desktops.
  3. More than 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices.
  4. 90% of mobile time is spent using apps.
  5. 58% of millennials prefer making purchases via apps.
  6. 68% of millennials download retail apps.
  7. Compared with mobile sites, people view 4.2 times more products via apps.
  8. Apps have a 3x higher conversion rate compared with mobile websites.
  9. 40.4% of users buy more of a particular brand’s products after they’ve downloaded the brand’s app.
  10. During the first quarter of 2021, 54.8% of global website traffic came from mobile devices.
  11. Almost one-third of small businesses have a mobile app.
  12. 42% of small businesses plan to build a mobile app in the future.

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Website Usability Statistics 2024

  1. You have approximately 50 milliseconds in which to win or lose a potential new customer because that’s all the time they need to make a judgment about your website. That’s why website usability testing is crucial.
  2. Companies with websites that take a long time to load are losing $2.6 billion annually in sales.
  3. 47% of users expect average websites to load in less than 2 seconds.
  4. The average mobile landing page can take as long as 7 seconds to load.
  5. A website visitor will look at the top left corner of a website first.
  6. 80% of a visitor’s time is spent looking at the left side of a website page.
  7. 86% of website visitors want to see service and product information on a website’s homepage.
  8. 64% of website visitors want to be able to access contact information easily.

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  1. According to 90% of website designers, web design trends are changing quicker than they ever have before.
  2. One of the more recent web design trends is Parallax scrolling, a technique that makes a page seem more three-dimensional.
  3. Offer a personalized website experience and 80% of consumers will be more likely to buy from you.
  4. Since 2019, the use of website chatbots has gone up by 92%.
  5. Augmented reality (AR) websites are trending upwards.

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How many hits does an average website get?

An average web page can expect around 15 hits.

What is a good website conversion rate?

A good conversion rate for your website is between 2% and 5%.

How long should it take for the website to load?

The ideal time it takes for your website to load is within 2-3 seconds.


Website design is an industry that continues to grow at a rapid rate. Along with that are the growing expectations of what online shops and websites should look like and what they’re capable of. Now you’re aware of some of the crucial website statistics, facts, and trends, you’re better prepared to meet those expectations.




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