US Omicron Search Trends and Data

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The word “Omicron” is on the rise, as a new variant of the Covid virus has been discovered. This discovery was made by Dr. Angelique Coetzee from South Africa and Google trends show that searches for this term have increased dramatically in recent days.

In the following, we at ThriveMyWay analyzed the latest statistics collected from Google Trends regarding Omicron searches around the US. The visualizations show both the top countries, as well as the cities, where Omicron searches are most common.

Google trends results for the word Omicron in the US

In the graph above, you can see that Omicron searches were virtually nonexistent from November 24th to November 26th, when there is a huge increase in searches. Searches rise and fall after the 26th, and are seen declining after the 29th.

Interest by country

Here we see in which US countries the term “Omicron” became the most popular between 26th November and 1st December.

Values of interest by country in the US for the term Omicron

The value ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 representing the location with the most popularity as a percentage of total searches. A value of 50 indicates a location half as popular. A value of 0 indicates there was insufficient information to calculate a value.

The values for each of the 51 states are as follows:

  1. Hawaii 100
  2. District of Columbia 98
  3. California 92
  4. Massachusetts 89
  5. Washington 87
  6. New Jersey87
  7. Oregon 85
  8. Vermont 83
  9. Connecticut 81
  10. Colorado 78
  11. Maryland 78
  12. Alaska 76
  13. Virginia 74
  14. New York 72
  15. Maine 71
  16. Pennsylvania 70
  17. Rhode Island 70
  18. New Hampshire 70
  19. Illinois 70
  20. Minnesota 70
  21. Arizona 68
  22. New Mexico 66
  23. Nevada 66
  24. Florida 64
  25. Montana 63
  26. Wisconsin 63
  27. Michigan 62
  28. Texas 62
  29. Idaho 61
  30. Delaware 61
  31. North Carolina 59
  32. Utah 59
  33. Ohio 59
  34. Missouri 58
  35. Georgia 57
  36. Kansas 55
  37. Indiana 55
  38. Tennessee 54
  39. Kentucky 53
  40. West Virginia 52
  41. Oklahoma 52
  42. Wyoming 51
  43. South Carolina 51
  44. Nebraska 51
  45. Arkansas 49
  46. Iowa 49
  47. Louisiana 48
  48. Alabama 47
  49. South Dakota 44
  50. North Dakota 44
  51. Mississippi 42

With a search value of 100, Hawaii was the top US country with the most Omicron searches, followed by the District of Columbia with 98, California with 92, Massachusetts with 89, and Washington with 87, making these the top 5 US countries with the most Omicron searches.

Graph image showing the values and chart of the top 5 US countries with the highest interest in the term Omicron

Interest by city

Omicron interest by city, US

Omicron interest by city in the US

With a score of 100, Mountain View is the top city followed by Palo Alto with 94, Redmond 92, Cambridge 90, and Berkeley 89

There is less interest in Omicron in Thousand Oaks, Portland, Minneapolis, Burbank, and Glendale with all having values around 50, which means the popularity is less than half of the total search numbers.

Conclusion of data

In general, we should be able to expect trends of upticks in Omicron searches to continue as more and more information about the new variant becomes available. Searches seem to be coming mainly from more populated areas or from areas with stricter Covid prevention, containment, and vaccination policies.

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