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All Business logo. All is written in lowercase contained within a red square. Business is written in black. Underneath those words are the words "Your Small Business Advantage" in dark grey.
BBC Logo: the three letters are white within black boxes.
yahoo! logo. Yahoo has an exclamation point after it. All of the letters are lowercase and purple.
VentureBeat logo. Venture is written in black. Beat is written in red.
Traffic think tank logo. Traffic think tank is written in dark grey. To the right are three purple T's arranged into a triangle.
Zendesk logo. The Z is stylized to be two triangles and two half circles. The rest of the word is written plainly. The letters are black.
AT&T Logo. AT&T are in all caps and written in black. To the left is a blue globe with white stripes in it.
Search Engine Journal logo. On the left are the letters S-E-J. S and E are black, J is green. On the write are the words Search Engine in black, over the word Journal in green.
MSN logo. msn is written in black. To the left is a black butterfly.
Logo of the letters TC. They are green. The top left corner of the C is blocked out to differentiate where the T ends and the C begins.
HubSpot logo. HubSpot is mostly written in black, but the O in spot is orange and has splatters coming out of it.

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I grew up in a rural area in Bulgaria in the ’90s. The Eastern Socialist bloc has just collapsed and people in my country experienced a terrible economic crisis. It got so bad that at some point salaries dropped as low as $5 per month.

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Those are some of my clients who achieved hockey-stick growth!
Graph tracking Organic vs. Paid Traffic from January 2013 to March 2021. Between November 2018 and January 2020, Organic traffic spikes up from under 1 million to nearly 10 million. Paid traffic slowly climbs up to 1 million between January 2020 and March 2021.

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