Most Popular Topics and Searches After the War Started

The team at made this research using Google Trends data to show the most recent searches in the World and Russia.

Searches about Iodide

After the fire in Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, we are seeing a huge spike in searches for topics like Potassium Iodide, especially in countries in Eastern Europe. As you can see from the image above the most worried nations are Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, followed by Croatia, Moldova, Ukraine, Czechia, Belarus.

All of them are in Eastern Europe!

1) Economic sanctions


3) International Women’s Day

4) Donetsk People’s Republic

5) Volodymyr Zelenskyy

6) Ukraine, Ukrainians

7) Defender of the Fatherland Day, February 9

8) Putin

9) Virtual Private network

10) United States Dollar, EURO, Exchange rate

In the news, we’ve read that Russians are looking for information about leaving Russia.

The regions where people are looking for emigration mostly are:

1) Leningrad [St Petersburg] 2) Murmansk region
3) Moscow region
4) Tver region
5) Novgorod region

What are the places where Russians are looking to emigrate?

  • эмиграция в грузию – emigration to Georgia
  • Казахстан – Kazakhstan
  • эмиграция в сербию – emigration to Serbia
  • эмиграция в черногорию – emigration to Montenegro
  • эмиграция в португалию – immigration to Portugal
  • эмиграция в израиль – immigration to Israel
  • эмиграция в аргентину – immigration to Argentina
  • эмиграция в австралию – immigration to Australia

But still many Russians are looking for ideas with searches like:

  • эмиграция из россии 2022 – emigration from Russia 2022
  • куда можно эмигрировать из россии – where can I emigrate from Russia
  • карта мира – world map
  • куда проще всего эмигрировать из россии – where is the easiest way to emigrate from Russia

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