How the Demand in Basic Supplies has Changed in Ukraine, Based on Google Searches?

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The ThriveMyWay did research to check which are the most often searched supplies on Google in Ukraine during the last couple of weeks since the war started.

Volunteers from different countries have distributed over 90,000 food and hygiene parcels and provided food, warm clothes, and other aid to Ukrainians who are in need.

It’s good that many people in Ukraine still have Internet and we could check what they searched for on Google in the last weeks after the war started.

It’s not surprising that they searched for food like Bread, Baby food, also tea.

You can see which are the most searched medicines in the last weeks.

From our research, you can understand that many people are not sleeping in their beds because the searches for “Air mattresses” increased by more than 750%.

The goal of this research is to bring more clarity about what the people of Ukraine need most and donate more of these supplies and items.

Below you can find more details from our research:

As you can see use the data from Google Trends since the war started.

Baby food – дитяче харчування +150%

Tea – чай

Air mattress – надувний матрац +750%


Insulin +160%

Bandage – бинт +400%

Powerbank – повербанк +450%

Backpack – рюкзак +1,250%

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