Is Etsy Legit and Safe?

Etsy is one of the top names when it comes to eCommerce. Yet is one site that others don’t frequently buy from. Numerous items are available on Etsy, from food to shoes; and there are numerous sellers on the platform too. This can cause issues as well as be advantageous.

There have always been concerns about whether Etsy is legit or not. In this article, we look at the legal aspects, safety, and Etsy itself. Then you will know whether or not you would like to buy from the platform.

Is Etsy Legit?

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In simple terms, Etsy is legit. The eCommerce platform is a billion-dollar company that has more than 80 million customers who use the platform to buy from merchants who are located in more than 143 countries.

Etsy takes security and scams very seriously. One of the major complaints from Etsy sellers is that the platform’s management will tend to take the consumers’ side when there have been problems with purchases.

Etsy only takes the seller’s side if the seller can offer proof that the order has been shipped or that the buyer is running a scam. Therefore, those who are looking to buy from Etsy can often find that they are in a good position and are secure in the purchase.

Is Etsy Safe to Use?

Etsy is safe to use. It guarantees the safe purchase of products from sellers on the website. However, you will still need to use common sense when making a purchase, just as you would from any other online store.

For example, some really good reputable brands are selling on Etsy. These are safe sellers who have strong reputations and you know when you make a purchase, you are going to get the product you ordered delivered safely to you.

When you are talking to sellers on Etsy, there are a few rules that you should follow. For example, you should:

  •  Never read your credit card information aloud to them.
  • Never provide any passwords, tax identification numbers, PIN codes, or other identification information.
  • Provide personal information that is not required for you to purchase on the store, such as account number or sort code.

Any sellers requesting these pieces of information are more likely scammers. You should report these sellers to Etsy so they can investigate and protect other users from their actions.

Is Etsy Safe to Order from?

Etsy is a very trustworthy marketplace. They have millions of users and lots of sellers across the world. These sellers are offering products in lots of different niches that can be bought at a good value.

However, not all sellers are safe. If there are problems with a seller, Etsy will get involved and correct any issues.

However, there are ways that you can provide yourself with a little extra safety on the website by following the rules here for these niches.


Jewelry is Etsy’s second best-selling niche. Therefore, as a popular item for both sellers and buyers, it is one of the hardest to know who is a legitimate seller and who is not.

There are ways that you can keep yourself safe when shopping on Etsy. For one, you can always check the seller’s ratings/reviews. Be sure to see if there are lots of reviews that look genuine. A genuine review will sound natural, will be specific, and much more.

You might also want to message the seller and ask about the product, they might be able to send more images or offer other reassurances.

Another option is that you might want to ask the sellers if they offer a returns policy or a warranty. If they do not, then you might want to look for another item.


Food is now available through Etsy. This is a relatively new category but it can be very effective for both sellers and consumers.

However, you will need to check the Seller Handbook on Etsy to be sure the seller can sell food items. The handbook makes it clear about the rules for selling food on the platform.

It is important to note that not every Etsy seller has the right to sell food. So you do need to ensure that they can.


More than $1 billion is sold every year on clothing (including shoes). It is a very popular item to be sold with lots of independent sellers who offer unique items that you can wear and look stylish with.

If you want to make sure that the seller you’re buying from is legit, then you have to check their ratings. One way to tell that the reviews are legitimate is to look at the dates that they were received. When a seller has lots of reviews within a short period but no others, it often means that they were bought, though that is not always the case.

It is also important to look at what the reviews are saying. Lots of reviews with generic terms are not going to be very useful. You want to find reviews that talk about the product and the sellers.


Shoes are another popular item that can be bought on Etsy. But like other products that can be sold on the platform, it can be hard to tell which sellers are genuine. Reviews and policies are important to check.

You might also want to check the social media accounts and message the seller. These simple steps can make all the difference. A legitimate business owner who sells on Etsy will respond in a reasonable time and be able to offer you reassurances.

You can also ask for videos and more images of the products. These can sometimes be a good way to determine the legitimacy of the seller.

Is It Safe to Use Credit Cards on Etsy?

There are lots of rules about credit cards that make them one of the best methods of payment for you. For one, whether you make part or all of your payment through a credit card, the provider is partly responsible for the item.

Therefore, if there is a problem with your purchase, you can get a refund from the credit card company and they will chase the seller for you.

At the same time, Etsy has lots of protections in place and will guarantee your safety on Etsy. They will be sure that if there is a problem with a purchase, they will make it right.

The only time that you might have a problem with a credit card on Etsy is when you have given a seller your credit card details. If you do this, cancel your card soon. Etsy should be taking the payment for you and not directly with the seller.

Etsy does store the information but only passes on information that the seller needs to know to fulfill the order. For example, they will pass on your name, address, and the items ordered. When the seller does receive payment, it will be direct from Etsy.

If a seller does request any credit card information, don’t provide anything from them and tell Etsy. They will investigate you.

What Are Four Risks When Buying from an Etsy Shop?

While Etsy is very safe to purchase from there are some risks when it comes to buying from the eCommerce platform. These risks include:

  • The item you have bought does not match the image or description on the product page. A classic example is when a color, size or shape is wrong.
  • The item’s quality is poor compared to what you expected.
  • The seller will tell you that the order has been shipped. However, the product never arrives or the item you do receive is damaged.
  • You provide payment details directly to the seller and they use this information to steal from you.

If there is something wrong with the order that you receive (or don’t) or there is someone who asks for more information, report this immediately to Etsy. If they take payment information directly, cancel your card and tell your bank.

How to Avoid Scams on Etsy

There are numerous ways to avoid scams on Etsy. Scams can come in many forms from communications with the seller to the product that is being bought. So what are the options when it comes to avoiding scams? Here are some helpful tips for you.

Check the refund policy

The first thing that you should do is to always look at the seller’s refund policy. All online sellers should offer a good policy that allows you to collect a refund in exchange for the return of the item.

It is important to note that if you have changed your mind about your purchase, you don’t have the right to claim for free shipping to return the item. You might need to cover the costs of the product being sent back. Some brands will arrange a cost-effective courier to get the products back, and then you can get the costs taken off the refund.

Ensure other terms and conditions protect you and are fair.

Keep your credit card information private

Never provide your credit card or debit card information to the seller. This information is for the Etsy payments system and not for the seller. If you are ever asked for credit card information from the seller, inform Etsy immediately. They will investigate.

Other information you should not provide to your seller is information like your age, personal identification numbers, and even other demographics. You should also not provide information to your seller about your PayPal account.

If you have previously provided personal or payment information to a seller on Etsy, speak to Etsy and also look to change that information immediately.

Never complete a purchase outside of Etsy

You should also never provide any information to your seller outside of Etsy. There are messaging systems that allow you to contact the seller directly. And you should never purchase outside of the environment.

Etsy has all that is needed for the seller to make the sale and they have signed up to purchase outside of the system. If the seller cannot or is unwilling to make the sale through Etsy, then walk away from the sale, it is in the terms and conditions of the site that sellers use the payment system.

What to Do if You Get Scammed on Etsy?

If you believe you have been scammed on Etsy, then you need to open a case. To open a case on Etsy you first need to access the website and log into your account. Then you go to the account page and find the item that you bought from the ‘Purchases and Reviews’ options. You need to find the right order and then click on the option ‘Help with order.’

After being redirected to the next page, you need to click on the option that says ‘Still need help?’ and then click on the option ‘Open a case.’

After you’ve opened a case, you need to select a reason for your complaint. The most common reason for opening a case is non-delivery or not as described. There are numerous reasons why the item has not been received but the seller will need to provide evidence that the product has been delivered. Therefore, most sellers will use tracking.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate reason, you need to click on the ‘next option. You will then provide relevant details to the Etsy support team.

Remember that when you’ve opened a case, it is your word against the sellers. To give your case more credibility, you should send them proof such as product photos, messages, or any receipts.

Then hen Etsy will resolve the case quickly. There might be times when Etsy needs more information before it can make a decision. If this is the case, respond quickly to their requests.
How to Choose a Legit Etsy Seller

If you’re struggling to choose a legit Etsy seller, then you should consider some very important points. The first is that you need to make sure that the seller has a good rating on the platform. Those with a perfect rating, with reviews received in a short period, can be suspicious.

The best sellers tend to not get five stars on every review. But this can be a false accusation as smaller brands can receive great reviews.

It is also important to speak to the Etsy seller. A good seller will communicate with you and be able to offer reassurance.

Finally, always check the terms and conditions of the seller. They should offer guarantees that the product will be as described and what will happen if it doesn’t arrive in one piece.


Can you get scammed by an Etsy seller?

You can get scammed on Etsy. However, it is easy to avoid being scammed. All you need to do is to check that the seller you are buying from is legitimate by checking their history and reviews. A good set of reviews is a good indicator.

Is Etsy legit for Jordans?

Jordans are not sold on Etsy regularly. This is because they are a brand that has official channels. If you find any Etsy shop selling Jordans, the chances are that they are fake. If you find a seller, it might be good to contact the Etsy customer support team and discuss it with them.

Is Etsy legit for engagement rings?

Some Etsy sellers can offer high-quality engagement rings at a good price. However, you will want to check that the seller is legitimate through reviews. If in doubt, don’t buy and look for another seller.


Etsy is a great store to buy products online from unique, smaller brands that are going to offer a great experience. Etsy is legit and offers great value and protection. If in doubt, you can always talk to the Etsy customer service team.


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