Info Websites – Should You Use .info domain for Your Website in 2024?

What Does the .info domain Mean?

.info domain implies that a website is an information site. The name “info” is derived from the word information, and there was a sunrise period for trademark owners.

It is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) launched in 2003. Actually, that’s the first time such a process had ever been conducted for a new gTLD.

Today, anyone can obtain a .info domain at a low price.

Spammers Love Using .info Domains

It seems like everyone has gotten spam or a scam email from .info websites at least once.

There are many discussions on the Internet from people asking how to block all emails coming from .info domains because they find them all to be irrelevant, scams, or spam.

Even if your own site and emails are not spammy, your emails may get tagged as spam because of the trend of a tremendous amount of spam and scams coming from .info domains.

Why do Spammers Love it?

Spammers register hundreds and sometimes even thousands of domains a year.

Most of those sites get shut down or blacklisted. .info domains are cheap and easy to register; that’s why spammers love them.

But they’re only cheap for the first year – renewal taxes are often more expensive for .info domains than for .com domains, and that’s sites tend to be heavily abused and then abandoned after the first 12 months.

Info websites - What Does the .info domain Mean

Is the .info Website Good for SEO?

No, .info sites do not rank well in Google searches.

The .info sites may not directly be considered as bad for SEO by Google, but overall people do not trust .info sites, and that makes it really hard for a .info site to become successful.

Because they are so often scams or spam sites, people might be hesitant to click on a .info site in the search results, and few websites would feel confident linking out to .info sites – both very important factors when it comes to SEO ranking.

There is only one website in the top 500 of the most important sites on the Internet.

It’s, and it is a rare case of a relatively successful .info domain.

Reasons to avoid using .biz or .info domain extensions

  1. Easy to forget: The familiarity of domain extensions like .com or country-specific domains such as makes them more memorable for users. Using .biz or .info can lead to confusion, as people may instinctively type in .com instead. Impatient internet users are likely to give up if they can’t find your site easily.
  2. Misleading connotations: Opting for a .biz domain implies that your website is specifically for business purposes. While this may be suitable for actual businesses, it can create mistrust among web visitors who might perceive it as a small-scale or less credible venture. Similarly, a .info domain suggests that your site is primarily focused on providing information, which could be misleading if your website serves a different purpose.
  3. Perception of cheapness and cheesiness: Personal preferences may vary, but many people associate .biz or .info domains with a cheap or cheesy image. Asking friends for their opinions will likely yield responses indicating that such domain extensions lack sophistication and professionalism.

In summary, avoiding .biz or .info domain extensions is advisable due to their potential for being forgotten, misleading connotations, and the perception of being cheap or cheesy.

What do Experts Think about .info Domains?

What do Experts Think about .info Domains?

I asked a bunch of industry experts, including Rand Fishkin, Matthew Capala, Zac Johnson, Shane Barker, Luke Fitz, Srish Agrawal on Twitter to tell me their opinion about .info domains.

All of them confirmed that .info sites are not a good choice and that they would stick with more popular domains such as .com, .org, and .net.

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Final Word

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of using a .info domain before making a decision. While there are some benefits to using this domain, there are also some drawbacks that should be considered.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual or business owner to decide whether or not a .info domain is the best option for them.


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