Does Facebook Notify Screenshots Being Taken?

These days, social media is present in almost everyone’s lives, and privacy is a major concern.

Some companies notify the user if their account or messages have been screenshot. 

The question remains: Will Facebook notify me if my profile or messages have been screenshotted?

The answer is not as cut and dry as you may think. 

The answer is that yes, in some situations, you will be notified of a screenshot, but you will not be notified in all situations.

Here are some of the situations we will go through today:

  • Screenshotting a Story
  • Screenshotting a Profile Photo/the profile
  • Screenshotting Messenger conversations

Let’s look into when you will be notified of a screenshot, and when you will not be.


The Facebook story is a newer addition that allows you to post pictures and videos that will only be on your Facebook story for 24 hours. 

Your friends can look through your stories while they are posted, but once the story is gone, those pictures will no longer be accessible. 

If you screenshot someone else’s Facebook story, or if someone else screenshots your story, you will not be notified.

This is not one of the cases where Facebook will notify you of a screenshot being taken.

Profile Pictures


Facebook also does not notify users when their profile pictures are screenshotted. There is a way to share a profile with someone via the app or website, so there isn’t as much emphasis on keeping users from screenshotting the profile photos of other users. 

Facebook will also not message you if another person screenshots your profile page, no matter what area they choose to screenshot. This is not exclusive to just your profile photo.

Messenger Conversations?

This is where things get interesting. When you are using the messenger app, the other user will not be notified if you screenshot normal messages between the person you are talking to and yourself.

However, if you screenshot a disappearing message (Facebook messages that are designed to disappear after 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days), Facebook will notify the other party.

If you want to use the disappearing message feature, you have to set it up separately. It is not a default setting.

The same thing will happen if your disappearing message to someone else is screenshotted.


Overall, if you are wondering if you will be notified when someone screenshots your Facebook account in any way, the answer is likely not. The only time you will be notified is if they are screenshotting a disappearing message in Messenger.


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