30 Impressive Bing Stats 2024 [Google’s Little Brother]

Bing has been around for more than a decade. It’s a search engine developed and operated by Microsoft and while it’s not reached the heights of Google, it’s popularity still makes it the second most popular search engine worldwide. Here are some statistics that further back up Bing’s current placing globally.

General Bing Stats 2024

  1. Bing holds 3% of the search engine market, which seems like a small percentage, however, they still come in second to Google for search engines.
  2. Bing is available in 238 countries and in 105 languages.
  3. Among US console users Bing holds 38.46% market share.
  4. Since 2019 Bing’s usage has increased by 1.23%.
  5. In 2014 Bing’s market share hit its peak when it struck 3.63%.
  6. It has a global market share of 6.15% when it comes to desktop search engine usage compared to Google’s 86.82%.
  7. In terms of global internet engagement, Bing is 28th in the world and 8th in the US.
  8. In October 2021 the Bing app was downloaded more than 120 thousand times. Bing is also found on over 1.5 billion devices.
  9. As of March 2021, Bing ranked #32 of the top websites in the world.

Bing Search Stats 2024

  1. Each month Bing receives 1 billion visitors.
  2. Bing has a 2.47% market share of global search engines.
  3. In September 2021 Bing saw 1.066 billion visitors across both desktop and mobile users.
  4. For organic searches in the US, Bing accounts for about 4%.
  5. Although Bing doesn’t see as much of the market share, it accounts for 30% of searches in the United States.
  6. Shopping is more common on Bing as shopping advertisements enjoy a 43% more CTR compared to Google. This is mainly because Bing partners with sites such as Amazon, Gumtree, and Offer Up.
  7. The search engines that Bing is currently beating out are Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, and Yandex, which hold nearly 4% of the market share collectively.
  8. Every month there are about 14.6 billion searches performed on Bing on PC.

Bing Demographics Statistics 2024

In this post, we explore the small yet second largest search engine in the search engine market through Bing stats.

  1. Individuals visiting Bing average about 2 minutes and 51 seconds on the website.
  2. In terms of socioeconomic distribution, Bing sees 38% of its users coming from a household with more than $100,000.
  3. Bing is not popular with the younger generation over 70% of its users are older than 35, and those that are over 55 accounts for 33% of Bing users.
  4. In 2020 Bing saw an equal amount of women and men using it as a search engine 50/50.
  5. By 2021 the gender demographic changed to 56% of users being male and 44% being female.
  6. 15% of Bing users identified as being disabled.
  7. Of the Bing users, only 2% identified as being LGBTQ+.
  8. 53% of individuals that use Bing are married.
  9. 57% report having children in the home.
  10. The majority of people who use Bing say that they use it to research various products at 58%.

Bing Advertising Statistics 2024

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  1. In 2021 Bing made $8.53 billion from advertising, which is a 10.2% increase from 2020, which saw $7.74 billion in advertising revenue.
  2. Bing mostly makes its revenue from ads.
  3. Most of its traffic comes from YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, with 50.13% coming from YouTube.

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Which country uses Bing the most?

Bing is most popular in the United States, with 85% of its activity being found there.

Is Bing more popular than Google?

Bing is not even close to as popular as Google, only taking up 3% of the search engine market share whereas Google has 92.13%.

However, Bing is still the second most popular search engine worldwide.

What is the most searched thing on Bing?

The three most searched things on Bing are, respectively, Facebook, YouTube, and Google. Interesting that one of the top searches is for another search engine.


Google may be the search engine behemoth, but it’s interesting to see that Bing is still a thriving and popular competition.

Although it may never reach Google’s popularity, it still maintains a level of authority in this category.


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