[320+] Eye-Catching Real Estate Company Names 2023

Good names for a company are those that are memorable, distinctive, and align with the brand, values, and offerings of the business. When choosing a real estate company name, it is ideal to consider your company’s customer demographic and the types of homes bought and sold by your company.

This article has many great real estate company names to meet your needs.

What’s a Good Real Estate Company Name?

Choosing a good real estate company name can be a daunting task. Follow these tips to help you come up with a clever and unique name:

  • It needs to be memorable and unique.
  • It must convey the right message to potential customers.
  • It should also be relevant to the services you offer
  • It should not be confused with another company’s name.

The name you choose will be associated with your business, so it needs to stand out from the competition.

Luxury Real Estate Company Names 2023

Luxury real estate is a great industry, with substantial payouts. Luxury property clients value professionalism and style.

Below are some great name examples that use both.

  • Above Atlanta
  • American Brokers
  • American Realty & Associates
  • Beachfront Realty
  • Blackhawk Property Management
  • Citylights
  • Condo Realty
  • Dwell
  • Elite
  • ERA Sunrise
  • Fairmount Properties
  • Gem
  • Gorilla Capital
  • Hamilton House
  • Home Light
  • Ink
  • Kinder Reese
  • Long Realty Uptown
  • Luxury Realty
  • Memphis Invest
  • Metroplex Realty
  • My Seattle
  • Orion Management
  • Pro Teck Valuation Services
  • Real Property Management
  • Realty Source
  • Rite Real Estate Solutions
  • Sharp Realty Group
  • Special Agents
  • Sweet Living
  • The Broker Network
  • Turner Team
  • Urban Nest
  • Venture Commercial
  • Viridian
  • Westway

Creative Real Estate Company Names 2023

If a more creative-sounding name is what you’re looking for to brand your company, consider the following options for choices that use real estate words in a fun way.

  • Affordable Realty
  • Avenue Realty
  • Best Relocation
  • Big Block
  • Cascade Realty
  • Climb Real Estate
  • Core Realtors
  • Courtland Partners
  • Eco Agency
  • Equity Point Real Estate
  • FirstClose
  • Full Circle
  • Highrises Realty
  • Home Team
  • Iconic Development
  • Kale Realty
  • Landmark Network
  • Living Room Realty
  • Marker Real Estate
  • Modern Realty
  • My Dream Home
  • Next Home Realty Connection
  • Parker Realty
  • Premiere Property Group
  • Rapid Realty
  • Real Living
  • Request Real Estate
  • Sand and Sea
  • Sterling One
  • Sync Real Estate
  • Team Diva Real Estate
  • The Trophy Group
  • Top-Notch Realty
  • Unlock Real Estate
  • Urban Pacific Real Estate
  • Wise Cat Realtors


Create and maintain a website. Make a high-quality website and post content on it weekly. That way, you’ll have a better chance of showing up in search results.

Unique Real Estate Company Names 2023

Luxury Real Estate Company Names concept, real estate agent holding key stands next to house for sale.

The benefit of using unique names for your real estate company is they may be more memorable to your clients or prospective clients.

Since it is always an advantage to have a memorable name and brand, consider these options.

  • 50 States
  • A to Z Properties
  • Americorp
  • Archstone
  • Asset Realty Group
  • Az Real Estate
  • Beaulieu Real Estate
  • Broward City Collection
  • City Closers
  • Easy Way Realty
  • eLink Realty
  • eMortgage Logic
  • Executive Home Search
  • Grand Homes Real Estate Company
  • Green Realty Experts
  • Green Realty Services
  • Hatch Home Team
  • Home & Away Realty
  • House in Order
  • Housing Helpers
  • Hull Homes
  • I Want Real Estate
  • Imperial Homes Inc.
  • Integrity Property Services
  • Live Here
  • Lutz Property Solutions
  • Mint Avenue
  • Modern Living
  • Move Realty
  • Nathan Tabor
  • On The Market
  • Open Houses LLC
  • Park 85 Realty
  • Property Align
  • R.O.I. Properties
  • Real Estate Master
  • Realogics
  • Renters Warehouse
  • Shift And Serve Real Estate
  • Sold Fast
  • Spiffy Realty Fund
  • The Bungalow Guy
  • The Enterprise
  • The Graves Group
  • The Great Piece of Land
  • Township Properties
  • Transaction Realty
  • Tuff Agents LLC
  • Urban Ash
  • Viewpoint
  • We Buy All Houses
  • Your Address LLC
  • Your Choice Real Estate
  • Your Dream Properties LLC
  • Zero Nonsense Realty
  • Zip Realty

Real Estate Company Names for Residential Agency 2023

Real Estate Company Names concept, hands are holding a tiny house and keys.

Residential property is perhaps one of the most common properties to handle in the real estate industry.

Don’t let your agency name sound common, though! Consider these great options for residential real estate agency names.

  • Above All Realty
  • Exclusive Mahogany Real Property Services
  • Fair Real Estate Group
  • Five Star Realty
  • Fountain Estates
  • Gold Abodes
  • Great Vista Real Property Services
  • Historic Hearthstone Abodes
  • Jade Property Services
  • Lake Realty Group
  • Level Group Construction
  • Magnificent Brokers
  • Magnolia Abodes
  • Mariposa Abodes
  • Mirage Real Property Services
  • Mountain Homes
  • Nightengale Real Property Services
  • Onyx Real Estate Group
  • Osprey Nests
  • Palm Brokers
  • Pavillion Abodes
  • Peak Nova Realty Advisors
  • Perfect Group
  • Pinnacle Homes
  • PorchLight Realty Group
  • Preferred Real Property
  • Premium Real Property
  • Quick Brokers
  • Rapid Ironwood Group
  • Redwood Group
  • Ridge Nooks
  • River Homes
  • Rodeo Realty
  • Sage Nooks
  • Sandpiper Realty Group
  • Select Brick Builders
  • Signature Realty Associates
  • Sloan Realty Group
  • Smarter Realty Advisors
  • Spire Property Services
  • Stribling
  • Summit Real Estate
  • Superior Abodes
  • Superior Triumph Estates
  • The Agency
  • The Rider Elite Team
  • Timber Team
  • Zenith River Homes

Real Estate Company Names for Rental Agencies 2023

Rental properties are becoming increasingly popular, especially as housing prices rise.

Think about using the following options if rental properties are your focus.

  • Best Pool Apartments
  • Brave Cassia Nests
  • Bright Brokers
  • Champion Nests
  • Colossal Apartments
  • Deluxe Marblewood
  • Home & Hearth Property Advisors
  • Nest Rentals
  • Nook Rentals
  • Premium Abodes
  • Rentals Abodes Inc
  • Rentals Partners
  • Rentals Realty Group
  • Seamless Nests
  • White Picket Fence Real Estate
  • Your Rentals Team

Real Estate Company Names for Commercial Properties 2023

Real Estate Company Names

Like luxury real estate, commercial real estate can also pay very well. Consider the following options if your business is mainly focused on commercial property.

  • Commercial Office Group
  • Commercial Partners
  • Commercial Property Advisors
  • Commercial Real Property Services
  • Commercial Realty Group
  • Commercial Team Profit
  • Commercial Wholesale Brokers
  • Community Commercial Realty
  • Dream Big Real Estate
  • Economy Commercial Properties
  • ExpertOffices
  • Industrial Property Management
  • Knob and Key Realty
  • Market Realty Advisors
  • Pride and Property
  • Upside Avenue
  • Warehouse Traders

Real Estate Company Names for Apartments & Condos 2023

If you’re primarily selling apartments and condos, consider the following options.

  • Above Apartments
  • Above Mountain Group
  • Acorn Partners
  • Adler Brokers
  • Adler Partners
  • Adler Real Property
  • Adobe Apartments
  • Agate Abodes
  • Agate Apartments
  • Agate Group
  • Agave Real Estate
  • Allen Tate Company
  • Anchor Partners
  • Apex Real Property Services
  • Apex Realty Group
  • Apogee Nooks
  • Arroyo Real Property
  • Aspen Homes
  • Aspire Homes
  • Axis Group
  • Azure Homes
  • Banyan Real Estate Group
  • Bay Realty Group
  • Beaches Real Property Services
  • Beachfront Realty
  • Benchmark Realty LLC
  • Best Garnet Homes
  • Best Nautilus Real Property
  • Best Real Estate
  • Birch Realty
  • Black Nests
  • Black Point Realty
  • Blue Apogee Realty
  • Blue Bird Group
  • Blue Jasper Abodes
  • Bluebell Real Estate
  • Bluejay Homes
  • Bold Realty
  • Bond New York
  • Bower Group
  • Brave Abodes
  • Brave Fountain Estates
  • Brave Group
  • Brave Real Property
  • Brave Willow Estates
  • Briarwood Nooks
  • Briarwood Property Services
  • Brick Realty
  • Bright Acorn Realty
  • Bright Realty Group
  • Brightline Brokers
  • Brilliant Mockingjay Real Property
  • Brilliant Redwood Partners
  • Brilliant Spire Team
  • Brook Real Estate
  • Caliber Real Estate Services
  • Carbon Apartments
  • Catbird Real Property
  • Champion Azimuth Property Advisors
  • Champion Nooks
  • Cherry Creek Properties
  • Circle Realty Services
  • Clever Nooks
  • Climb Real Estate
  • Colossal Abodes
  • Colossal Real Estate Services
  • Compass
  • CORE Real Estate
  • Cormorant Realty Group
  • Cottonwood Abodes
  • Country Club Properties
  • Crossroads Realty, Inc
  • Crown Group
  • Crown Nests
  • Crown Realty Advisors
  • Crown Realty Group
  • Deluxe Crown Group
  • Deluxe Granite Realty Advisors
  • Distinguished Magnolia Brokers
  • Divine Homes
  • Divine Pool Team
  • Divine Property Advisors
  • DJK Residential
  • Domus Apartments
  • Elegant Ironwood Nests
  • Elegant Red Fox Brokers
  • Elevation Abodes
  • Elevation Homes
  • Elevation Realty
  • Elm Realty Group
  • Equinox Apartments
  • Equinox Realty Group
  • Equitable Real Property
  • Equitable Realty Advisors
  • Evergreen Team
  • Everybody’s Favorite Corner Realty
  • Excel Real Property
  • Four Corners Real Estate
  • Future of Real Estate Agency
  • Hearthstone Apartments
  • House Peddlers
  • Johnston Realtors
  • Lagoon Apartments
  • Market Timers Real Estate Investments
  • Moving Ahead Realty Services
  • Open Doors – Open Minds Real Estate Consultants
  • Premium Real Property Services
  • Red Carpet Realty Advisors
  • Towering Property Services
  • Towering Sandpiper Partners
  • Your Dream Home Agent

Good Property Management Company Names

Remember to choose a name that reflects the values and goals of your property management company. Additionally, check for the availability of the chosen name and consider any local regulations or requirements when finalizing your decision.

  • Prime Property Management
  • Efficient Estates
  • ProCare Property Solutions
  • Stellar Management Services
  • Elite Property Partners
  • Optimum Property Management
  • Prestige Property Group
  • Paramount Property Services
  • Signature Property Management
  • First Class Property Management
  • Professional Property Care
  • Premier Asset Management

Good Names for a Property Investment Company

These names convey a sense of professionalism, expertise, and the potential for financial growth through property investments.

  • Capital Heights Investments
  • Smart Yield Properties
  • Prosperity Ventures
  • Elite Realty Investments
  • Prime Asset Management
  • Optimum Property Investments
  • Golden Gate Holdings
  • Wealth Builders Real Estate
  • Premier Property Portfolio
  • Strategic Equity Investments
  • Infinite Horizons Properties
  • Legacy Property Group

Real Estate Company Name in the USA

These names aim to evoke a sense of patriotism, trustworthiness, and pride in the American real estate market.

  • American Dream Realty
  • USA Property Group
  • Star Spangled Estates
  • Liberty Real Estate
  • All-American Homes
  • Patriot Properties
  • Land of Opportunity Realty
  • United States Realty Partners
  • Red, White & Blue Realty
  • American Heritage Properties
  • Freedom Real Estate Services
  • American Landmark Realty

Real Estate Company Name in Canada

These names aim to reflect the Canadian identity, emphasize trustworthiness, and evoke a sense of pride in the Canadian real estate market.

  • Maple Leaf Realty
  • True North Properties
  • Canadian Home Finders
  • Great White North Real Estate
  • Northern Lights Realty
  • True North Investments
  • Canadian Dream Homes
  • Canadian Property Pros
  • Aurora Real Estate Services
  • CanaHome Realty
  • NorthStar Real Estate Group
  • True Canadian Estates


How important is a real estate company name?

A real estate company name is essential for having a legitimate business in the field. However, not only must you have a company name, it must be a memorable one.

How to come up with a great real estate company logo?

To develop a great real estate logo, consider your company name and brand vision and align those with colors and aesthetics that match your plans for the company. When in doubt, get the help of a graphic designer.

What are some essential tips for marketing my real estate company?

Here are some essential marketing tips:

  • Build a social media presence. Frequently post pictures and updates of new properties for sale.
  • Use a professional photographer. The last tip said to post pictures often on social media, so make sure those pictures are from a professional.

Can I use a real estate name generator?

Yes, you can use a real estate name generator to help you develop ideas for your real estate business. Many online tools are available to generate names for your business and tools that can help you brainstorm ideas.

What are good names for a company?

Good names for a company are those that are memorable, distinctive, and align with the brand, values, and offerings of the business.

  • Bright Solutions
  • Jovial Enterprises
  • Integrity Innovations
  • Dynamic Designs
  • Creative Concepts
  • Steadfast Strategies
  • Ultimate Services
  • Prime Performance
  • Shield Solutions
  • Futuristic Foundations

 What are different names for real estate?

There are various terms and names used in the real estate industry to refer to different aspects or types of real estate. Here are some examples:

  1. Residential Real Estate
  2. Commercial Real Estate
  3. Industrial Real Estate
  4. Retail Real Estate
  5. Office Real Estate
  6. Multi-family Real Estate
  7. Single-family Real Estate
  8. Luxury Real Estate
  9. Vacation Property
  10. Land and Development
  11. Investment Property
  12. Rental Property
  13. Real Estate Development
  14. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
  15. Real Estate Brokerage

These are just a few examples, and the real estate industry encompasses many more terms and subcategories. Each term represents a specific type or aspect of real estate, catering to different purposes, markets, and investment opportunities.

What is the professional name of a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is also known as a real estate broker or a realtor.

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This concludes real estate company name suggestions for you to use. You should now have some great ideas of what to name your real estate company, regardless of what types of properties you handle.


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