How Often Will My Snap Score Update?

If you are just starting out using the Snapchat app, you may be left with questions about your Snap Score.

What is it?
How often does it update?
How can I improve my score?

Never fear! In this article, we will be answering all of these questions.


What is a Snap Score?

A Snap Score is a running tally of a user’s activity on the Snapchat app. It keeps a count of the number of snaps a user sends and receives, as well as the number of users added and the number of stories sent.

This score is often compared by Snapchat users to see who has a higher score, and it can be used to add trophies to their Snapchat trophy case.

How Often Does Snap Score Update?

The amount of time it takes a Snap Score to update can vary depending on many factors. On average, you should expect your Snap Score to update about 5 minutes after you send a snap.

Your Snap Score is updated at regular intervals as well as after a snap is sent. You should expect your score to change after around 5 minutes, but if you are looking at another person’s score, it may take longer for their score to change.

Does Snap Score Update Instantly? Are Snap Scores Delayed?

When you send a snap, your score changes automatically. This process can take around 5 minutes to complete, then you will be able to see your updated score.

If you are keeping track of a friend’s score, it will take longer for that score to be updated for you to see. Your friends’ Snap Scores can take a few hours to update for you and other external parties to see.

How to Refresh Someone’s Snap Score?

Your own Snap Score refreshes rather quickly, but it may take quite a long time for you to be able to see an updated Snap Score for another app user. The average amount of time it takes is 5 minutes, but it could take a few hours.

If your Snap Score is not updating, you may need to close out and reopen your app completely.

How to Improve Snap Score?

Your Snap Score is a representation of your usage of the app, so the best way to improve your score is to increase your Snapchat usage!

To improve your Snap Score, you can:

  • Add new friends
  • Send snaps
  • Receive and open snaps
  • Post Snapchat stories



Hopefully, we have been able to answer all of your Snap Score-related questions! Happy Snapping!


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