Will AI Put Writers Out of Business? Exploring the Future of Writing

Writing is a craft, and it requires a lot of time before one can say that he or she is competent enough. In different historical periods, writers were considered respectable members of society for their talent.

Writing is much different than in the past when it mainly revolved only around literature. Nowadays, it’s journalism and content writing, among other types. According to what we can see now, we must note that some trends threaten their position.

The reason is quite simple. Artificial intelligence is an integral part of various writing tools. We can agree that writing has become much more accessible than ever before, but what does that mean for writers, both those who write articles and those who write studies or reports?

What lies for them in the future?

What are the Main Differences?

Human writers are never going to be replaced with artificial intelligence completely. But for us to know exactly why, it is important to take a look at the differences between human and AI writing.

AI Writing Capabilities

When it comes to AI writing capabilities, it must be said that going through all the most important factors is complex and takes time.

But let us shine a light on some of the positive sides of the coin:

Being fully aware of its limitations is an absolute must to prevent the pitfalls:

  • The lack of creativity
  • Little to no emotional intelligence
  • Inability to adapt to various styles and subjects

Simply said, artificial intelligence is there to do some heavy lifting, without being competent to be as creative as writers.

Human Writing

AI Writers future - human writing

Human writing is much more superior simply because humans are AI themselves. I know this might sound obscure at first, but hear me out.

Each of us is an individual, and we all have experiences that define us. At the same time, experiences are widely different in the highest percentage. Furthermore, basic human nature dictates us to always look for new ways to interpret and compile, regardless of the action at hand.

Every single writer out there will tell you that personal experience is crucial to being good enough for the job. It is something that will become a part of every piece you write, and avoiding that is simply impossible. It is something that makes a difference between a highly competent writer from an average one.

Little is known about how every human being has a writing style that can be calculated mathematically. Experts have done a lot of studies on this subject, and many of them are available online. Probably the best-known one is the mathematics behind Dostoyevsky’s style.

The same goes for every human.

Human and AI Collaboration

Now that we know that AI is not a threat to writers, we would like to talk about how they can use AI to enhance their work.

It is a completely different perception from what was on the minds of many individuals before the situation with writing tools became clearer.

Using different writing tools has become a norm for practically all writers out there. Tools like APA paper writing service, which you find at essayservice.com, have been in use for years, and writers have nothing but compliments for them, simply because they make the job significantly easier.

Of course, this is just one example of how the collaboration between artificial intelligence and human writing is possible.

What About AI Writers?

Since OpenAI entered the stage, the SEO industry reshaped several times. Some thought that the days of human writers were over and that everyone should adapt to the current circumstances. But the truth cannot be further from this opinion.

Writers are as relevant as they were before. The only significant change is that AI has become a tool that can assist in an array of fields. For example, it can help to write an outline based on the best knowledge, which is always useful.

Not to mention that digging through countless sites or pages is complete in an instant. Writers do not need to spend countless hours before they can find relevant information, AI can do that in a matter of seconds.

Time is a resource, and writers are easily among those who know this best. Meeting the deadline is a day-to-day worry, and using these tools helps with preserving as much time as possible.

Workforce and Artificial Intelligence

We’ve all heard stories about artificial intelligence being some ticking time bomb that will eventually explode and leave all humans in the world without a job. When you think about this, these stories are not new.

There are numerous movies from the seventies and eighties where artificial intelligence was presented as a replacement for the workforce.

It is highly unlikely that something like this will ever happen, regardless of how advanced artificial intelligence will become.

There are reasons for this opinion:

  • While more productive than the human workforce, AI will never be as creative as an average human.
  • AI can function within the boundaries of the current knowledge, humans are responsible for inventing new technologies.
  • Artificial intelligence is limited in a way that it cannot conduct any manual job.

Therefore, you can rest assured that AI will certainly reshape industries, but will never replace humans completely, except in some cases.

A parallel between artificial intelligence and some other technologies, like steam engines, that surfaced in the past is more than clear. It will be the start of some new possibilities, while it will diminish others. Fortunately, writing is not among those who will cease.

Final Reflections

As you can see, there is no immediate danger for the writers, and by the looks of it, complete overshadowing is not to be expected.

With that in mind, writers have a task to adapt to the circumstances and continue to learn so that they can stay relevant in the industry, that is going to reshape again, and who knows how many times in the future.


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