32 Password Statistics About Data Protection and Security

Everyone uses passwords to protect their important and confidential information.

However, most people are unaware of how insecure their passwords are, compromising their accounts and exposing them to hackers.

Here are a few interesting facts to inspire you to use better security practices.


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General Password Statistics and Facts

Password statistics - Here are a few interesting facts to inspire you to use better security practices.

  1. The average password length is 8 characters.
  2. Most people have an average of 38.4 passwords that they use for different accounts.
  3. But the same password is used, on average, by 5 accounts at one time.
  4. 30% of people don’t lock their smartphones because they hate entering a password.
  5. Passwords with 12 characters or longer are 62 trillion times stronger than 6-character passwords.
  6. 73% of people reset at least one password every 90 days because they forgot what the password was.
  7. 3 out of every 4 people find managing their passwords annoying and frustrating.

Password Hacking Statistics

Password Hacking Statistics

  1. 90% of users a concerned that their passwords can be hacked at any time.
  2. For hackers, it only takes 10 minutes to figure out a 6-character password.
  3. 80% of breached accounts are the result of password hacking.
  4. 40% of people have been hacked because they used a duplicate password.
  5. More than half of people who have been hacked still don’t change their passwords after.
  6. 47% of Americans have lost money as the result of an online phishing scam.
  7. 27% of people admit to trying to hack into someone’s account by guessing their password.

Password Security Statistics

Password Security Statistics

  1. 51% of people use the same password for their work and personal accounts.
  2. More than 60% of people never update their passwords.
  3. 43% of people in the US share their passwords with others (more than half share them with their partners).
  4. Two-factor (or multi-factor) authentication can protect against 99% of common password security issues.
  5. Over ⅓ of Americans use the same password for multiple accounts online.
  6. At work, employees use the same password 13 times on average.
  7. 93% of people say their bank and financial information is the one thing they want to protect.

Business Password Statistics

Business Password Statistics

  1. Only 15% of companies require that their employees use multi-factor authentication to protect their accounts.
  2. Almost 70% of employees have shared a private password with another employee.
  3. 42% of employees use sticky notes to keep track of their passwords.
  4. Employees are allowed to use their personal phones for office-related work in 55% of all businesses.
  5. 37% of employers use the company name somewhere in their password.

Interesting Password Statistics and Facts

  1. Nearly ¼ of all Americans use a generic password like “password,” “123456,” or “Qwerty.”
  2. The password “123456” is used by over 23 million people for at least one account online.
  3. 53% of people only use their memory (instead of a password manager) to remember their login information.
  4. The most common names used in passwords are “Eva” and “Alex.”
  5. 1.9% of passwords contain a food or beverage product.
  6. 15% of people use their first name in their password.


How often are passwords hacked?

Roughly 40% of Americans have had their accounts compromised at least once (47% of who have lost money as a result of the hack).

Businesses are also susceptible to phishing scams – 51% have said they’ve been hacked in the past. You can strengthen your password by using 2FA or MFA and by creating a password longer than 12 characters.

How many people have an insecure password?

80% of people have had their accounts compromised due to a weak password. Not only are passwords commonly reused, but they’re often short and easy to guess. And if asked to change their password, 49% of people will only change one letter or digit.

What are the 10 most common passwords?

8 out of the top 10 most common passwords are only numerical digits (qwerty and password are the only two alphabetical passwords to make the list).

Over 103 million people use “123456”, making it the most common password in the world. With a weak password, hackers can crack into your account in under one second.


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Although it’s convenient to choose or reuse an easy password, you open yourself up to potential hackers and scammers.

But by using a strong password and secure MFA, you can protect yourself and your data without worrying about an account breach.


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