Google’s Javascript Framework Angular 2 final version Released

Finally, it’s here!! Huge excitement and a bit of relief, this is what most of the AngularJS and Angular 2 enthusiast would be feeling right now! The most awaited frontend JavaScript Framework of the year Angular 2 is out and is ready for production. No more release candidates for the framework which had seven release candidates prior to the final version.

The release comes approximately 2 years after Google had announced the project in 2014, which had created a lot of stir in AngularJS developer community as this project wasn’t something similar to the first version of the framework, AnguarJS. Instead, it was a complete rewrite.

The framework would be called Angular 2.0.0 and would follow semantic versioning from here onwards. It introduces a lot of new features and makes use of the latest ECMAScript standards. Applications can be written in different languages like JavaScript, Dart or TypeScript. The Angular 2 team, however, recommends TypeScript which is a Microsoft developed superset of JavaScript.

Angular 2 is supposed to be much faster than AngularJS and would be great for mobile and desktop alike. There are other side-projects like angular-cli which speeds up the development process with Angular 2, angular universal which enables us to render our app server side.

Also, there are other projects like Ionic 2 or the NativeScript which work with Angular 2 to better Mobile Application development.

We at CipherTrick have been following the updates on Angular 2 very closely and have also done some articles and courses on Angular 2 which can give you a head-start.

Angular 2 For Beginners (Video Series)

This is a video series on Angular 2 which will teach us how to build apps using Angular 2. It covers the details right from the basics and architecture to going on and building a complete application with Angular 2. Please note the series is Work in Progress and more videos will be released soon.

  1. Angular 2 – Tutorial 00 – Intro
  2. Angular 2 – Tutorial 1 – Architectural Overview
  3. Angular 2 – Tutorial 2 – An introduction to Angular cli
  4. Angular 2 – Tutorial 03 – Quickstart and Folder Structure
  5. Angular 2 – Tutorial 04 – Components and Modules
  6. Angular 2 – Tutorial 05 – Routing with Component Router
  7. Angular 2 – Tutorial 06 – Setting Active Link and Default route
  8. Angular 2 – Tutorial 07 – Property, Event Bindings and interpolation
  9. Angular 2 – Tutorial 08 – Two way Data Binding

We publish Video courses directly on our official YouTube channel. Make sure you have subscribed, to stay updated.

Some Articles on Angular 2

More action coming!

Now that the final release of Angular 2 is out, we at CipherTrick are going to work 10x harder to share more of our work with Angular 2 with you all. So stay tuned.

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