How to Become a Content Creator: 5 Steps

Let’s talk about the numbers first. It is estimated that the value of the content creation market will grow by over 25% in the next 10 years. In that case, the value will be over $180 billion.

Regarding an active statistic, the average salary of creators in the US is over $60k. These are all indications that the market has good potential. However, you will need some skills for a good career.

For instance, if you want to become a writer, it all starts with the knowledge you get during your studies. Those annoying essays actually hold a huge value. They are a foundation of writing skills, which will help you thrive as a creator.

But it can be difficult. If you need help writing an essay, a simple solution is hiring a professional. One of the best essay-writing services is Also, the point is to benefit from this option, not to abuse it. Check out what the professionals are doing and adopt that knowledge.

Besides writing, other skills can also help you reach a career in this field. I will share the key steps you need to follow to ensure a successful one.

1. Select a Field

Choose the Right Niche

The base of everything is to choose the right niche. So, how to choose it? Well, it is all about your skills and experience. 

You don’t want to share content about medicine if you don’t know anything about it. And people won’t be interested in that as well. The key is to focus on things you like, your passion. Something that holds value to you, but also the knowledge that you will share.

On the other side, you don’t have to get all scientific and share only educational content. Instead of that, just focus on entertainment. But, it requires skills to entertain someone as well as to educate people. 

How to do it? It is up to you. The more creative you get, the higher the potential to reach a wide audience.

2. Choose the Right Platform

Even if you got the skills, and the idea about the content you will share, there are still potential challenges you could face. First of all, about the platform where you will share it.

Existing ones all offer many benefits. All of them hold a huge potential. However, the popularity of a certain niche may not be the same for each one of them. 

For example, if you are passionate about cooking, you can play around with a blog, and short clips on Facebook and Instagram, but YouTube is the most efficient place because you will get the ability to add more depth to the content, and explain to someone how to prepare a specific meal. 

Those other platforms can still serve as additional tools. You can still collect followers, and even profit from it. The same is true for a blog. Some people would like to get a written recipe. Still, a video format is proven as most efficient today. At least is for this category. 

3. Research the Market

Research the Market

Learning what the competition is doing is another important step. It is not about copying anyone, but rather about collecting some details about what successful creators are already doing, and whether you can adopt something similar, or try a new technique. 

For example, Darren Rowse is one of the most popular in the world today. She had a huge effect on the blogging industry. So, you should read her work, check out the writing style, and how she is reaching so many people. The goal is to learn from the best. 

If you are interested in other types of content. Let’s say, videos, that also depend on so many things. Do you want to create podcasts? Or you are interested in faceless videos?

All of these are already covered by many creators, but there is still a chance for someone new to find his spot. How to do it? Focus on trends, things things people would love to watch. Or, if you have a unique idea, go for it!

4. Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself

Branding is the key when it comes to content creation. The main focus will have to stay on promotion. The best way to promote yourself is not having to deal with it at all. So, this may sound strange. But the point is that when you become a well-known face on some platform, you don’t need to worry about reaching people.

All you need to worry about from that point is related to the next content you will share. But branding is not simple. Especially today, with so many creators. 

Therefore, there must be a certain detail that will move you from the crowd. Something people will easily remember.

I already mentioned cooking. Well, how did Gordon Ramsay become so popular? I am sure there are many other chefs with the same if not better cooking skills.

But, what set him apart is his unique style. Let’s say that he is quite a sincere guy. 

5. Follow Statistics

Follow Statistics

The only way to find out if you are doing things right is by following the metrics. No matter the tool you are using to share your content, all of them provide some form of analytics that you can check out, and make certain conclusions. 

Why is this important? Well, a lot of things can change over time. 

For example, you experienced a sudden burst in views and followers, but it only lasted for a short time. What could be the cause? You will check that with the mentioned model, and focus on the video that got more views, who watched it, whether are they following you already, and is specific content different from others on your channel.

The whole point is to follow trends and make appropriate changes. 


The start can be difficult, but that is the case with most of things. So, all you need is a good plan and determination. The steps mentioned in this article are the foundation, but there are many other things to analyze and adopt along the way. 


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