Where to Invest Your 2024 Hotel Marketing Budget

As a hotel manager, deciding how to allocate your marketing budget each year is critically important. There are many factors to consider as you strategize how best to reach customers and drive bookings.

The best solution is to attract people will some special details you are offering. For example, add that says Hotels with Jacuzzi in the room, or romantic getaway to hotels with hot tubs. There is an excellent source where you can secure bookings by targeting those interested in such accommodations, tubhotels.com.

Now, let’s check out more about the best investments hotel management can choose for their annual marketing budget. 

Share Your Hotel on Specialized Websites

Share Your Hotel on Specialized Websites

Just like the website we already mentioned, there is a great selection of other platforms you can use to position your hotel on the market. 

Booking is one of the leaders in this segment, with millions of users and registered accommodations. The reason why so many people prefer using this one is convenience. You can easily search through numerous options, make a reservation, pay for it, and what is even more important, check and compare reviews of previous guests. 

There are other popular sites as well, such as TravelPerk, Frommer’s, TripAdvisor, and Yelp, and the last two are mainly for leaving and checking reviews. 

Keep in mind that how people rate your rooms on these platforms is maybe the most important thing for your marketing. As long as you have high ratings on them, you can expect more guests. 

Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Boost Your Social Media Marketing
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Claims that your accommodations belong to the category of the best Hotels with a Jacuzzi in the room, potential guests would probably want some proof. And the best way to provide it to them is by sharing interesting photos through different social media platforms. 

If you are targeting older generations, Facebook is the best one to use, while Instagram and TikTok are more popular among younger people. 

This method is simple and cost-efficient. All you need to do is upload attractive photos from time to time and share other valuable information through FB statuses, Instagram Reels, and Stories, and on your TikTok account. 

There is also an advanced model with social media included, with the potential to make your hotel even more popular, which is by hiring popular influencers. 

The interesting part is that this doesn’t have to be so expensive at all. You can contact a popular YouTuber or Instagram influencer who is focused on hotels and offers that person a free room and food. However, if it is a person that has millions of followers, an additional payment will probably be necessary along with those benefits. 

Optimize Your Website

It’s nothing new with the fact that not having a website can only put you behind your competition. 

Therefore, be sure to hire a team of professionals who will implement the latest features and ensure your website is working well on both mobile and desktop browsers. 

The design should also be pleasing, and eye-catching. If you are offering rooms with hot tubs, be sure to share them on your website. Of course, with pictures and videos. 

The content must be optimized in a way where people will easily find you when searching for a hotel in your area. 

When pages are optimized in the right way, a person who types in “Romantic hotels with Jacuzzi in the room” will see your hotel at the top of search results. 

You can hire a team of people who will work solely on improving the brand image of your hotel. Combined with influencers, this strategy will surely make a lot more people interested, and surely put your hotel on a map.

And it gets easier over time since regular guests will start sharing their experience in your rooms. So, the crucial part remains to be related to what you can offer, and that the offer is honest. You don’t want a negative review on some platform, especially not just after starting with the marketing strategy. 

Paid Ads

Paid Ads

Initially, pad ads might be the most efficient solution because previous methods usually require more time for significant results. Therefore, you can boost marketing by paying for ads on Google and social media. That way, your hotel will appear as sponsored content to all those people who were recently searching for rooms. 

In most cases, hotels are spending up to 10% of their revenue on marketing. Well, 20 to 30% of those funds should be spent on paid ads, and if you are just building a brand from scratch, then the portion of the overall budget should be even higher. 

Be Sure to Follow Analytics

Hotel Marketing Analytics
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Without keeping track of this data, you can never be sure about making the right moves and selecting the best marketing method. The goal is to analyze different promotional strategies and see which one is bringing more results.

Once you are aware of that, you can choose to either focus solely on the one that is already efficient or try to boost other models and make them efficient. For example, finding a more popular influencer, or hiring a new designer that will change the appearance of your website. 

When you are tracking statistics all the time, all changes can be made in a timely manner. For example, when the ratings on the platform are suddenly dropping, you can take quick action and determine the possible reasons for that, and then try to reverse the trend with new attractive deals or required changes related to the infrastructure of the hotel. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are different solutions available, and the best model is actually their combination. You need good ratings on TripAdvisor and similar platforms, but for more ratings, you need more guests, and you will attract them with a combination of social media marketing, paid campaigns, and influencers that promote your rooms.

And in the end, when you are really offering comfort and other excellent features, there is nothing to worry about, the guests will keep coming back. 


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