Thesis Writing Dilemma: Should You Embrace New Technology for Better Results

Writing a thesis is not a walk in the park. You will find students being quite stressed when they go through this process. If you went through it, then you know just how challenging it can be since there are so many regulations you need to follow before meeting the academic criteria. So, committing many hours to this task is an absolute must for every student, regardless of their field of study. That’s what makes it so challenging.

Staying focused for days and weeks, even months sometimes, is incredibly hard. With that in mind, it is an absolute must for the students to conduct proper preparation. We are talking about the process that involves gathering the materials that will be a part of the thesis, writing the outline, and coming up with a conclusion that will combine all the aspects and make it impactful and memorable.

We can all agree that doing so was much harder back in the day than it is now and for a good reason. Students have modern technology to rely on to check whether they have made some mistakes in the process. Some tools can even help research the subject in a depth that wasn’t accessible before. If you want to look at one of these, visit

Today, we want to discuss many dilemmas: is embracing new tech to achieve better results okay? 

Should You Utilize It?

Should You Utilize It

We first want to address the moral aspect of using modern tech. While using modern tech can make this process significantly easier for you, you should not use it to cheat. Remember, the professor or a commission going through your thesis has its tools. This means they can check whether you have used tools that wrote the whole thesis on their own, which leads to you not passing the task at hand.

Remember, the aim is not to cheat your way out of doing the task, the aim is to help you do it better. That is the mindset you should adopt. There are several ways you can do that. You can use powerful tools to go through your thesis and see whether some grammar is wrong or you have some punctuation mistakes. Fortunately, the tools available today can resolve this issue in minutes, regardless of your thesis length.

But at the same time, there is another thing that requires your attention: choosing the proper tools. As you may know, the number of these options is practically countless in this day and age. Therefore, you must go through many options before finding the one that works efficiently. If you know someone with experience with a good one, do not hesitate to ask about the right way to use it.

In navigating the dilemma of embracing new technology for thesis writing, it’s crucial to recognize that effective business communication still hinges on the critical skill of writing as thinking, drawing connections with the insights shared in the corresponding article.

How Can They Be of Help?

When it comes to the methods this can be achieved with, they are countless. We’ve already mentioned that some apps can help you by writing the whole thesis. Plus, some other tools can help by gathering all the necessary resources to gain insight before you start writing. Doing so is quite easy; the software will gather everything relevant regarding your topic, which it can find online.

While gathering the materials may look like a simple thing to do, you will see that it is far from that. Just imagine collecting everything scientists have written on the subject. Another way you can make the process more efficient and faster is by going through the resources by utilizing a tool that will go through all the resources and gather the most relevant things you need to consider before you start to write.

Naturally, it would be best to double-check these before referencing them in your paper. While there are many highly efficient tools, we would like to say that there is always some room for making a mistake. With that in mind, you should always double-check. However, we wouldn’t recommend using a tool for something like this. We encourage you to do it old-school style, one by one.

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The Writing Itself

The Writing Itself (2)


Writing is probably the most time-consuming aspect of this procedure. Think about it: after you gather all the resources, you need to start going through them, and only then do you start writing. Even though it may look like using modern technologies to simplify this process should be done, it is still debatable whether it should be done or not. There are arguments for both sides of the coin.

For instance, you will see that some argue that utilizing, let us say, an AI writer will not do in this case. The reason is simple: The thesis should be individual, and lacking a personality behind the research will make it generic. At the same time, some claim that this aspect can help, but then the writer should go through the paper and start giving a bit of its personality to the paper at hand.


The last thing we want to discuss is the discussion within academic circles regarding using modern tech to write a thesis or any other academic paper. Some voices proclaim whether they should be utilized because using so many technological advancements that make the procedure much quicker will make the human brain less active, reducing the potential for future research.

Conversely, some voices claim that modern tech opens many new doors regarding this aspect. They stress the importance of using this one because many studies can be compiled in much shorter time frames. By doing so, it is possible to make many more breaches in the world of technology than ever before. If you ask us, we believe the middle path is still the best.

Embarking on the journey of writing a thesis involves meticulous planning and execution, and a comprehensive guide to crafting a thesis step by step can provide valuable insights into the process, complementing the exploration of technology’s role in achieving better results as discussed in the related article.


Thesis Writing Dilemma Should You Embrace New Technology for Better Results (2)

Modern technology does open a lot of doors to us. We use it for everyday activities, and it makes them significantly simpler than they were before. But when it comes to using it to help with writing academic papers, it should have a balance. Here, you can find insight into various aspects, even discussions, on how it should be used in the future. We are certain you will find it to be quite helpful.


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