How To Make $20k/mo working Remotely As An SEO/Copywriter

Hey Brandon, please introduce yourself to our readers

My name is Brandon Leuangpaseuth and I’m a freelance SEO growth marketer from San Diego, CA.

Please shed some light on your Service(s) and area of expertise

I help funded start-ups scale their online presence via Google. Great content that actually helps the readers solve their problems is how you be successful in the search engines.

I come in with my team of contractors and transform websites into organic lead-generating machines. Sure, ads are great. But if you can get the same visibility and conversions from your website for free…why wouldn’t you? Your website becomes a cash cow or profitable asset.

How did you come up with the idea of this? What inspired you?

Fate. I was always a natural-born copywriter and I performed SEO at an agency. After I quit the agency and went full-time into freelancing, I lived in Thailand (the SEO capital of the world). I attended the Chiang Mai SEO conference and stayed in Thailand. I co-worked with some of the world’s top SEO specialists and realized the way I did SEO at the agency was downright slow and wrong. I took my newfound knowledge and help start-ups quickly grow their online presence.

When did you decide to launch it? What made you launch this product/service?

Again, fate. I had been freelancing for the past few years and during Covid, I landed a huge client with some old-fashioned luck. I knocked it out of the park for them. They referred my services to their network of big start-up companies and the rest is history.

What’s your customer acquisition strategy?

LinkedIn lead generation, guest posting, and referrals. I make sure I do a really good job for my clients and when they are happy, I ask for referrals. I have companies applying to work with me to sort through who is ready to work with me. It’s a big investment to work with me (it’ll be cheaper to work with established agencies) and I want to make sure I only pick up clients who are ready to scale. Not every company is ready to scale with content marketing and SEO. However, if their offer is right and they know who their target audience is, I’m like rocket fuel for the business.

I can honestly say I’ve built my career off of guest posting. Pitching big marketing blogs and writing for them for free, has transformed my career.

What’s the status of your business right now? Did you ever have a steep low or high?

With client work, there are always highs and lows. Business is good right now. I have big clients and I put all my energy into getting them good results. Losing contracts is just a part of being a freelancer. I’m understanding that being great at what you do is not the only skill you need to close deals. Salesmanship is just as important, if not more than being really good at your craft.

How is your business impacting the world?

I help companies reach more customers to solve problems. It’s a cool feeling when I have friends say they purchase software or services based on the work I did for a client. There is a lot of fulfillment in knowing that I am helping people discover software to improve their lives. I can say, “I helped build that”

What platform/tools do you use for your business?

SEO tools like Surfer SEO, Ahrefs (my favorite), Grammarly, and CMS platforms like Webflow and WordPress

Who inspired you to start this business?

Covid. I worked a full-time job before and hated it. After I lost all my clients to Covid, I knew I didn’t want to ever work a full-time job again. So, I spent a lot of money to figure out how to run and grow and freelance business. It worked.

Useful resources that helped you grow your business?

  • Matt Diggity
  • Chiang Mai SEO Conference
  • Traffic and Funnels
  • Trey Stinnett
  • John Morrow:

Advice for people who are starting out on their startup journey?

Stick with it. Resilience is the only guaranteed way of avoiding failure. Make mistakes. Learn. And move forward. Running your own business can be tough but the rewards are worth it. I get to travel the world and do what I love, scale companies.

Are you hiring for your agency?

I’m always interested in talking to motivated individuals. Shoot me a message on LinkedIn.

I’m grateful for all the folks who helped me launch my career. I do my best to pay it forward.

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