Let’s Learn How to Create Little Miss Memes

Recently, it seems that social media has been flooded with the ‘Little Miss’ memes. The little miss memes are a fun, juvenile way to poke fun at somewhat negative adult characteristics. These memes have taken the world by storm in recent months.

Let’s learn a bit more about them. 

What is the “Little Miss Meme” Trend?

As stated before, the Little Miss memes are a bright way to poke fun at some negative adult characteristics. For example, “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” is a common meme to see in this format.

These memes are based on the popular “Little Miss” and “Mister Men” books. The Mister Men series was first published in 1971, and the first Little Miss story was published in 1981, both by author Roger Hargreaves.

What followed was a longstanding series that has spanned decades. When Roger Hargreeves passed away, his son Adam Hargreeves picked up the torch and carried on his father’s legacy. 

These books all utilized a titular character, named for his or her dominant personality trait, to teach a moral lesson to young readers.

In 2022 (though there is some debate that it could have been 2021) the first “Little Miss” meme came to be. There has since been a massive number of these memes flooding the web.  

These memes evolved to include some “Mr. Men” themed memes, but they remain far more uncommon than their “Little Miss” counterparts.

The bright-colored, simple illustrations are an excellent format for these fun memes.

Tips for the Perfect Little Miss Meme

Of course, there is no perfect Little Miss meme, but let’s go over some ideas, as well as how to make one yourself.

Little Miss Meme Ideas

The best place to start, when planning out your “Little Miss” meme is deciding what your meme will say. Some of the memes use a few words, while others utilize a short phrase to get their point across. 

Take a look within yourself, and think of that one trait that you think will fit the meme format. The memes tend to be a little bit self-deprecating, but they usually do not take it to the extreme. 

Here are some examples that we found:

  • Little Miss Trouble
  • Little Miss Birthday
  • Little Miss Busy
  • Little Mr. Bounce
  • Little Mr. Mummy

Your “Little Miss” trait can be anything about yourself! 

A great place to look for inspiration is other people’s memes. You can look on Instagram, Google, Facebook, etc.

Little Miss Meme Template: How to Create Your Own Little Miss Meme

There are many different ways that you could go about making your own “Little Miss” or “Mister Man” meme. 

For the sake of this article, we are going to be going over the most simple way to create your own meme, which is to use an online template.

If you are more technologically advanced, you may be capable of doing more complicated work, which will yield more detailed results.

The easiest way to create your own meme in this format is to find a website that will allow you to create your own meme using one of their templates. Kapwing.com has a “Little Miss” template that is incredibly easy to fill in. 

  • To begin, follow the link above. You will want to click the blue ‘edit this template’ button to get to the template.
  • Then you can change the text to say whatever you desire, delete the default “Little Miss” and choose a new one from the choices on the left side of the screen.
  • Once you have finished making changes, you can export the meme by clicking the ‘export’ option at the top right of the screen.

It will give you a paid or free option, which you can choose. 

From there, you can do with your meme as you will! 


Hopefully, we have been able to answer your questions about the new “Little Miss” meme craze. This is such a fun trend, and we hope you enjoy making memes as much as we have!


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