Freelance Content Marketer

If you have a budget of at least $10,000/m for 3 months, reach out and tell me more about your project!

What I Can Do for You 

Establish Your Processes

I can work with your team in order to establish your internal SEO processes. This includes competitive analysis, KW research, content creation, and outreach.

Help You Create Linkable Assets on Your Website

Creating high-quality linkable assets on your website requires a lot of time researching and building. All the effort is worth it because it picks up backlinks naturally, which is the secret sauce of Whitehat Link Building. 

Some types of linkable assets are:

  • Infographics
  • Online Tools
  • Awards
  • Producing Studies & Researches
  • Coin industry terms
  • Create interactive maps or other visuals
I will work with a content creation team to build a portfolio of excellent, linkable resources that grow your brand authority and drive in more organic traffic. 

Promote Your Content Through Outreach 

I can promote your content to the right audience using whatever method will work best for your unique business. The goal is to get you backlinks. 

My tactics will work best if your content is data-driven and really good, so ideally this step comes after #2 on this list. 

Note: I don’t do strategy proposals. 

I've been working for:

Organic Traffic Growth

So far this has been all talk and nothing to back it up. Take a look at some of the organic traffic results that I’ve helped clients achieve over the years. 

1. Fashion & Beauty brand

I joined them in June 2019, helping them to revamp them their content marketing strategy and produce more data-driven content with industry statistics. With the help of a great team of writers, editors, and others, we were able to get some upward momentum that's still going strong.

2. Tech Start-Up

I started consulting with them in September 2019, assisting with their SEO strategy and implementation. Within 1 year, their website was getting 50,000+ more organic visitors every month.

3. Agency Website

I started working for this client in February 2018. A good SEO strategy takes time to show results, and this one was no different. After putting in the hard work, we started to see great results in a few months, more than doubling the original organic traffic numbers within a year.

4. My Niche Website

This is my own affiliate website in a very competitive and lucrative niche. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to spend on this project right now, but the initial work I put into it is still reaping results up until now.

None of these results are 100% my doing. With SEO, everything is a bit of a toss-up. All you can do is take the most informed steps possible and adjust course based on the new data you bring in. 

That’s what I and my teams do every day, and the results have been incredible. 

Client Testimonials

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