The Future Self-Driving Suitcase


The products presented at the Las Vegas 2018 consumer electronics show have been seen to adapt some of the autonomous automobiles technologies. As such, travelers will have an easier process of handling luggage. The suitcase can roll at 11 kilometers per hour with its owner, navigate around obstacles, and can be controlled with a smartphone application. Designed by California’s Travelmate, this device integrates artificial intelligence elements. These enable it to shoot at the user’s pace. Selling at US 4 1,100 (S $ 1,454), it is set to be launched in the US, Europe, and Japan markets in February. ForwardX, a Chinese startup in California has a competing offer, set to storm the market with face recognition whereby users will not need a smartphone application. It will use a driving algorithm and computer vision to get a clear path. ForwardX also presents gesture control technology and can be protected against theft through immobilization. Travelmate and ForwardX are confident that their devices fully comply with the safety regulations of the US. A 90FUN automatic tracking suitcase shown at CES is Chinese based and will reach the American markets soon. It is designed with the personal transport manufacture Segway self-balancing technology. For the tired traveler, Modobag, a baggage product comes as a suitcase for a ride for both the owner and his clothes although it lacks artificial intelligence.


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