Keeping a Manifestation Journal 2024 [Complete Guide]

The modern world is busy and fast-paced. This makes it very challenging when it comes to focusing the mind and understanding what you want from life. 

Personal development guru Tony Robbins says that “What you focus on is what you get.” There are many different strategies and tools you can use to help you get that focus. One of those is a manifestation journal. 

What Is Manifesting?

Manifesting is all about willing something to happen using visualization. People who practice manifestation approach it in different ways, but the core belief is the same. 

It’s a life philosophy that took off in 2020, and there are people that sit on both sides of the fence as to whether it is helpful. There is no scientific evidence to support manifestation but for many people, it has proved to be helpful because the practice demands you keep a positive mental attitude. 

What Is a Manifestation Journal?

manifestation journal

A manifestation journal is one method people use. It’s a notebook or journal in which you write down your thoughts, dreams, goals, and plans. In other words, you’re writing down the things you want to manifest. 

Think of a manifestation journal as a written record of what you want to attract. It’s very similar to the idea of a vision board acting as a visual depiction of those things. According to the law of attraction, energy flows where attention goes.

Therefore, by holding your goals in mind as you write them, you’re fueling your intention. 

How Journaling Can Help With Manifesting this 2024

Journaling is a way of supporting and guiding the manifestation process. But that’s not the only benefit. It can also be very therapeutic as it allows you to release your emotions and provides a safe place for expressing everything that tells you that you can’t have what you really desire. 

Manifestation journaling helps you recognize a scarcity mindset compared to an abundance mindset. Manifestation journals also provide the space for the thinking brain to take a rest and enter a flow state. In a flow state, a person is better able to hear what their heart and soul have to say about what they truly desire. 

Finally, writing is a way of focusing your energy and giving the manifestation process more potency. 

How To Write A Manifestation Journal 2024

If you think writing a manifestation journal might be something you’d like to try, it couldn’t be simpler. All you need is a journal or notebook and some idea of what you want to manifest. 

Once your journal is underway, there are strategies and tools you can use to help you on your journey toward your dreams. 

There are no rules when it comes to what you write, but the following steps will give you a framework when you’re just starting. 

Step1: Be Specific About What You Want

The first step is to clarify what you want and write it down in your journal or notebook. Be very specific on exactly what it is you want to bring into reality. 

For example, being rich is a common goal, but you need to expand on that by asking yourself some questions, such as:

  • How much money do you want to manifest?
  • When will you reach your goal?
  • How will you earn money?
  • What do you plan to do with the money you earn?
  • Will anyone apart from yourself benefit from the money?

Step 2: Be Clear About Your Intentions

Step number two is to clarify your intentions. In other words, understand why you want to manifest your particular desire and how it will elevate your spirit. 

Step 3: Remember to be Grateful

When you’re writing things in your manifestation journal, remember to include things you’re grateful for. 

Rather than focusing solely on the things that are lacking in your life, gratitude will help you shift your attention and appreciate the things you already have. When you show appreciation for what you’ve already got, you’re better able to attract more. 

Step 4: Meditate on What You Wrote

The final step you must take is to meditate on what you wrote. This is one of the most powerful techniques for manifesting. 

Find somewhere you can sit quietly. Take deep breaths and visualize yourself living your dream life. As you inhale, breathe in positive feelings and use them to fill yourself with inspiration. When you exhale, breathe out all those limiting beliefs that are acting as a block to your manifesting journaling.   

Tips For Getting Started In Writing A Manifestation Journal

The following tips will help you continue on your manifestation journey. 

Have A Crystal Clear Vision

Whenever you want to manifest something, it’s vital that you’re super specific and clear about your goals. The more detail you can add to your goals, the better it will be. 

Use The Power Of Your Imagination

Our imagination is a very powerful thing, and you can use its power to your advantage when writing in a manifest journal. 

What you want to do is to try and feel as if your manifestation is already real and try to align with the vibration of what you desire. 

A very effective way to express things is to think about the things that will please you from the manifestation. It will create a positive energy that helps you focus on your desires. 

Journal Your Limiting Beliefs And Thoughts

Writing about negative things might seem counterproductive, but you must get all the negativity out of your system. 

By airing your limiting beliefs, you’re training your brain to look forwards to new possibilities, solutions, and opportunities rather than your challenges and limitations. 

Another good tip is to keep a list of the things that are worrying you. This can often help to release any heavy energy that’s holding you back from achieving your goals. 

Most Popular Manifestation Journal Templates

There is no hard and fast rule as to how you write your manifesting journal, but the following techniques and manifestation journal ideas might help. 

Journal About Future You

With this manifestation journal example, you’re writing about the person you want to be, how you’re going to move, and what you will do in the world once your desires manifest. 

This method creates energetic alignment with your manifestation. In turn, this speeds up the manifestation process and helps you become the person who already has what you desire. 

The 369 Manifestation Journal Method

The manifestation journal 369 method is a perfect manifestation journal for beginners as it is simple to follow. You have to come up with a positive affirmation and write it three times as soon as you wake up.

During the afternoon, you write it six times, followed by writing it nine times before going to bed.

You repeat this for 21 days in a row. The repetition is to guide your focus and rewire your brain. The numbers aren’t the most important aspect. What matters with 369 manifestation journal examples is the pattern of repetition for a few days and how it helps your brain.  

The Pillow Method

All you have to do is write out your goals and what you want to manifest the last thing at night before you go to bed. You then slip your manifestation journal under your pillow while you sleep. By writing your desires in your journal just before you go to sleep, you’re carrying your thoughts with you into your subconscious. 


For many people, manifestation journaling is a powerful tool for self-care and letting go of anxiety. It helps turn negative thoughts into more hopeful ones and breaks the spiral of anxiety. 


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