How to Outsource Web Development? [All you need to know]

In this post, we won’t discuss if you should outsource web development if it’s risky or anything like that.

You came here to know how to ACTUALLY outsource web dev and do it well, that’s what we’ll talk about.

Here’s a summarised process right off the bat –

  • Pick an agency/freelancer of your choice
  • Check their previous work and see if you like it
  • Get on a call with them and explain your needs clearly
  • Get a quote and contract

Now, let’s guide you on all these processes one-by-one –

Pick an agency/freelancer of your choice


This is hard. We usually recommend checking your local connections and doing some basic market research. You can check Yelp, Linkedin, Upwork, and a lot more platforms.

Does this take a lot of time? YES.

Will I be able to find someone skilled quickly? Depends. No for the most part.

This process depends a lot on your capability to research.

If you’re on this post, you’re at the right place.

We provide Web Development Services and they start at just $148/mo. No hidden fees.

You can contact us here and get started with the process.

Check their previous work and see if you like it

Most of the developers have their portfolios on display and it helps you get a fair idea of how their work will turn out to be.

This is one example of a portfolio.

The catch: People don’t really have a lot on display and in reality, they are able to develop website way beyond what you see in the portfolio.

Getting on a call or asking them to present something they can build would be the best option if you want to make sure… just in case…

Get on a call with them and explain your needs clearly

This is crucial.

You can’t judge a person or get to know about their personality without actually talking to them. That personal touch goes a long way.

You’re choosing someone whom you’ll be paying a good amount to maintain, potentially, the lifeline of your business and it is for sure, a BIG DEAL.

Make sure you are charged reasonably and you’re dealing with a person who has ethics.

Mutual respect goes a long way. No doubt about that.

Get a quote and contract

Get a contract and make sure it’s followed. It’s very important and can help you tons… you’ll be saved from not getting scammed or tricked if it’s all legal and written.

We usually don’t recommend picking a service that is insanely cheap – something like $1-2/hour. This is usually done by freelancers who never work on the project again and treat it as a one-time thing. This will be okay for a lot of people BUT when you’re running a business, you really need to update the website regularly to make sure you’re up to date and DISPLAY the correct stuff on the site. There have been times when businesses have got sued just because they had false info on their site so be aware of that.

Bottom Line

We hope you got some value from the article and now know where to find the perfect web developer to help build the website of your dreams!


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