Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2022 And Beyond

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Table of Contents

The world of Digital Marketing can get overwhelming considering the changes that take place every day that change the way things are being done.

Technology advances every day and if you’re not up to date with every new advancement, chances are you’ll end up being less competitive.

Being up to date with everything technology is not quite possible considering you have a business to run.

This might leave you susceptible to making big digital marketing mistakes or missing out on things in your B2B campaigns that would have benefited your business significantly.

Fear not! We’re here to make sure you know what mistakes you should avoid making to ensure your business stays healthy and generates profits for a long time into the future.

So pay attention, here we go!

Underutilizing Data Analysis

Data is what drives the digital world. Data is the most valuable resource in the world at present, more valuable than crude oil. Analyzing this data provides one with insights and information that have multiple applications one can benefit from.

Data Analysis provides a business with many benefits, be it sales forecasting, shorter business process cycle times, intelligent inventory management, better decision making, etc.

Business improvement opportunities that data analysis provides are endless, the only limiting factor is how you utilize the gained insights.

Image Courtesy – SNP Technologies

A business’s overall competency can be raised significantly using data analysis. Processes such as Marketing, Sales, Administration, Customer Support, etc gain a lot in terms of productivity and efficiency.

Underutilizing Data Analysis translates to losing out on all these benefits that can grant you a significant competitive advantage in the market.


Not leveraging Automation

Everything that was considered science fiction a few decades ago is a part of our daily lives today. Digital Assistants, Cloud Computing, AI, Humanoid Robots, VR, etc. all became mainstream due to advancements in technology.

Automation aided by Technology is another example of advancements that became reality and revolutionized how the world functions. The Business was among the first sections to benefit from Automation, first in the form of physical automation in the form of robot driven assembly lines and later in the form of digital process automation.

Image Courtesy – Softensy

At present, all business processes can be automated effectively to a significant extent. This has allowed businesses to reduce costs, boost productivity, conserve business resources, better allocation of human resources, produce and provide more value which in turn has boosted their profit margins.

Cloud computing has made automation scalable, widely accessible and affordable. There aren’t any excuses for any business to not adopt automation in their business processes.

Image Courtesy – Softensy

Not utilizing automation will make your business less competitive in the market, so make sure your business stays competitive by making use of various forms of business process automation.


Not optimizing content for mobile devices

Smartphones changed the Digital Landscape enabling users to perform all the functions they could using a desktop or laptop with a pocketable device on the go. As a result, almost 52% of all web traffic is now attributed to smartphones.

Image Courtesy – Hootsuite

This trend is not going to slow down as technology improves leading to increasing smartphone penetration and access to better connectivity. This change is so significant that websites that are properly optimized for smartphones and tablets are ranked higher by Google than those that are not.

What this means for your business is that if you’re not well optimized for being accessed using smartphones and tablets, you will not only lose out on the majority of the web traffic but even your website will be subsequently ranked lower than your competition.

Image Courtesy – TheBestMedia

Many of the businesses have been well aware of this and have adapted to the change to benefit most of the oncoming trends. So we advise you to have all your content well optimized for being accessed through various types of devices.

This will ensure you do not lose out on any type of device driven web traffic. You might as well look out for adaptation rates of VR as that technology is touted to be the next revolution in the digital space.

Not Optimizing for Voice and Visual Search


AI powered virtual assistants started gaining traction in the middle of the last decade. A trend that was set in pace with the introduction of Siri by Apple in 2011 has given us other capable digital assistants such as Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Advancements in speech recognition and processing algorithms enabled humans to communicate with machines using voice commands and this revolutionized the digital space.

Image Courtesy – ContentStack

In 2020, almost half of all web searches were done using voice commands. Considering that almost 5.6 billion searches are made on the web every day, that’s a huge enough number to ignore.

The trend will only grow with time and the best way to benefit from this is to optimize your site and content to be voice search-friendly. This can be done using generating and repurposing your content in a manner that closely resembles speech.

Another trend that has picked up in recent times is Visual Searches. AI and Machine learning have enabled cameras to process everything they see. You can point your phone camera to something and it will not only recognize the object but even fetch you sites that are selling the product.

Image Courtesy – ContentStack

Just like voice searches, visual searches are going to rise in the coming years owing to their ease of use. You can benefit from this trend by optimizing your products, images, and overall visuals such that the algorithms recognize those easily and suggest actions that will help you sell more and sell quicker.

Not focusing on Content Marketing


Internet users are tired of viewing unwanted advertisements. There are reports stating that an average internet user is exposed to some 5000 ads every day! Users are left ad overwhelmed which has resulted in advertisements losing their effectiveness.

Solution? Content Marketing!

People have started to realize the advantages that content marketing offers and the online world is headed in that direction.

Content Marketing enables you to reach your consumers and target audience organically as you are providing them with the value they’re already seeking out. So not only are you not annoying them in attempts of converting them into customers but are also building a value chain that will benefit your business in multiple ways.


Image Courtesy – Credible Content

Another good outcome of content marketing is that it enables better SEO, generating and publishing quality content that provides value to your audience, also compounds the benefits by providing your website with a better ranking on various search engines.

So, content marketing not only provides you with organic reach and better SEO but also instills trust and builds a healthy relationship with your audience which adds a lot to your brand value.

Opting for Content Marketing ensures compounding returns and makes sure your brand isn’t ignored or your advertisements aren’t filtered out by AdBlock.

Not addressing Privacy Concerns

Privacy has been a trending topic in recent years with incidents such as Cambridge Analytica raising further questions over the ethics of marketers and platforms misusing the information they collected from their users.

This has resulted in almost 86% of internet users taking active steps to ensure their data remains safe while online. Brands and online platforms collect information in two ways: first, the information the user has agreed to share with them, second, the information they collect and store without the user’s knowledge.

There is a thin line between what is ethical and unethical data collection with several instances of brands and platforms collecting too much private information. Even if your brand is not engaged in illegally selling customer data to data aggregators, not addressing the privacy concerns of your user base will prove harmful for your business.

Image Courtesy – Digital Marketing Community

With 8 out of 10 customers reporting that they’re willing to abandon a brand if their private information is being used without consent, addressing their privacy concern becomes a necessity for any business.

Enabling customers to choose how much information they’re willing to share, encrypting stored data, enabling HTTPS protocol, having your website SSL certified, etc are the steps you can take to assure your users that their privacy will be ensured.

Avoiding Video Marketing

Audio Visuals are considered to be the best mode of information exchange for humans. As it involves the two most prominent human senses that we use so extensively, it becomes more effective to put forth your idea or message to your audience.

It is not only easy for your audiences to understand your communication, but the message is more impactful when delivered in this format. Another benefit of using videos for marketing is the amount of information you can provide with this medium.


Be it infographics, animations, audio, demos, etc. videos are the best form of visual communication since they transfer more information which is easier to take in compared to other mediums. Add in the fact that you can make the videos entertaining, which will make marketing more receptacle to your audiences.

Video Marketing is effective and Videos are set to dominate the internet starting in 2022. A report from Cisco forecasts that 82% of the internet traffic will be in the form of videos. So if you aren’t already using Video Marketing, now is the time to start and make the most from it.


It is not that hard to get Digital Marketing right but it is fairly easy to get it wrong! Knowing about what is happening in the online world is the first step towards making sure you do not make any mistakes.

Once you understand the trends and changes, it becomes easier for you to choose what all advancements you need to incorporate into your business. This will help you to create successful digital marketing campaigns and remain competitive in a dynamic business world.

Every advancement in technology makes doing business a lot easier and more profitable. Being well versed with it is not only going to help you reduce costs but also deliver more value in limited resources.

Changes in Technology are similar to those in Nature, only those who adapt quickly and well will survive and thrive.



Yash Chawlani is a Freelance Content Marketing Strategist who is known by his personal brand Merlin. He specializes in SEO and Social Media and helps B2B and SaaS companies out there with his top-notch content strategies. In his spare time, you can either find him in the gym or on the football field. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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