Author: Jay Baer

Jay Baer is a customer experience and digital marketing pioneer able to provide his experience, advice, research, and analysis to a wide audience. He has spent more than 30 years helping the most iconic brands across the world gain and keep customers to improve retention, which is known to be less costly and more profitable than chasing down new customers. One of his best-known companies is Convince & Convert, a strategy consulting company, that helps well-known companies gain and retain their customers with the support of smart technology, social media, and customer service. Baer is a 7th-generation entrepreneur, his family having started and run their businesses for hundreds of years. He has also written six best-selling books, including Talk Triggers, Hug Your Haters, and The Now Revolution. He also established five multi-million dollar businesses. To help spread the word about his experience and advice, Baer is an active public speaker, having been inducted into the halls of fame for professional speaking and word-of-mouth marketing. He is also the creator of multiple award-winning podcasts, including Influence Pros Podcast, Jay Today TV, and Talk Digital to Me. He is also frequently included on news reports for: CNBC, NPR, Fox Business and The Wall Street Journal. He is one of just two people worldwide who has been listed in the top 30 ‘global gurus’ in two separate knowledge categories: customer service and internet marketing. In addition, he still finds time to write and deliver a twice-a-month newsletter from his website, Baer also likes to remark that he is a licensed tequila sommelier and a certified BBQ judge.